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“Yes, let’s head west. Why, haven’t you occasionally come out to volunteer at the orphanage? There’s one orphanage I volunteered at before in that direction.”


Bonaparte did not find Arsen’s distorted expression as refreshing as he had thought. That face was full of ease and hinted of caprice.

‘The concept of “charm” is somewhat inherent,’ Bonaparte thought so inwardly.

“Let’s go to the nearby orphanage to the west.”

Giving such instructions to the driver, Bonaparte turned his gaze back to the approval documents while suppressing another yawn.

With already a lot of work on his plate, he, who had more work to do than anyone, had to handle even the Emperor’s affairs. Even if he distributed the workload among the nobles under his command, daily overtime work was inevitable. Lack of sleep was unavoidable.

‘Really, how did your Majesty handle all these tasks alone?’

Didn’t you get any sleep? Despite that, your skin was quite fair. Bonaparte swallowed a sigh as he pushed aside the pile of documents that he had just finished reviewing.

How much time had passed? Tired Bonaparte began to nod off with a bobbing motion. As he did, Arsen, who had been watching Bonaparte all the while, did not miss the chance and quietly instructed the driver.

“Not the orphanage, take us to the pleasure district.”


“It’s an imperial order. Hurry up.”

Although he wasn’t one to utter such words in such a situation, the driver trusted that His Majesty would have a suitable reason. Soon, the carriage, which had been waiting for His Majesty’s instructions, headed toward a different destination from the original one.

Soon, they arrived at the pleasure district. Even though it was daytime, the place was lit with dark and dim lights, as if it were night.

With an excited face, Arsen, who was about to leave the carriage, suddenly felt a firm grip on his back.

“What are you doing!”

“What are you doing, Duke!”

Being caught by Bonaparte was the last thing Arsen had expected.

Bonaparte’s reaction was quite explosive. Some people only work without even seeing their wives’ faces, and yet, others shamelessly dabble in such places.

This country was created by both him and Her. Such disgrace was an insult to His Majesty.

“Go back immediately!”

“Wait a moment, Your Grace! How dare you challenge the Emperor’s…!”

“If you were the Emperor…!”

This was not supposed to be seen. Bonaparte barely suppressed the urge to say more and just pulled Arsen back into the carriage at that moment.

“Help, please! Spare me!”

A disheveled woman suddenly leaped into the carriage, startling Bonaparte, whose eyes widened in amazement. Well, it was understandable. Charlotte’s appearance was undoubtedly admirable to anyone who laid eyes on her.

The problem was Arsen’s reaction.

“You, you… how…”

“I-I’m sorry. But…”

As if he had just witnessed something incredible, Arsen seemed to lose his wits. The woman was not ugly, but she wasn’t exceptionally beautiful either.

However, torn clothing and wounds that reddened her skin, coupled with a facial expression that seemed on the verge of tears, were enough to evoke sympathy.

“Just once, please have mercy, kyak!”

At that moment, a ruthless hand grabbed the woman’s shoulder and pulled her away.

“This wench! Where do you think you’re going? You think you can escape without paying me?”

“Please, I made a mistake! I’m sorry!”

The woman knelt down, hands clasped together in supplication. The situation didn’t seem like it would end peacefully anytime soon.

“Oh no. Should I throw at least one coin and leave?” Bonaparte pondered. At that moment, Arsen, who had been sitting in the carriage until now, disappeared. He had dashed from the carriage.

“Your Majesty!”

Bonaparte, belatedly following, arrived just in time to see Arsen blocking the woman.

“You insolent man! How dare you touch this woman! Aren’t I fearsome enough for you?”

“Why should I be afraid of you?”

“I am the Emperor of this country!”

‘This is insane…!’

Bonaparte hurriedly ran over, pulling Arsen away.

“What are you doing!”

“Marquis! Immediately pay off this lady’s debt! It’s an imperial command!”

“What did you say?”

“Otherwise, I won’t take a single step!”

By now, even the patient Bonaparte was contemplating whether to draw his sword and slit the usurer’s throat.

If it were not Bonaparte but Charles here, he might have drawn his sword much earlier. However, he restrained himself, driven solely by loyalty to Charles.

“Understood. How much is this woman’s debt?”

“It’s 2,000 gold!”

“I’ll cover that. And more.”

When Bonaparte handed over his own ring, Arsen, who was supporting the woman, turned away.

“Can you stand?”

“Th-thank you. Thank you so much…”

“Come with me.”

“What? Your Majesty, that’s not allowed!”

