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* * *


After the heavy, suffocating atmosphere settled over the dining table, Izeline returned to her room and lay alone on the bed. She recalled the time when she and Robert lay side by side here on a summer night, surrounded by a sense of intimacy.

Those were good times…

Reflecting on the tense atmosphere just moments ago, she let out a long sigh.

“What did you say? Four years?”

“Yes, the Duke and Izeline’s contract.”

Upon hearing the news that Izeline would be by Robert’s side until he turned eight, Ben felt a lump in his throat and nearly collapsed.

He had questioned how she could just stand by and watch, but he had to agree that even if he had been in her position, he couldn’t have done anything about it. To the illustrious Duke Armaty, the fate of a commoner was something he could easily manipulate with the snap of a finger.

Offering sincere comfort to the disheartened Ben, Monica said, “It will be all right. The young master is still very healthy.”

“He has only been ill for a year,” Monica continued. “He will safely surpass the age of eight.”

His emotions eased slightly at Monica’s confident tone of voice. However, it couldn’t be helped that he was outraged by the fact that a contract existed that put his daughter’s life at stake.

Ben didn’t hide his resentment towards Robert.

“All this trouble just because she got involved with a cripple, endangering the life of my precious daughter for no reason.”


Izeline let out a groan.

She had hoped that all would along well, but already, there were signs of conflict between her father and her childhood friend.

‘It’s just a conflict between extra and the future villain anyway.’

It was just Ben’s one-sided emotional outburst, regardless of whether he liked it or not. She tried her best not to pay too much attention and turned her thoughts elsewhere.

‘I still have to sleep for two more nights.’

Though she had only just left the Armaty mansion today, it felt like it had been a very long time since she had seen Robert.

The dark night sky seemed like Robert’s hair.

‘I miss you, my friend…’

Since when did their friendship become so deep?

With that thought in mind, Izeline quietly fell asleep. Without the friend who used to sleep next to her every day, the empty space next to her felt more vacant than ever.


* * *


A new morning arrived, and along with the brightness, the serious atmosphere from the previous night vanished like the wind. Hearts flew around in Monica and Ben’s eyes as they looked at each other as if the seriousness of the night before never happened.

Seeing that, Izeline, who was single all her life, kept her mouth shut, smiling quietly as if to say she had a lot to say but wouldn’t say it.

‘As expected, many things are possible at night.’

It was astonishing how the suffocating air could dissipate so easily.

Perhaps Monica had explained to Ben countless times, emphasizing how healthy Robert was and how remarkable Izeline was to accept and manage all of this.

“Are you ready?”


Nodding her head in response to her mother’s question, Izeline headed downstairs energetically. The whole family has gotten together to celebrate, and they’ve decided to go out on the town.

Knock, knock, knock.

When someone knocked on the front door, Ben’s eyes lit up with delight.

“We have a guest.”

“A guest?”

Ben stretched his neck, thinking it might be a fellow soldier. As the door swung open wide, a familiar face appeared.


“Hey, Camry! Perfect timing, we were just about to go out.”

He winked at Izeline. He had suggested spending time together after accidentally running into Camry at Julie’s house yesterday, believing that Izeline would also enjoy his company, considering how close they used to be.

“It’s been a while, Izeline.”


Izeline’s expression stiffened as she saw Camry casually greet her. It had been several months since her last encounter with him.

“You’re pretending, aren’t you?”


She remembered clearly when he disguised himself to reveal Robert’s Krug disease at the chicken skewer shop.

To Ben’s surprise, Izeline gave an unfriendly look to the invited guest.

“Did you two have a fight?”

Ben blinked his eyes and asked, while Monica added with a curious tone.

“Is it just awkward because it’s been a while?”

Izeline pondered for a moment.

Their outing to the bustling downtown area was a secret between Robert and herself. Their official last meeting with Camry was the day they played hide-and-seek in the forest when Robert’s Krug disease became apparent to the children.

Camry opened his mouth confidently.

“Are you still upset?”


“Sorry. I missed the chance to apologize because you suddenly disappeared.”

