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‘He said we’re going to the Count’s residence, not the Grand Duke’s residence… so we aren’t going to the Grand Duke’s residence. Even though he’s the Duke… Instead of going to his place, he’s going to the Count’s? With me?’

Just listening to his words seemed to suggest that he was going to the Count’s residence together. However, as she thought it over, she questioned whether she had truly understood his words correctly.

The more she pondered, the more it seemed to have only one interpretation. At the same time, she didn’t want to believe that she had understood it correctly. To take this person, who seemed to be the most unpredictable among the targets, to the Count’s residence was absurd.

It doesn’t make any sense. Besides, she had no energy to deal with him.

‘If he’s really determined to go to the viscount’s residence, should I protest?’

“Excuse me…”

Ariel called out, but he didn’t respond at all. When she glanced at the man’s profile — a sharp nose, well-defined jawline, a slightly smiling mouth that remained closed — it seemed that she looked restless next to him as he appeared to be in the midst of an amused expression.

He was clearly enjoying this situation right now.

This person wouldn’t listen to reason. Her prediction was accurate, and the man seemed determined to ignore her refusal throughout.

She looked straight ahead again.

No words were exchanged inside the car as it continued to move. While the man who had wrecked the car was peacefully asleep, Ariel, covered in fatigue, was still staring into space in the same position as before, just like earlier.

The car that left the imperial palace naturally headed towards the Count’s residence.

After unexpectedly taking on an unwelcome passenger, the car, which hadn’t broken down, continued its journey relentlessly. After more than three hours of driving, they soon arrived at the Count’s estate. A vacant expression on Ariel’s face was now tinged with resignation and acceptance.

‘I’ve brought him after all… What should I do?’

She thought about secretly getting off first and running away.

“You look tired. Didn’t you sleep until the end? That’s amusing.”

As the man, whom she thought was asleep, suddenly spoke to her, Ariel turned to him in surprise. His amber eyes scanned her from head to toe.

The gleam in his eyes sent chills down her spine.

“Have you thought about how many seconds it would take me to catch you if you got off first and ran away?”

“Running away? I had no intention of doing that… There’s no reason to.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The man asked after clearly reading her intentions.

She was more uncomfortable with his actions than with her true intentions being revealed. The relaxed posture and nonchalantly crossed legs, still reclining as before, conveyed a lack of intention to pursue. That attitude that said it didn’t matter if she ran away — a relaxed arrogance that suggested that capturing someone like her required minimal effort.

‘No, it’s not arrogance… It’s confidence.’


The man ordered. Immediately, the car came to a halt on the path leading to the Count’s mansion.

‘What is he trying to do?’

Ariel’s black pupils were filled with bewilderment as they subconsciously trembled. As his arm swung out in front of her, a thick forearm passed in front of her and forcefully unlocked the door.

Thud, thud.

Instead of the safety handle being pulled out, it was smashed in his hand. As he pulled out a stick, scratched and covered in metal dust, and tossed it under the seat, the car door, which had all the locks shattered, slid open with a lurch.

A cool breeze seeped in from outside through the open car door.

As if he were deliberately trying to get her to run away, he made no attempt to restrain her. Rather, he opened the door for her, not letting it close at all.

Seeing Ariel looking at him in confusion, the man smirked.

“I’ll give you about five seconds. How about that?”