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Feeling a strange warmth from the palace people toward Usman Khalifa, she didn’t pay much attention, considering it was the attitude of attendants and ladies-in-waiting. However, if such thoughts were prevalent, she felt it might make it difficult for Berthas to establish himself in the palace.

After all, internal enemies were the most challenging.

That was why she started reconsidering the marriage. It didn’t bother her that her feelings for Berthas were subtly known. If she didn’t hold the marriage, what would happen?

She had already given her heart to Berthas.

“I’ve been thinking wrong.”

The ladies-in-waiting’s attitude became an opportunity for her to reconsider the marriage. It wasn’t about getting pushed into a marriage by someone else, but rather, it was about having a marriage with someone she loved.

Looking back, Berthas had done his best to be by her side and finally secured his position. Now, he deserved a fitting reward.

Or rather, she had changed. She wanted to be with him, witness their child growing up, and see the child inherit the throne in the future.

The marriages were no longer a constraint.

“He probably knew everything.”

Even if he knew, he chose to overlook it. Berthas was that kind of person. He endured hardships without uttering a word. The Berthas she knew was just an ordinary person.

‘Is falling for such an ordinary person a poison or a gain?’

That was something no one could know.


* * *


Even though she wanted to find out what she had missed, no matter how much she asked, the courtiers and ladies-in-waiting kept their mouths shut. She thought that if Usman Khalifa had done something to deserve praise, he should be treated fairly.

However, due to their stubborn opposition, Isilis kept silent. What on earth were they hiding?

“Oh, Fayl.”

She suddenly remembered and called him.

“What? Why all of a sudden?”

“What on earth did Usman Khalifa do in the palace to gain so much praise?”

Faylos took a deep breath at her words. Although she deliberately asked, seeing him react like that, she couldn’t just let it go and was about to ask again.


Berthas raised his eyebrows, questioning her. Only then did she realize her mistake. She wasn’t supposed to bring up another man’s story in his presence.

“Has Usman Khalifa received so much praise? I’ve never heard such a story before.”

With a look that seemed to tell him more, Berthas raised his chin toward Faylos. Faylos flinched. Isilis also kept her mouth shut, seeing his expression. She had made a mistake.

As silence pervaded, Berthas spoke up again.

“Will you tell me?”

“I don’t know, Ilis. Where did you hear such a story?”


Hit by her own arrow, Isilis couldn’t open her mouth. She felt that she shouldn’t have spoken carelessly. Even though she was the Empress, there were situations she couldn’t avoid. Her intuition had no room for error.

“I guess I heard it wrong. My mistake.”

“Heard it wrong?”


Isilis forced an awkward smile at Faylos’s comment. Since she, the Empress, wanted to quietly overlook it, Berthas probably wouldn’t say anything.

“I’ve heard a similar story.”


“I’ve heard a similar story somewhere. It seems to be the praise for Usman Khalifa.”

Her expectation was off the mark.

As he mentioned Usman Khalifa again, Isilis couldn’t say anything in the face of Berthas’s widened eyes. It felt like she had unnecessarily scratched an itch.

Mentioning Usman Khalifa just out of curiosity seemed to make Berthas’s eyes gleam with jealousy. She felt uneasy about this mixture of emotions—whether it was good or bad. She was happy that Berthas was jealous, but she did something wrong, and a situation could arise where she had to lose to him.

‘…Is this why they said you should be more careful when taking in a husband?’

While recalling the wisdom of her ancestors, she spoke to Berthas.

“Where did you hear it?”


“Your Majesty, the Crown Princess…!”

Just as Berthas was about to speak, Allure rushed in. Isilis greeted him warmly.

“What’s going on?”

“She’s controlling magic.”

“What nonsense. What can a child who’s barely two years old…?”

“Please come quickly!”

“Alright, I’m coming now.”

Avoiding Berthas’s jealousy, Isilis rushed to the child’s room. There, she witnessed something remarkable. The child was playing with magic using her fingers.

“What on earth…?”

“I saw it just now. It seems quite remarkable!”

Filled with joy, Allure’s words were quickly glossed over as Isilis directed her magic towards the child. The child, slowly receiving the magic she emitted, caught it with delight.


The surprised voice did not belong to Isilis. It was Allure. Behind Isilis, Berthas, leaning in, lifted the child.

“What are you doing!”

Holding a child manipulating magic was beyond comprehension.

Even without common sense, it seemed too much, and Isilis burst out yelling. Unfazed by her voice, Berthas lifted the child, who was gleefully making ‘kyaak’ sounds. The child still held the magic firmly.

No, the child was even playing with a mix of her own magic and Isilis’s magic.

“She was like this even before coming here.”

“Before coming here?”

“Our daughter seems truly special. Not long ago, she caught my aura and played with it.”

As Berthas smiled while holding the child, the child also laughed brightly in response.

“Up, up!”

As the child asked for a hug, he tossed her in the air and caught her. Watching the child continue to cackle, Isilis erased the worried expression from her eyes. It seemed a bit dangerous, but since the child enjoyed it so much, it was okay.

“Dad, Dad!”

When the child called, Berthas’ eyes widened, and he kissed the child’s soft cheek. Isilis, who was watching from the side, approached as if entranced.

“Want to try holding her?”

“Is it okay?”

“She’s our daughter. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Holding the child that had been in Berthas’s arms, she accepted her. The child, who had been staring intently at Isilis’s face, puckered her lips.


With that one word, it seemed tears were about to fall. Suppressing the drops trying to escape, Isilis whispered to the child.

“Yes. I am your mother and the Empress of this empire.”

Unable to say anything more, Isilis couldn’t help but be speechless as the child giggled and pulled her hair as if understanding her words. The small child was so precious that Isilis couldn’t think of anything else. Her mind felt blank.

Watching her, who was silent while looking at the child, Berthas spoke.

“Don’t we need to give the child a name?”


She had been thinking about it continuously, but it wasn’t easy to decide.

At first, she wanted to give a very common name, and then she wanted to give a name that no one else could have.

Continuously pondering and contemplating, she missed the timing.