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The social circles in the northern region gradually began to change.

Criticizing the past male-dominated focus of the arts, they started to predominantly support female artists. Ladies of the nobility were slowly moving away from the prejudice that ‘activities in society were men’s responsibilities.’

It was a transformative time for Iellie.

“I heard the Duchess is supporting female writers.”

“That’s right. Female writers… how unique.”

“Though isn’t it refreshing? I think it’s a good thing.”

Her support for female artists eventually became a stepping stone for them to directly enter the art world. Initially, it began in the northern region, but words spread as talented female artists funded by Iellie started enrolling in the Academy in the artistic city of Epoli.

“They say there’s a new salon trend in the north these days.”

“Duchess herself started it, didn’t she?”

“She’s discovering and supporting female artists directly, and the Duchess herself is also involved in artistic activities.”

“How refreshing. There hasn’t been a salon like that in Lippen until now, right?”

Nevertheless, there were certainly people who were dissatisfied with it. One prominent figure among them was Countess Laurent.

“How can this be!”

The Countess pushed aside the pile of documents on the table in frustration. Papers scattered, and an inkwell fell to the ground, shattering into pieces. With her eyes blazing, she vented her anger with a loud, furious roar.

“Is it really something to be happy about just because a hillbilly from the south is pretending to be the Duchess?”

The maids just trembled and didn’t dare approach the infuriated mistress who was venting her anger.

“To think my salon would be overshadowed by that girl’s salon…!”

Meanwhile, there was a letter on the table in front of Countess Laurent. Moreover, the sender was someone even she couldn’t refuse.

In the end, one of the maids, summoning up her courage, spoke to Countess Laurent.

“Excuse me, Madam…”

“What is it now!”

Countess Laurent, breathing heavily with irritation, sharply turned to the maid. Her voice came out sharply.

“A letter has arrived…”

“Throw away any useless letters! What…”

“That’s… because it’s a letter sent by Duchess Hessenweitz.”

The trembling maid answered. Countess Laurent’s eyes widened in disbelief at the unexpected sender.


What on earth was this? Something felt ominously wrong.

At the thought, the Countess walked briskly, snatched the letter, and unfolded it.


‘Dear Countess Laurent.’


Dear? They were not in a relationship where they could address each other with ‘dear’ even politely.


‘It seems that the Countess and I have something to discuss in private, so I am sending this letter.’


This thought seemed mutual for the Countess as well.


‘Would you please come to the Duke’s castle tomorrow?’


Countess Laurent opened her eyes wide. Although it was written in a gentle tone, it was clearly a threat.


‘By the way, if you don’t come to the Duke’s castle soon, there may be something you can’t handle.’


No way…?

The Countess felt a twist in her stomach. She had one matter.

The oyster farming project to support the fishermen in Hessenweitz. She recognized it as soon as she read the letter. She knew how much profit that project could bring, and it would be foolish not to find a way to get involved in such a lucrative endeavor.

‘…No, that can’t be it.’

The Countess shook her head vigorously. While she had submitted a false transfer, the Duchess would hardly take the time to scrutinize each and every fisherman. Yet, a sharp sense of unease was gnawing at her.


‘Then, I will wait for your visit as soon as possible.
Iellie Hessenweitz.’


With an elegant signature that read ‘Iellie Hessenweitz,’ the Countess bit her lips together.







The next day, the Countess visited the Duke’s residence early in the morning. Iellie was waiting for her. In a quiet parlor, the two women sat facing each other. Iellie spoke with a gentle tone, breaking the silence.

“Even before, you made mistakes in budgeting several times.”

“Wh, what are you talking about?”

“Back then, you insisted that it wasn’t your fault. We still accepted it as a mistake.”

Iellie remained calm.

The Countess swallowed hard. As her gaze wandered across the table, she could see pastries, tea, and thick documents. Among them, there was a document with nothing written on its cover.

‘…What is that document?’

She felt a rising sense of unease from the pit of her stomach. Something felt ominous. It felt like a nerve had been touched.


Iellie’s voice deepened. She tilted her head and looked directly at the Countess.

“I never expected you to behave this way, even within the Duchy Hessenweitz’s jurisdiction.”

In truth, Iellie had anticipated that the Countess would try to meddle in some way, but she hadn’t expected her to act so carelessly as to get caught so easily. She flashed a bright smile as she raised her teacup to her lips and continued speaking.

“The support for the oyster farming is to help small-scale fishermen become self-sufficient.”

“Duchess, that…”

“The Countess herself should have known well.”

Iellie concluded her words with a firm tone. A faint smile played on her petal-like lips.

“Because the aquaculture business seems to be thriving, did you want to somehow get involved?”

“I, I didn’t do anything of the sort!”

The Countess attempted to feign innocence. However, Iellie, who had been watching her with disdain, responded immediately.

“Do you think I would have brought the Cuntess here without a single piece of evidence?”


As the Countess’s face turned pale, Iellie pointed to the documents that had been bothering the Countess throughout the conversation before she opened her mouth again.

“I gathered evidence in case you denied it.”

Lies! The Countess’s eyes trembled, but Iellie had already blocked her escape route.

“By the way, I’ve already received testimonies from the person who filed the disguised transfer report with the County.”

“Du, Duchess..!”

“No matter how much you enjoy your wealth, isn’t this a bit excessive?”

Iellie’s calm voice held no warmth whatsoever. She sighed and continued.

“I’ve witnessed the Countess’s disregard for commoners on multiple occasions.”

She flashed a sly smile, poking fun at the Countess’s unruly behavior in the salon.

“Did you want to accumulate wealth while exploiting even the fishermen, the commoners of the commoners?”

Countess Laurent couldn’t find the right words to respond. She was left speechless by Iellie’s accusations.

“Countess Laurent, how long do you think the name of the Imperial Family and the status of the maternal family of Hessenweitz will protect you…?”

Iellie’s act of setting down her teacup felt painfully slow.


The sound of teacup and saucer colliding resonated like thunder in Countess Laurent’s ears. Iellie calmly posed a question to her.

“…Did you think we would protect Count Laurent’s family?”

“Duchess, no! That wasn’t our intention…”

“You can say anything you want, but I believe actions speak louder.”

Iellie’s gaze narrowed. As she lightly tapped her finger against the rim of the teacup, she persisted.

“Nevertheless, I do have respect looking at the former Duchess, so I won’t escalate this issue formally.”

At these words, a spark of hope lit in Countess Laurent’s eyes.

‘…If I make efforts to apologize and act appropriately, perhaps things can be resolved?’