Although Bonaparte blocked his way, Arsen pushed him aside, guiding the woman toward the carriage. Unable to bear it any longer, Bonaparte drew his sword and pointed it at him.

“I said it’s not allowed.”


Startled by the chilling edge of the sword, Arsen paused, and an unexpected figure spoke up. It was the woman standing right next to him.

“Isn’t this person His Majesty the Emperor?”


“Right? I’ve heard you call him Your Majesty, and he mentioned it himself. But do you know that pointing a sword at such a person is an act of treason?”

Bonaparte bit his lip. Surely, there couldn’t be someone believing such a foolish story. Arsen’s carelessness was also to blame.

In this situation, he had no choice but to step back. In the middle of the street, committing the crime of regicide against the Emperor was not an option.

“…Fine, get in the carriage quickly.”

Ultimately, lowering his sword, Bonaparte grumbled at Arsen while ignoring the woman. Arsen snorted and boarded the carriage with the woman. Soon, the carriage, now carrying an additional passenger, departed for the palace.

“…She’s not an ordinary woman.”

Observing the woman sitting across from him, Bonaparte pondered.

Swift situational judgment and appropriate behavior. Perhaps even the earlier incident was part of a plan. To extort money from the nobles.

“Seems like I’ve got the wrong target.”

Returning to the palace, the first order of business would be to separate this woman. However, Arsen had a different idea. He was gazing at the woman with an incredibly tender expression.

Though the woman found his gaze perplexing, she managed an awkward smile and timidly opened her mouth.

“Um, thank you so much for saving me.”

“It’s nothing. Was it tough? Are you hurt?”

“Well… a bit… ouch.”

When the woman feigned pain, Arsen responded with an expression as if he were the one in pain. Bonaparte inwardly sighed. Why is that guy acting like that? Rumors said he was a playboy, but… could it be?

“By the way, my introduction was late, right? I’m Cecilia. Please feel free to call me Cessy.”


Unaware of everything, Cecilia shyly smiled. Arsen looked at her with great affection.

“Cessy has come back to me. This is the will of the gods.”

Eve didn’t know it, but even before the body switch, he had already met Cecilia. Thanks to her advice, he had the chance to take control of Pontenuga’s assets more freely.

Even if the body hadn’t switched, Yvonne, who was currently managing the estate, had already been driven away, leaving only remnants.

Cecilia was beautiful and lovely, but before that, she was a bright and wise woman. Just now, she saved his life when it was in danger.

Now, Arsen has hit the jackpot. With her alone, it wouldn’t be difficult to rule as a proper emperor.

This was destiny.

* * *

Cecilia explored the luxurious room. It was the first time in her life she had seen such a glamorous chamber. From the wallpaper to the curtains and decorations, everything was of the highest quality.

“And this dress…”

The frilly, rosy-pink dress, richly adorned, made her look truly noble in the mirror.

She twirled around happily.


“Oh, Your Majesty.”

Startled by the Emperor’s voice, she quickly adjusted her posture. She couldn’t believe the Emperor had brought her to the palace. It still felt unreal.

“Cecilia, there’s something important I need to tell you. It’s something only the two of us should know.”


Cecilia looked puzzled, tilting her head. The Emperor’s attitude, bringing her here, and his odd urgency made him seem as if he knew her well. She, too, had a strange feeling that she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with this man.

Finally, the Emperor, Arsen, spoke up.

“Cecilia, it’s me. Arsen.”


“Don’t you recognize me? Arsen de Fontaine.”

At his announcement, Cecilia’s eyes widened. There was no way she wouldn’t recognize Arsen. It had only been a few weeks since they met, but he had fallen deeply for her. She also had dreams of becoming a duchess through him.

However, everything ended abruptly when he suddenly stopped contacting her and rejected their trysts.

“But why is that name coming up here?”

Arsen spoke, as if answering the questions in Cecilia’s mind.

“In truth, it seems the Emperor’s and my bodies have switched. Probably.”


Cecilia doubted her own ears. What on earth? For a moment, she seriously wondered if the man in front of her was mad.

But in the next moment…

“Remember the day we first met. It was on this street. I was alone, and you were staggering, intoxicated.”

“…That was…”

“As I approached, you asked me if I wanted to spend the night with you.”

In response, Cecilia, almost hypnotized, uttered, “And you said, ‘I’ll buy all your nights.’”

“That’s right. It’s me, Cecilia.”

“Is it really… are you really Arsen?”

Unable to believe this astonishing fact, Cecilia, internally astounded, shed tears externally.