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Who should she give the boat to? She didn’t think it was possible to distribute equitably. As she hesitated, the oldest sailor among them stepped forward.

“Miss Sylvia, this ship is old anyway, so it will be junk in a little while. It’s quite old, so you won’t be able to sell parts. So, it would be better to use it only until you return to the harbor and sell it at the junkyard.”

The rest of the crew nodded. When she first saw the boat, she thought that everything would break down if it was hit by a storm, and she was right.

‘I’m glad the weather was good. I almost became fish food.’

Now it was time to scold the vicious employers.

Passionately steered by a navigator with crazy eyes, the ship reached a small uninhabited island with a clinking noise. They put down the captain, who was constantly spewing out curses, and the pot-belly, who was mute perhaps because he was frightened, on the shore and took a moment to rest on the island.
The honey-like break passed in an instant, and the ship that had anchored on the shore left its malevolent employers on the beach and went away, clinking again.

“Hey, you motherf*cker! You ungrateful people who don’t even know about grace!”

The captain, who had been thrown on the beach, jumped on his knees and shouted at the ship as it left. Sylvia, who was watching him from the ship’s railing, silently lifted her middle finger. Seeing her, the sailors also gave the middle finger at the captain, despite not knowing what it meant. The corners of Sylvia’s mouth rose gently when they said that it felt gratifying somehow to lift their middle finger.

The captain, who had been crawling on his knees, tied with a rope, looked like a dot and then disappeared, and the ship was now heading towards Sylvia’s destination, Treasure Island.

‘Now I just have to call Luca when I’m near the Treasure Island!’

According to the crazy navigator, it wouldn’t be until tomorrow that they would reach the coordinates’ destination, so it was fine to call him then. Sevis and Luca seemed to be on bad terms, so it was necessary to push back their meeting as much as possible.

Sylvia opened the status window to check the money she possessed. After distributing the gold coins and cheques from the safe to the sailors as written in the ledger, she and Sevis also took 6,000 gold for the work they did for three days, bringing her possessed money to 40,000 gold. Subtracting the gold she used to pay for the pet hotel, she had 50,000 gold left from the 100,000 gold she got at the pawn shop after leaving Limbo’s things there.

‘The pet hotel is a 7-star hotel, so it costs 5,000 gold a day. I spent 50,000 gold to leave Limbo there for about 10 days. I may have to spend more gold during the checkout if Limbo ordered room service, so I shouldn’t spend this money if I can help it.’

After checking her money and closing the window, she looked at the clear sky and hummed.
While she was sitting on the bow for a moment enjoying the sea breeze, the sailors approached her hesitantly. As she gazed at them with a puzzled face, the bearded sailor opened his mouth.

“Shin… no, that’s not it. Miss Sylvia. Thank you so much. Because of you, we were able to scold those bad guys and get paid what we were owed. Now I can go back to my hometown without being an embarrassment to my kids. Really… Thank you so much, sob…”
“Goodness, Deokpal. Don’t cry.”

Sylvia was surprised to hear his name. No wonder, his appearance was not unfamiliar, and she wondered why he kept calling her and Sevis Shin and Seo. There must be not only Western characters in the game, but also Eastern characters.

‘For some reason, knowing his name makes him feel more familiar, like a local uncle.’

As Sylvia gazed at him pitifully, Deokpal kept wiping his eyes and continued speaking.

“Gosh, I shouldn’t cry in front of a young person. I’m not a kid, so why am I crying like this? It’s embarrassing.”
“No, no. I’m glad you’re finally able to return to your hometown.”

Sylvia replied with a grin. He shook his hands, dried his eyes, and shouted fiercely.

“That’s right! All the sailors here were owed their payments, so they couldn’t even go home and were tied to this ship. We are so fortunate that Miss Sylvia helped us.”
“No, no. I didn’t do anything.”

It wasn’t humility, it really was like that. When she returned after convincing the navigator with nonsense, everything was over. As she shook her head, the sailor waved his hand in denial.

“That’s not true. Because you told us to fight together, we could all be brave. If it weren’t for Miss Sylvia, we would have been working on the shrimp boat today and in the future without realizing what was wrong, like slaves. So… So, Miss Sylvia is our savior.”

The sailors standing behind him nodded vigorously. Sylvia was scratching her cheeks at the unfamiliar situation. An old sailor approached her with a box full of barnacles and rust, as fi it had been brought up from the sea.

‘Huh, what is this situation? I think I’m getting something.’

As expected, the old sailor knelt before her and held out the box.

“Please accept it. It was a box we brought up from the sea while catching shrimp. We were holding onto it without the captain’s knowledge.”
“Oh, thank you.”

