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A Breeze, a Hint of Fragrance

The villa was located on a rocky mountain that rose alone along the serene Herolington coast. From a distance, the rocky slope, resembling a castle, faced the sea with rugged cliffs, while the landward side had a gentle slope, allowing carriages easy access.

Olivia leaned against the window, gazing through the rows of trees at the shimmering sea. As the carriage came to a halt, she followed Margot out of the carriage.

The cool moisture from the nearby sea mingled with the breeze.

Grasping her fluttering skirt, she glanced out at the vast sea bathed in the fragmented autumn sunlight. Three Magic Domes stood tall like white pillars. Although she had designed them herself, this was the first time she had seen the actual structures.

“It’s the Magic Down designed by Oliver, Olivia.”

As Margot said as she approached, Olivia chuckled helplessly.

“Yes, it’s Oliver’s design.”

Margot muttered with her eyes glinting coldly.

“It’s amusing that they won’t recognize the patent just because you’re a woman.”

At that moment, the Royal Guard, mounted on war horses, appeared, escorting the King’s carriage. Margot turned towards the carriage and spoke.

“Hold on to the evidence that you are Oliver, don’t discard it.”

“Yes, I’ll keep it safe.”

“Don’t conform, Olivia. The time will come when you must reveal it.”

She glanced at Olivia, small and delicate but far from fragile.

“And you’ll be the first. You’ve always been the first at everything.”

“…I’m not that remarkable, Professor.”

Margot burst into a sarcastic laughter at her reply.

“Is that so? Then, the prestigious reputation of Herdoington University must be as worthless as a piece of crap.”

“Ah, Professor, really?”

As Olivia finally spoke with a laughter-tinged voice, Margot chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. At that moment, the King and Queen descended from a majestic black carriage drawn by six horses.

Olivia, who spotted him, lowered her stance and offered a respectful greeting.

The Queen, upon seeing the King, acknowledged with a knowing look. On the other hand, Leonard’s bushy eyebrows twitched when Margot, who he said fine if she didn’t come, came, though he wisely didn’t show it.

Following them, the Crown Prince and Prince Noah got down from another carriage.

Even under the bright autumn sunlight, the Crown Prince and the Prince looked splendid. Given the usual dress code for Herod’s royal men, which often consisted of black suits, Noah also wore an elegant black ensemble. The smooth sheen of his suit accentuated his long legs even more.

Just as she thought the procession had come to an end, one more person disembarked from the princes’ carriage. She was a middle-aged lady.

“Ah, looks like Lucy has come?”

As Margot spoke with a soft voice, Asher extended his hand toward the carriage. A small girl, having taken the Crown Prince’s hand, gracefully descended the carriage steps. Her white and rosy face, with bright blonde hair tied, was as charming and lovely as a pink flower pinned on it.

Olivia couldn’t help but smile at how well the light blue dress complimented the young girl’s appearance.

The girl, who couldn’t have been more than ten years old, let go of the Crown Prince’s hand and stood with poise and elegance.

‘So adorable!’

She thought inside. At that moment, Margot called out the girl’s name.

“Lucy Therese!”

Margot, with an affectionate smile reserved for no one else in the royal family, opened her arms wide towards the girl.

According to Olivia’s expectations, it should be a moment to rush forward, but Princess Lucy walked gracefully towards Margot, shoulders squared. Despite her composed demeanor, her eyes sparkled towards her aunt. Even so, she couldn’t help but find her adorable.

Margot seemed to feel the same way. She rushed towards Lucy with open arms and embraced her warmly.

“How have you been, Aunt?”

Lucy hugged her aunt and kissed her cheek.

“Well, of course. Have you been well, Lucy?”

Observing Margot’s affectionate attitude from the side, Noah recalled the contrasting expression she had shown to him yesterday.

Ah, it was really unjust.

With a resentful heart, he turned his head and Olivia came into his view.


She was wearing the same white blouse and a voluminous flared skirt as yesterday. The high-saturated blue skirt and the white blouse harmonized like the clear autumn sky and the sea. Unlike yesterday, her black hair was half tied down, swaying with the lush ribbon.

Olivia, with her hair flowing, gazed at Lucy, who greeted her with a natural smile.

Noah’s gaze lingered on this picturesque scene.

At that moment, after exchanging affectionate greetings with Lucy, Margot straightened herself, took a step aside, and nodded subtly towards Olivia.

Responding to Margot’s signal, she cautiously approached Lucy.

Then, the moment Lucy saw Olivia emerging behind her aunt, she was dazed.

She had never seen someone like this in her entire life. The flowing black hair caught in the breeze, the sparkling face bathed in sunlight, and the exotic clothes—all of it seemed unreal to the eight-year-old girl who had lived only in the palace.

Was she an angel?

The Princess’s small mouth, which had been adjusting her posture gracefully, slowly opened, and her eyes widened like small lanterns.

At that moment, the person approached and greeted her.

“Hello, Princess. I am Olivia Liberty. It’s an honor to meet you.”


Asher, noticing Lucy’s delayed response, looked at her sternly and then discovered her entranced face and smiled faintly.


At the soft voice, Lucy, who had regained her composure, blushed and quickly offered her greetings.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lucy Therese Astrid.”

Observing this, Leonard decided it was enough and focused his attention.

“Now, come this way. Stand here quickly with the Magic Dome in the background.”

Then, he affectionately called his daughter.

“Lucy, come here!”

As Leonard took his lovely daughter’s hand, they stood side by side with the Queen. While royal protocols usually determined even the order of walking, Lucy Therese was the only one who occasionally deviated from these rules.

As Olivia approached Noah without realizing it, just as she did yesterday, the attendant, who was about to guide her, smiled and nodded.

Noah briefly gave her a nod, and he carefully moved closer, maintaining a respectful distance between them.

“All right, let’s take the photo!”

As the photographer covered with the black hood, shouted, everyone in the royal family, including Noah and Olivia, looked toward the camera.

All of a sudden, the wind blew.

At the same time, Olivia’s long hair fluttered, tickling his cheek.

Nevertheless, Noah didn’t avert his gaze, and he chose to remain still, as brushing away the hair would likely require another round of photos.

The sea breeze was fragrant.

With a burst of light, the photographer nodded satisfactorily. The fragrant hair, touched by the breeze, vanished as soon as the photo was taken.

Noah watched Olivia’s back as she moved towards Margo, and he absentmindedly brushed his cheek to relieve the tickle. Then, with a somewhat cold smile, he shifted his attention away from her.