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The Empress’s words stirred unrest in the room. Estelle, with a perplexed face, looked in this direction. Fortunately, Estelle seemed to genuinely care about Elysia. At least, that was a relief.

“Grand Duchess?”

She didn’t know how many twists and turns it took to say this one word. Was it possible to straightforwardly ask if they were not blood sisters?

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Were the rumors I heard correct?”

What response should be given here? It was confusing whether to affirm it straightforwardly or not. In any case, after today, rumors about Grand Duchess Raphael being born an illegitimate child would spread widely.

Despite Damon’s efforts to suppress the rumors, they were futile. It was actually surprising that the rumor hadn’t surfaced until now. It only meant that he had taken good care of her.

“Yes, you heard correctly.”

As her answer ended, a greater commotion began. Elysia’s forehead furrowed at the sight. Again, she felt that this place wasn’t right for her. She had felt it during the founding party, but the feeling had become more apparent.

“So… you are not blood-related sisters?”

“Rowena is an adopted child.”

The Empress had an apologetic expression as if realizing how rude it was, but inside, Elysia knew it was quite the opposite. She must be smiling with joy. Originally, this tea party was held to spread the rumor that she was an illegitimate child.

“That’s why we don’t resemble each other. If I knew I would be misunderstood like this, I should have talked about it sooner.”

“Sis, Sister!”

“She’s a child brought into the house by the Countess. So, there’s no blood connection between us.”

She knew why the Empress had appointed Rowena as a lady-in-waiting. This situation was likely what the Emrpess had hoped for. She found it funny that Rowena was arrogant and unaware that she was disposable.

“The fact that there is no blood connection…”

She got tired of the glares, and she hated herself for having to say this.

“The Countess cannot bear children.”

Another wave of murmurs arose. Seeing the buzzing reactions around her, Elysia smiled bitterly and stood still.

“I see. I made a mistake. I didn’t know about such circumstances…”

“No, it’s okay. It’s a matter you naturally wouldn’t know about. I’m fine.”

“Well then… Let’s start the tea party.”

In the distance, she could see Rowena looking at her with a pale complexion. It seemed like she couldn’t cause a commotion in her current position. After all, this wasn’t a place where Rowena could easily complain.

“Thanks to all of you, the founding party ended safely.”

“No, Your Majesty.”

Thinking it would be a special tea party, Elysia expected something different, but it was no different from a regular party. The only difference was that they didn’t dance, and instead of alcohol, they drank tea, and there were only women here.

“Grand Duchess.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“I hope to see you more often in the future. The Grand Duchy and the imperial family are close, after all.”

The imperial family and the Grand Duchy were close…

Actually, it seemed to be the opposite. However, now Elysia understood what Cassandra was talking about. Some kind of deal between the imperial family and the Grand Duchy. That was what she was referring to.

“The Grand Duchess’ position has been vacant for a long time now…”

She could feel the greed that couldn’t be hidden. Someone like Cassandra should be capable of hiding her emotions in social circles… though when Damon’s name was mentioned, even her best skills crumbled.

“It’s a relief that Grand Duke Raphael has finally found a good match.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Especially when Damon was mentioned, the way she looked at Elysia made it feel as if her body were being pierced. So it felt even more real. Cassandra, who stood at the pinnacle of high society, was unable to conceal her emotions because she really liked him.

“It’s a relief. The Grand Duke is an important figure in the Empire, but he’s always alone, so my heart aches for him.”

Was her heart truly aching in that sense?

Even now, her eyes revealed lingering emotions. Elysia couldn’t understand why she had chosen to marry the Emperor if she had liked Damon so much. Come to think of it, there were no children between the Emperor and the Empress.


In the meanwhile, Rowena couldn’t intervene anywhere and remained quiet. No one approached her, and she was treated as if she were not there. Although she knew the reason why she was brought here today, Elysia couldn’t help but think how remarkable it was.

Rowena was just a prop in the Empress’s play today.

It was amusing that Rowena, who was just a device needed for the Empress’s drama, came dressed up with the dress and jewelry provided by the Empress. She was so naive that it was pitiful.

