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Watching her bright smile in response, he couldn’t hide his affection.

Almost unconsciously, he leaned in, capturing her lips with his. As they did, he sensed the attendants and ladies-in-waiting, who had been waiting and holding their breaths behind them, discreetly turning away.

“Now I have the right to kiss the lips of the Empress of Larchen.”

“Indeed. You’re the only one who can.”

While smiling at Isilis, who nodded, Berthas also chuckled. She placed her lips on his cheek and whispered in his ear.

“Also, you’ll be the only one allowed in the Empress’ bedroom.”

Shivers ran down his spine at her whispered words. Yes, he was the only one.

And she, too, was the one and only for him.

“Where shall we hold the imperial wedding?”

With desire rising in his eyes, Berthas asked, trying to conceal the surging passion. After smirking at his lustful gaze, she replied.

“The Great Temple.”


* * *


Isilis was delighted with Berthas’s choice. She appreciated his dedication, and even if he had come with just his body, she would have been fine with it.

However, offering Hillenton in its entirety made her even happier. She liked his surprise when she kissed him, and she enjoyed him revealing his desires to her. There wasn’t a single thing she didn’t like.

“What should I do about the imperial seal?”

“I’ll have to get it in Hillenton’s capital.”

Isilis had been aiming for this since the moment Berthas mentioned the absorption and unification of Hillenton into Larchen. It was necessary to show the people of Hillenton.

There was an overwhelming military difference between Larchen and Hillenton.

Berthas Hillenton may have offered her the Hillenton Empire, but the people of Hillenton might think that Larchen was fortunate to acquire their country. This was an opportunity for her to demonstrate her power not only to the soldiers but to the ordinary citizens of Hillenton and the neighboring countries that overlooked Larchen.

No one, apart from her soldiers, had ever witnessed her prowess other than on the battlefield. Ordinary citizens had no idea who she was.

So, she planned to show the people of Hillenton the overwhelming military difference and who Empress Isilis Larchen really was. She needed to make sure they couldn’t resist, making assimilation easier.

“I expected you to say that.”

“Are you okay with it?”

It could be an ideal stage for her, but for Berthas, it could turn into a stage of disgrace. Therefore, she cautiously asked him. Nonetheless, his nonchalant response made her breathe a sigh of relief.

“Of course.”

“I’m glad you said so.”

“I’ve already drunk the waters of the oath. This should be a piece of cake.”

Isilis nodded as she listened to Berthas.

The former Emperor was already dead, and the news of the death of the Crown Prince had spread, all thanks to Berthas.

It was an incident that showcased the depth of his resentment. To let someone escape alive and then assassinate them from behind, it was a well-executed move for the future Empress and their daughter.

However, if someone found out, fingers would be pointed at him.

‘I’m not the one to leave it like that.’

If anything unfavorable happened to Berthas, she was more than ready to protect him within her embrace. It was all part of her dedication to her future consort. That thought suddenly occurred to her.

“By any chance… did you always intend to eliminate Hillenton from the map?”


He gave no answer to her question. As the silence persisted, unable to withstand the silence, she spoke again.

“I asked something unnecessary…”

“That’s true.”

Unlike his previous silence, he cleanly admitted it now. Isilis widened her eyes as she looked at him. For her, erasing Larchen from the map was an unimaginable thing.

What kind of wounds had he suffered to come up with such a plan?

“How does it feel to have achieved it?”

“Relieved, yet bitter.”

“Relieved yet bitter?”

“I achieved my goal, so it’s a relief, but it’s bitter because what I aimed for in half of my life is gone.”

Seeing him with a vague look on his face, Isilis bit her lip and spoke?

“How about having a new goal?”

“A new goal?”

“If you’re wandering aimlessly because you lost your goal, can’t I give you a new one?”

Seeing Berthas, who was always self-assured, now looking lost and somewhat downcast, she was both fascinated and frightened. What if he got lost and wandered off?

“Stay by my side.”


“Being by my side and overseeing me would do.”

“Isn’t that what it means to be your consort?”

“That’s true, but I’ll give you one more thing.”


“Become the Commander of the Imperial Knights and protect the empire.”


“Berthas Hillenton. You.”

Appointing him, someone who was not a Larchen citizen, as the Commander of the Imperial Knights came with risks, but Isilis made her decision.

The previous Commander, Marquis Cyrka, was executed for rebellion, as he had tried to revolt. The position has remained vacant since then. She wanted to avoid nurturing an enemy within, so she intended to give Berthas the position.

‘I also wanted to go to war together.’

She was worried about Berthas being left alone when she occasionally went into battle. She hated him being hurt by the rumors circulating in the palace, orchestrated by the attendants and ladies-in-waiting. She preferred him to be by her side.

Whether he was aware of her thoughts or not, Berthas nodded.

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s settled then.”

Even if he hadn’t agreed, she had intended to place him there anyway. With Berthas’s response, he wouldn’t be able to escape from her side now.

Watching him escort her as she rose from her seat, she whispered to him.

“Stay by my side.”

“That’s an obvious thing to say. There’s nowhere else for me to go now that my country has fallen.”

“The fact that there’s nowhere else for you to go pleases me.”

“Even if that place is by your side?”

“Of course.”

As they exchanged smiles while touching their foreheads, there were onlookers in the palace who smiled with satisfaction.


* * *


Berthas quickly made preparations to depart for Hillenton. Originally, he had planned to send Dahan to bring back the imperial seal, but since Isilis decided to go to Hillenton herself, he had to go first to make the necessary arrangements.

Dahan and Allure accompanied him.

“I’m going again?”

“You know Hillenton’s coordinates the best.”

“Aren’t you exaggerating a bit?”

“Well, I’ve asked too much from the princess’ tutor. In that case, another wizard…”

“I get it! Who said I don’t want to go?”

Berthas smiled at Allure’s grumbling reply.


There was a voice calling them as they stood at the teleportation portal.

It was Isilis.

With a concerned look in her eyes, she fastened a brooch to Berthas’s collar.

“It might come in handy if anything happens.”

“I appreciate it.”

The eyes of those standing around to see them off were fixed on her and him. After nodding at Isilis, the last face he saw, Berthas was enveloped in a white light.

As Hector’s figure appeared before him, Berthas moved.

“Seeing that you came out to meet me, something unusual must be happening. Don’t you have work in the imperial palace?”

“If there were, I wouldn’t be here, Your Excellency.”

The moment Berthas was about to take a step, he felt a strange sensation at Hector’s nonchalant response.


An assassin, hidden until then, suddenly appeared and attacked him. Despite narrowly avoiding Hector’s strange actions, Berthas exposed his side. At that moment, with a sharp sound, the assassin’s sword flew into the air.

The brooch Isilis had given him shone brightly.