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Axen Arc, who had been silent the whole time, spoke quietly.

“Well, I understand the reason for those tears very well.”

He nodded as if to reassure himself that he understood everything.

“In the beginning, they say mood swings become severe.”

“It’s not, so just be quiet.”

Chrys wiped her face with both hands. The tears had dried up a long time ago.

She was sad that her fate had entangled her with these three.

But the three men were all surrounding her, examining her with concern.

Naskan, kneeling without hesitation when he was the Dawn of the divine realm, kept glancing in this direction.

At first glance, Naskan seemed fine, to the point that one would think nothing was wrong. However, he still showed signs of having faced the elite knights of the Parent Tree. Trying to hide the wounds on his body made his posture unnatural.

Sol Noctis was no different. If the Parent Tree claimed that Twilight was a calamity, then it was a calamity. He should not doubt the divine tree and had no need to listen to Twilight’s circumstances.

However, Sol Noctis took Chrys’s side and stood up for her.

—I, I… could’ve been on your side!

And those words, that desperate voice, stuck in her chest like a thorn and wouldn’t come off. What on earth was the dream she just had? It wouldn’t be entirely meaningless. It wasn’t like predicting the future.

Then, what was it? Was it trying to give her answers?

—Knowing that everything went wrong because you didn’t say a word, can you just let it be?

The word ‘disaster,’ the strange and unfamiliar magic she had sensed from the Parent Tree, the attitude of trying to suppress her, the Twilight of the divine realm.

There was a disturbing premonition that this incident might proceed unusually.

What should she do from now on?

The Lord’s words were absolute. The rift was a sensitive issue for the three factions. The statement that Twilight would cause a major rift might sound like nonsense. But if it came from the Lord’s mouth, the situation would be very different.

Chrys honestly didn’t expect to face this issue alone.

If the dream could provide an answer, would discussing it with them make them take her side?

Chrys examined Sol Noctis’s face. Despite the somewhat suspicious expression, it was clean and beautiful. His ears were still intact, and his eyes, as beautiful as emerald, had not lost their luster. And the scar that crossed his face.

‘A scar.’

The worst-case scenario.

In the dream she just had, it seemed she could have avoided the situation if she had just spoken about it through no other than Sol Noctis’s words.

“…Can you listen to what I have to say and support me until the end?”

So Chrys threw it out there.

“Yes, go ahead and speak.”

Naskan responded naturally, as always.

“I’ve been telling you since earlier. We can’t make a decision until we hear what you have to say.”

Sol Noctis may have acted indifferently, but the dream where he expressed willingness to support Chrys lingered in her mind.

“Yes, I will listen.”

…The devilkin, too, answered.

Their strange attentiveness to listening to her words felt oddly unfamiliar.

Chrys looked at the three pairs of fixed gazes alternately who had promised to listen to what she had to say. The dream problem that had been bothering her all along. Honestly, there didn’t seem to be a clear solution for anyone here. But strangely, that made her feel more at ease.

“I keep having strange dreams.”

She recalled the images of them in her dream one by one.

Naskan, who had tied her up and assaulted her, didn’t listen to her words. Sol Noctis, with his white hair, didn’t listen to her words. As for Axen Arc, he ran away alone and died in solitude.

They all had something in common in their dreams. They had all kept their concerns to themselves. They were alone. From the perspective of someone who had to just watch because it was a dream, it was frustrating.

Although each had their own circumstances, no one spoke openly about them.

Even if they did, no one tried to listen or forcibly twisted the conversation. Everyone assumed they would not be understood by the other party and chose to be loners. The reason no one took their side was that no one honestly revealed their situation.

Misunderstandings arose from not speaking, and conflicts occured from not having a conversation. If they didn’t tell the truth, emotions arose, and if they lied, the situation would become more complicated.

“Listen to my dream story.”

So, she decided to just say it openly.



Her dreams always ended with the world shattering.

The reason that she started speaking from the end was because all endings were the same.

The end was always the same—a massive black sun rose in the twilight sky, and from that massive point, the sky filled with countless cracks. Then, a massive explosion occurred, and the world was engulfed in an empty darkness.

“The parent tree called it the Great Rift after seeing it. And said it’s not a meaningless dream. And pointed at me, saying I was the cause of the rift.”

“What on earth is that rotten senile tree talking about?”

Even though it was nonsense, Chrys glanced at Sol Noctis to gauge his reaction. While it was something that shouldn’t be said in front of Sol Noctis, a fairy, she couldn’t help it.

“…It’s time for you to leave.”

Naskan glared at Sol Noctis as if mocking him. It wasn’t spoken out loud, but the eyes said he was a useless bastard. In front of Naskan, both good and bad son was a curse.

“…Anyway, hear me out more.”

Chrys had seen rare occurrences before the day when it would come. Sol Noctis, whose hair turned white, led numerous fairies and set the Parent Tree on fire. The Lord Naskan, who had taken a glorious position in the divine realm, oppressed her.

Axen Arc was chased by someone and died alone.

“If that’s really the time the Twilight sees, what does it all mean?”

After a brief explanation, Chrys scratched her head, glancing around and cautiously wiggling her fingers.

She had spoken about the content of the dream, but in truth, she hadn’t revealed everything. Although she mentioned that Naskan had oppressed and imprisoned her, she could not bring herself to speak that he had raped her while confessing that he went crazy out of love for her.

She revealed the story that Sol Noctis had set the Parent Tree on fire. However, she remained silent about Sol Noctis crying while holding her or caught her immoral behavior with the entire Guards.

And Axen Arc…

— I will stay by your side until the end.

Regardless of why he said those words, he did not fulfill them and died. Nevertheless, she conveyed the important information. However, the guilt of lying to them, perhaps due to cutting off part of the content, weighed on her slightly.

The men remained silent.

It was not only absurd but also because the contents were not just about the destruction of the world but also something unpleasant to them.

Naskan’s face showed immense shock.

“I did something bad to you? Is that possible?”

It was a good decision not to provide detailed information. Just the mention of imprisonment alone was shocking, so what if she had told him more?

“Dawn, it was just a dream.”

“Even if it’s a dream, it’s unacceptable.”

“What about me? Is it logical for me to take the lead and set the Parent Tree on fire?”

Sol Noctis’ face was even redder than before.

“…You’re the worst.”

“What’s the big deal about burning that rotten tree?”

“What’s your problem, acting like that when you ate the Lord?”

“It was what he deserved, so it’s not that big of a deal!”

“You’re no better with that rotten temper of yours!”

They began to argue loudly as if the events in the dream had actually happened.