Cassandra was just decorating Rowena, like dressing up a doll in a puppet show.

“Grand Duchess.”

The Empress openly placed Elysia to stay by her side at the tea party.

It was hard to understand why she was discriminating like this, especially since the Empress didn’t particularly like her. Elysia was still insufficiently knowledgeable about everything happening in high society. That kind of attitude from the Empress wouldn’t be well-received by other noblewomen.

“Soon, there will be a tea party at the Grand Duchy, right?”

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

Originally, the Empress couldn’t attend just any party, which was why she had the ladies-in-waiting. They were sent around like spies to gather information.

“I can’t go, but I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m still lacking in many ways…”

“Have you already prepared the guest list?”

Elysia hesitated for a moment at the question about the guest list. The list had already been compiled, and invitations were ready.

“I am in the process of making the invitations.”

“Then, could you give me one as well?”


* * *


All the attendees were people with connections to Estelle. Additionally, a few people from the Armand family for courtesy’s sake. Since Lady Armand expressed a desire to attend first, there was no way to refuse. Not a single person from the Empress’s side was on the list that she had written.

“An invitation?”

If it wasn’t a party held at the imperial palace, it was proper for the Emperor and Empress not to attend. It wasn’t strictly defined by law, though they couldn’t move on their own. However, Cassandra was asking for an invitation.

“Oh, I’m not saying I’ll attend. I really want to go to the Grand Duchy, but… as you know, I can’t.”


“Instead, I’d like to send one of my ladies-in-waiting… would that be possible?”

How could she refuse here? The other side is the Empress, and she was just the Grand Duchess.

“I’ll send the invitation soon.”

“Thank you.”

Perhaps finally achieving today’s goal, the Empress continued with various unnecessary conversations. People either agreed with her or praised her passionately. It felt strange. The idea that there were those who followed the Empress and those who followed Lady Armand in high society was absurd.

They were all just bowing to power. Even Lady Armand had to lower her head reluctantly.

Yes, this was a gathering of queen bees.

“Grand Duchess!”

“Lady… Lady Armand.”

The tea time, whose conclusion Elysia was unsure of, came to an end. Those present were all loyal puppets of the Empress. It became clear why Estelle didn’t attend the tea parties hosted by the Empress.

“I finally got the chance to speak.”


She had said she wanted to talk after the tea party ended. At the time, Elysia thought it wouldn’t matter much.

“Elysia Caitlyn!”

For some reason, today, there were so many people looking for her.

From behind, she saw Rowena rushing towards her with an annoyed face. Elysia wondered why she had been so quiet just before.

“It seems like family matters should come first today.”

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not Lady Armand’s fault.”

That was right. Sierra hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I’ll send the invitation soon. Can we talk that day?”

“Yes, of course.”

Elysia turned her head towards Rowena, who was approaching her with a very angry expression. It had been a long time since she had seen her like this.

Elysia Caitlyn. I’m now Elysia Raphael.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

Elysia covered her ears at her sudden outburst. Rowena’s unnecessarily loud voice was truly annoying as if she were trying to outdo everyone except the Countess.

It was true, one couldn’t hide their blood.

“Show some manners. Do you even know where you are?”

“How… how could… How could you say that Mother can’t bear a child?”

Was that the problem? In a noble society, a mistress who couldn’t bear a child was considered a failure in fulfilling her duties. That was why they tolerated the birth of illegitimate children. It was amusing. Two children were born illegitimately, yet one was considered legitimate, and the other was not.

“You wanted revenge on us so badly?”


Compared to what Elysia had gone through, these were truly insignificant matters. If she truly wanted revenge, the Count’s family wouldn’t still be here.

“Revenge? I haven’t done anything. You’re making it sound like I tormented you.”

“This isn’t tormenting?”

All she had done was repeat what Angelina had said about her inability to bear a child and mention that Rowena was an adopted child.

“Don’t be mistaken. If I really wanted revenge, it wouldn’t have ended here.”

“Then why…?!”

“Do you think you and Angelina are worth my revenge?”