Feeling that the incident they encountered in the downtown area might be revealed at any moment, Izeline decided to take a step back for now.

“It was bwecause Sir Karif put me in his horse.”


Camry, who looked at her, was bewildered by her following words, which referred to a different event.

“It was a lwong time ago, so I’ll let it slide.”

It was obvious that they were talking about different incidents. Regardless of the outcome, since he was forgiven, was everything okay now?

Confused by the situation, his face turned red with perplexity.

“Fowget it.”

“Uh, okay.”

His face brightened instantly with relief. Izeline extended her hand like offering a gesture of reconciliation. Happily, Camry held her hand tightly. The adults who had been watching the scene of the children’s pure reconciliation couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction.

‘I’ll have a serious talk when we’re alone.’

Although Izeline had made a different resolution in her heart, anyway, the four of them headed towards the bustling downtown in a joyful atmosphere.

“Make sure not to get lost. Don’t follow strangers.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve come here often for errands.”

Camry replied confidently as if reassuring Monica’s concern.

As the four of them enjoyed their time in the bustling downtown, they were now about to split into two teams.

“Mom, Dad, see you later!” Izeline exclaimed cheerfully.

Even though Monica and Ben were initially delighted by the unexpected suggestion, they couldn’t help but worry. In response, Camry, acting like an adult, firmly held Izeline’s hand.

“Let’s meet back here in an hour.”


“Well, um… I guess so then.”

Monica pretended to resist, and Ben playfully grabbed her hand. They hadn’t had a date like this since Izeline was born. Enjoying the feeling of going back to the days when they were dating, the two of them blushed shyly.

Seeing this, Izeline gestured to Camry to leave quickly.

Of course, being quite perceptive, he had already grasped her hand and was ready to leave. After bidding farewell to her parents, who waved their hands and told her to have fun, she walked away briskly.

How much time had passed?

When Izeline confirmed that Monica and Ben’s figures were far enough away, she opened her mouth with a subdued voice.


She had something she wanted to talk to him about in private.

Camry, who had been fooling around with the expectation of playing alone with Izeline, suddenly became confused by the change in atmosphere and his eyes filled with bewilderment.

“Yeah? Why?”

As he replied anxiously, swallowing hard, Izeline spoke with a serious expression.

“Iwt’s a secret that I bumped into you in the cwity that day.”

“Oh… yes.”

He scratched the back of his head nervously as he answered.

“That’s why I played along with your act.”

“For that day…”


“Apologize properly.”

Feeling an intimidating presence that didn’t match her young age, Camry was inwardly surprised. He had felt it before when she stood up straight and confidently spoke her mind in front of Viscount Karif, but…

This wasn’t the Izeline he knew. The adorable and baby-like child had grown up so much.

“You won’t apologize?”


He mumbled in response to her pressing question.

“I was jealous. Since I can’t even meet you anymore, it felt like you were getting closer to the young lord…”

When the boy, who was twice her size, hunched his shoulders like a rabbit in front of a lion, Izeline let out a deep sigh.

Anyway, he was just a kid.

His innocence in admitting his mistakes and his immature jealousy were both endearing. It was something she could understand, so her heart softened a little.

“Dwon’t take advantage of someone else’s pain.”

“I understand…”

“Pwromise you won’t do it anymore.”

As she said that, she reached out her little finger.

This time, it was a genuine gesture of reconciliation. Camry, who had brightened up, nodded repeatedly and hooked his little finger with hers.

“Yeah, I promise!”

Izeline decided to give this promise a chance.

“Let’s have fun together.”

“I brought the money I’ve been saving all this time.”

Camry proudly showed off the pouch hanging from his waist. It seemed quite heavy at first glance.

“We’ll eat delicious things and buy toys too!”

“Sounds good.”

“We’ll have as much fun as possible for one hour.”

Izeline chuckled at his determined attitude.

‘He’s not a bad kid after all.’

And so, the two of them wandered around the bustling streets, enjoying various sights.

“That looks delicious!”

“Look at this! It’s a fascinating toy!”

“That snack shop is the most popular these days.”