Sylvia accepted the box and carefully opened the lid with dried seaweed. As she did, a message that only she could see appeared with a white light.


[Obtained the 〈Seaweed Witch’s Sturdy Dress〉!]


The whitish light soon disappeared. Inside the box was a seaweed-colored dress that seemed like it would improve her skin the moment she wore it. Sylvia sniffed the clothes with her nose. Fortunately, they didn’t smell like the sea.

‘Does wearing this make me feel like I’m doing a full-body seaweed mask? It looks like I’m going to become a seaweed princess. It looks unique because it’s different from normal clothes, but does it have a special effect?’

Sylvia naturally looked at the details of the item while pretending to look at the clothes.


[〈Seaweed Witch’s Sturdy Dress〉
It is a sturdy dress with a durability of 10,000 points. It is a dress made from plucking the seaweed of a seaweed witch who hid in the deep sea and survived safely for a thousand years. It cannot be torn apart by any strength. The sharp weapons of enemies are useless in battle while wearing this item.]


‘Oh, this is a good item. I have the hammer, but the only armor I had was basic women’s leather armor, so I got just what I needed.’

It was in the shape of a dress, so her legs would be exposed, and she would be unable to defend them, but that was even better. If it was a haenyeo suit that covered her entire body or underwear, it would have been difficult to rejoice no matter how sturdy the armor was.
(T/N: Haenyeo is the name given to the female divers in Jeju who collect mollusks and other sea life from the ocean, literally meaning ‘sea women’.)

This game was so uneventful that she sometimes forgot, but this was strictly an R-rated reverse harem game. Therefore, there was a high probability of being with male characters even during battles. It was true that fighting in a haenyeo suit would not diminish the friendship points of the target character who was with her, but she was still reluctant.

‘Attacking the male characters is just as important as raiding the dungeons.’

Sylvia smiled with her clothes in her hand, and the sailors were relieved and pleased.

“I was worried that you would not like it, but I’m glad to see the look on your face.”
“Yes! It’s exactly what I need.”
“Then will you accept this as well?”

The bearded sailor held out a thick brown pouch. It looked like a money purse, so when Sylvia shook her head and tried to refuse, he firmly held out the pouch.

“We made a united effort. If it wasn’t for Miss Sylvia, we wouldn’t get paid a penny. Please accept it.”

When she had no choice but to accept the purse, a message window appeared.


[Sylvia obtained 30,000 gold for 〈Stirring Up a Small Revolution on the Shrimp Boat〉!]


30,000 gold? She put the purse on her side and quickly opened the status window to check the increased amount of money.

She had 70,000 gold in her inventory! It was only yesterday that she despaired about money, but to get a lot of money at once thanks to her fight against injustice? You really don’t know what can happen to people.

After thanking the sailors, she got up with an excited face and walked around the ship. It was to inform Sevis of this good news, and to tell him about Luca, who would soon be joining them, and the Treasure Island. However, she could not find him even as she looked around.

‘Where did he go?’

She went up to the second floor of the ship and searched inside the nets. And finally found Sevis at the end of the ship, wallowing in solitude. He was sighing as he gazed at the horizon beyond where the sun was leaning.

As Sevis became more comfortable, he remembered sleeping with Sylvia in bed a few days ago, and his mind became complicated. He didn’t think much of it at that time because he was consoling Sylvia. But when he thought about it again, although they lived together and he was also a man, there was no hint of an ulterior motive on her face. Far from an ulterior motive, there was no hesitation about sleeping together.

The strange skinship between Noel and Sylvia, which he had accidentally witnessed in the Forgotten Temple, overlapped with that memory. When he thought that his master and Noel might have done even more touching than that, his head heated up in a mess.
Sevis leaned his arm against the railing and rubbed his throbbing forehead. His troubled thoughts never stopped.

‘But we slept in the same bed… Doesn’t Miss Sylvia think of me as a man at all?’

He looked down at his arm. He had grown up more compared to when he first met her, but it was still not enough to be considered an adult in the wolf tribe.

‘I feel like I’ve grown up a little since my birthday, but I’m still a long way away from becoming an adult. I want to grow up quickly. Ugh… That’s not right. Miss Sylvia is the one who came to save this world. I can’t put my feelings ahead of that.’

Sevis sighed softly, but suddenly someone surprised him.


When Sevis turned around in surprise, Sylvia stood behind him with a bright smile. Sevis, who was surprised for a moment, looked at the round top of Sylvia’s head and instantly judged her height. He shuddered in surprise at the warm hands that grabbed him casually.

“I have good news, Sevis.”