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Tarhan examined the arrow by turning it around in his hands before turning his attention to other items.

After inspecting armor made of interwoven chains, thick peluda beak shells, and armor made by stitching buffalo leather, Tarhan tossed a hefty pouch containing gold to the weapon maker. The weapon maker’s mouth quickly opened in surprise.

He added coolly as he observed the scene.

“Kahanti also asked how things are progressing in the jewelry department.”

Upon hearing this, the weapon maker hastily bowed and clasped his hands together, expressing gratitude.

“Yes, yes. He is referring to the silver anklet for Lady Servia. It’s progressing smoothly. Oh, Lady Servia is truly remarkable. This will be the fourth son, won’t it? Surely, this child, too, will inherit Kahanti’s lineage and grow into an excellent warrior.”

Tarhan’s lips twisted slightly upon hearing these words.

The weapon maker seemed puzzled by the lack of compliments he expected from the chieftain’s subordinates. He lowered his hands, which he had been clasping in confusion, and bowed his head with a perplexed face.

“Oh, I’ve said something unnecessary… I’ll make sure to contact you as soon as the anklet is ready. It won’t take long.”

On behalf of the silent Tarhan, Rigata quickly responded to the weapon maker’s words.

“Make it so. Then, let’s go. Since the geppas hunting season is approaching, make sure to operate the forge seamlessly as the remaining materials arrive.”

The weapon maker bowed very lowly.

The two of them left the forge. As soon as the weapon maker was out of earshot, Rigata silently blocked Tarhan’s path.

He grumbled in a voice that couldn’t control his anger.

“I can’t stand it no matter how much I think about it. Why do we have to run errands even for that woman’s anklet? There’s no history of someone under Kahanti’s right hand being used so casually like this.”

“Then, please do something about that tone. It’s irritating.”

Tarhan growled immediately.

From a certain point, Rigata started to speak respectfully towards him, and it began to affect even those around him.

Although not a very high-ranking authority, Rigata was also the son of an elder. As Rigata began to treat him more respectfully, even the other hunters, who couldn’t ignore him while showing glares of annoyance, started to change their attitudes.

Unable to get used to the still unfamiliar tone, Tarhan pushed Rigata’s arm. He retorted roughly.

“It’s not like he asked us to grab that woman’s ankle and personally put on the anklet. What’s with the fuss? If you want to say something useless, shut up and walk quickly.”

He moved his footsteps and let out a sigh. However, Rigata persistently stuck to him and didn’t stop talking.

“Is that all there is to it? The atmosphere of the chieftain’s faction has become openly hostile these days. Originally, it was the chieftain’s right hand’s job to select personnel for hunting. But Tarhan, you, being pulled out for something like inspecting weapons… Lately, Kahanti’s movements are unusual. At this rate, even the hard-earned position of the chieftain’s right hand…”

Tarhan abruptly turned on his heel. He grabbed Rigata’s neck, who was nagging like a whining child, with the intention of tearing that guy’s mouth apart.

Rigata let out a surprised whimper, but soon, Tarhan felt him glaring with tightly sealed lips.

Tarhan opened his mouth without blinking.

“Listen carefully. I’ll make sure that position doesn’t get taken away by any bastards. So, shut your mouth and do the job assigned to you. Even if Kahanti tells you to order a childbirth gift for Servia, just shut up and do it.”

Tarhan’s position within the tribe had already been elevated to an incomparable level compared to before.

After he returned with the Geppas’s ivory on his own, a difficult task that required mobilizing all the tribe’s hunters at a designated time for the hunt.

Reluctantly, he was being looked at with eyes of admiration, gradually revealing his presence. They were those who had been circling around Tarhan from the beginning, led by Rigata. As his status improved, the sacrifices he had to make increased significantly.

“It’s the same for this Geppas hunting season.”

Rigata grumbled loudly, ruffling his hair aggressively.

“After all the talk about the embodiment of the God Reias, shoving you into the ‘God’s limbs’ squadron.”

Tarhan raised one eyebrow as soon as he heard the words.

The term ‘God’s limbs’ literally meant warriors dedicated to the gods.

While the words sounded reasonable, it was essentially the same as an assault unit provoking the enemy right in front of them. The goal was to lure the monsters, quickly retreat to the rear, and create a stage for Kahanti’s main camp to slaughter the scattered herd of monsters.

As if Rigata found it amusing, he spoke with a sneering mockery.

