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Ariel muttered reflexively.

‘He must be the owner of the third blank space in the four-line list.’

As she glanced at the seat in front through a small window, she took out the cell phone she had placed in her pocket.



『 Information about the target has been unlocked. 』

『 Target of the attack.

*[ Devoncia von Elios Lévretin ]
*[ Skyla von Aither Lévretin ]
*[ Lexius Créssien ]
*[ Racine di Solem ] 』



As expected, the third spot was unlocked.

As Ariel quickly tried to check the profile, the banging sound intensified, and suddenly, the front windshield shattered, and the transparent debris fell onto the seats.

‘What kind of force is that strong…’

She became more frightened than surprised. The reinforced glass, fortified beyond defensive standards, was stronger than modern tempered glass, yet it was shattered by a punch.

Through the broken cracks in the glass, the man’s smiling lips were glimpsed.

“Grand Prince! It’s dangerous if you do this!”

“Shut your mouth and get out. It’ll be over in a moment.”


“I’m not talking to you. I mean the one behind you.”

The man’s head slowly lifted, revealing golden eyes. His yellow eyes pointed precisely at the small window through which her face was visible.

“I’m talking to you.”

As a deep, bass tone pummeled her eardrums, she felt overwhelmed by just the voice alone.

It wasn’t just because of the intimidating presence typical of high-ranking nobility. He exuded a demeanor reminiscent of a warrior on the battlefield. As if he was familiar with the sight of blood, indifferent to death, he displayed a callous attitude amidst brutality.

Ariel looked at the unfamiliar man’s face and then glanced at the driver.

The hands of the driver gripping the steering wheel were trembling. While he was imposing on her, it would be even worse for the driver. As a mere chauffeur, devoid of noble status, he wasn’t even allowed the luxury of minor rebellion. It was impossible to ignore the man and go on like this.

Having made a decision, Ariel opened her mouth as calmly as possible.

“I’ll get off.”

It was a statement directed at the man, and at the same time, it gave a subtle signal to the driver.

The frozen driver hesitated but eventually unlocked the door on the passenger’s side. As she opened the door and got out, the man who had been guarding the car quickly jumped out. The spot where he had been was almost in ruins — dented hood, partially detached bumper, shattered car window…

What on earth did he do to wreck the car like that? The fact that the driver survived was surprisingly merciful.

Staring in astonishment at the wrecked front, she suddenly felt her chin being grabbed and turned around. She was forced to meet a pair of brilliantly shining golden eyes. A gaze that seemed ready to tear the opponent piece by piece with fervor. At the same time, no other facial features came into focus except those eyes.

Even though the only thing caught was her chin, she felt like she was being strangled.

As the man leaned his upper body as if trying to see her face, the shadow of the unfamiliar man fell over her face. He tilted his head, revealing a silver chain earring hanging from his right ear. Attached to the lower chain was a slender, rod-shaped blade pendant that swayed with his movements.

It was a piece of jewelry that exuded a somewhat brash atmosphere. The earring hinted strongly that, despite the man’s noble status, he didn’t carry himself in a strictly aristocratic manner.

“I heard from Racine that you’re pretty, so I went through some trouble…”