‘‘God’s limbs.’ It’s no different from what Tarhan used to do as bait. Of course, we’ll follow Tarhan wherever you go, but if this kind of treatment continues, it will undoubtedly become difficult. Even among the group following you, dissatisfaction will surely erupt.”

Lately, Tarhan seemed to have lost his momentum. He complied more with chieftain Kahanti’s orders. Rigata expressed his displeasure at Tarhan’s recent behavior.

“Noisy. It was you who told me to embrace the surroundings and make an effort. Am I not doing that now?”

As Tarhan responded with annoyance, recalling the words Rigata had said to him a long time ago, Rigata’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I didn’t mean to embrace it to this extent.”

As if expressing all of his accumulated dissatisfaction, Rigata hesitated but eventually voiced his thoughts.

“Starting the Geppas’ hunting season early is suspicious. Chieftain Kahanti’s intentions are too blatantly revealed, aren’t they? Even without that, Kahanti has shown subtle jealousy towards Tarhan’s aura when he faces the Geppas herd alone. But now, he is openly trying to reproduce that incident. It’s clear that there’s a plan to overshadow Tarhan’s status with this incident.”

Saying this, Rigata looked at Tarhan, expecting a reaction.

However, unlike the usual situation where his fierce glances should have been directed at him immediately, Tarhan remained silent.

“…It’s not good to poke at Kahanti’s mood right now. There’s nothing good in it for you, so just relax. I won’t let you be in danger.”

Rigata looked at him disapprovingly.

Tarhan urged Rigata with a gaze as if to say it couldn’t be helped. Reluctantly, Rigata turned away while hiding his dissatisfaction.

As he walked away, Tarhan’s eyes, watching his retreating figure, sank significantly.


* * *


Having cleaned the dust from the newly dug well and the soot from the blacksmith’s forge, Tarhan crossed the yard toward the direction of the house’s entrance.

His steps were unusually cautious, and his hands moved carefully as if trying not to make any noise as he lifted the hefty tent used as the entrance. It was as if he was worried that someone inside might wake up.

Contrary to his concerns, the person inside was already awake.

When Enya’s eyes, busy creating something, spotted him, they lit up as if exposed to sunlight. A bright smile spread across her lips.


As he saw her, a sensation seemed to bubble up in his heart. The stiffness that lingered throughout the morning melted away from his expression, and his lips softened.

Seeing her trying to get up, he quickly approached her.

“Don’t move. I’ll go.”

Tarhan cautiously approached her, and he supported her heavy body with his arms. He gazed at the immediate reason for his recent almost submissive loyalty to Kahanti. Despite looking noticeably gaunt, the face still looked at him with an irresistibly happy smile.

Enya took his hand.

The place where her hand pulled his was to her belly, which was plump and swollen alone among her thin body.

“Tarhan, the baby moved so much today. I was very surprised. I wonder if it even hiccuped.”

Tarhan responded softly, gently wiping away the sweat on her forehead with his hand. After kissing her head, he rolled up his large body, lying beside her on the mattress where she had been spending day and night lately.

Enya placed her hand over Tarhan’s as he stroked her pregnant belly. The other hand approached, gently stroking her neck and ear.

He delicately caressed her noticeably swollen face with a sorry feeling.

Every day felt like walking on the edge of a thin cliff. Yet, he could endure because of scenes like this that he encountered when he returned home.

“What’s this?”

Tarhan found a piece of fabric that she had laid out and raised it. It was the object she had been engrossed with earlier.

Enya blushed deeply, quickly taking it away from his hand.

“Ah! Th, that’s not finished yet.”

“Not finished? You mean there are things you’ve finished?”

Tarhan asked, feeling his mouth involuntarily gaping open.

Looking a little embarrassed, Enya revealed a few things she had hidden inside. Meanwhile, with widened eyes, he glanced at the baby clothes that were slightly larger than his palm.

“Since when have you been…”

“This one is for the blanket. I thought it might need something softer than what we use.”

She answered in a soft voice, her eyes gently curling.

Tarhan closely examined the frame she had used to weave the fabric. The baby items she delicately crafted varied from clothes to blankets. Unfolding a small blanket that was not even the length of his forearm, he felt a slight ache in his chest.

Since the recent incident where blood had flowed between her thighs, Enya had been stuck in place, unable to move. She only moved when absolutely necessary.

It was because of the advice from Piache.