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“… Ugh. I’m fine.”

Sylvia’s eyes turned red at Sevis’ concern for her first, when his own life was hanging by a thread. She was grateful for his care and scared that he would die at this rate.

‘Don’t cry. Crying doesn’t change anything.’

She wiped her tears while pretending to wipe her sweat, so that the others wouldn’t notice it, and calmly judged the situation.

She couldn’t believe the skill didn’t work. What should she do then? She bit her lips nervously before yelling again.

“Sevis, turn into a wolf!”

The common imperial people did not often encounter wolf shifters, so there were sometimes people with preconceived notions. So, he was a little reluctant to change his body in front of the sailors. But in a situation where they had already seen his fingernails and toenails getting longer, surviving came first.

Sevis hastily transformed into a wolf at her words. The Kraken flinched for a moment as if bewildered by his suddenly smaller body, then fumbled around to find the lump of black fur that was trying to escape and grabbed him again. She stepped closer and tried to get Sevis out, but the octopus’ leg did not budge.

Her mind was busy for a moment. What would happen if she couldn’t save him?

She was a player, so if she died, she could go back to the last save point, but Sevis was different. What would happen if he died, and the game was saved like that? Of course, that couldn’t be possible, but… Was it really not possible? What if there was a save as soon as Sevis died?

She got a chilly feeling when she recalled an RPG she played in the past, in which the game was proceeding while her party member was dead. At that moment, the rope that did not withstand the power of the Kraken snapped, and the octopus’ leg wiggled as if shaking off the remaining rope.

“Sevis! Are you alright?”
“Miss Sylvia…”

The lump of black fur squirmed at Sylvia’s question, barely answering, and then his head fell downwards. He seemed to be losing consciousness due to the Kraken’s persistent imprisonment. She couldn’t let him become Kraken’s food like this.

Immediately, an item in her inventory popped into her mind. 〈Return Scroll〉. She had originally intended to use it in an emergency, but right now, only that item could save Sevis’ life.

But there was one problem. If she and Sevis went back to the cabin together, the route where they would go to Treasure Island using the shrimp boat would be a complete failure.

‘If Sevis and I return home together, there will be an automatic save the moment we leave the cabin. Then, the plan to go to Treasure Island with the shrimp-catching boat will be completely messed up.’

Then, was there any other way? How about returning to the last save point after her death?

‘If I die right away and go back to before, I have to spend three long days on the shrimp boat again. In addition, there is no guarantee that we will be able to avoid the Kraken’s attack in the same situation. Above all, it’s really horrible to take one’s own life. Wait, that’s not a dead ending the game made. There’s a chance I might just go to hell if I take my own life.’

Was there no way?

‘… No. There is a way. A way to save Sevis by defeating the Kraken. I have nothing but this for now.’

At that moment, the Kraken wriggled as if about to enter the ocean and began to back out.


When it became an emergency, her mind became dizzy. After quickly completing her judgment, she rushed out the moment the Kraken’s legs, wrapped around the lump of black fur, rose high in the air. Then, she took out the 〈Return Scroll〉 from her inventory, threw it with all her might at Sevis, and shouted,

“Sevis, use the Return Scroll! Go back to the cabin with the Kraken!”

Fortunately, after hearing her words, Sevis raised his head and quickly grabbed the scroll with his mouth. At the same time, the monster dragged him into the cold sea. At that moment, Sylvia followed them and dived into the sea, without even time to think about it. Sevis had to be rescued somehow in case he couldn’t use the 〈Return Scroll〉 properly.

“Dear heavens! Miss Sylvia went into the sea to save Seo!”
“But the living should keep on living! Oh my, oh my! What is she doing!”

As the sailors were anxious for a moment, the sea level vibrated, and bright light poured out. While the boat was shaking greatly due to the vibration, they barely grabbed the railing and fell to the floor without knowing what was going on.

As the raging sea level soon subsided, Sylvia rose above the sea. The sailors, who were looking down, hurriedly lowered a lifebuoy and pulled up Sylvia.

She wiped herself with a body towel and recalled what had just happened. As soon as she followed the Kraken and Sevis into the sea, an unknown flash of light blocked her view, and soon, the monster in the sea disappeared along with him.

‘The 〈Return Scroll〉 must have worked properly, right?’

A message popped up in front of her eyes, as if the game knew her worries.


[With the 〈Return Scroll〉, Sevis and the 〈Three-legged Kraken〉 went back to the cabin.]


‘Thankfully, it worked. … So it’s a three-legged octopus. I was wondering why it was leaving out several legs and only using one or two.’

A message appeared as she let out a sigh of relief.


[The size of the three-legged Kraken was too large for the cabin. The cabin that used to be Sylvia’s home disappeared without a trace…]


There was no time to be alarmed. Another message popped up with a ‘ta-dah—’.


[With the cabin she occupied without permission now gone, Sylvia went from being a 〈Celebrity of Our Proud Village〉 to being a 〈Pitiful Wanderer of Our Village〉.]


When she saw the message, she instantly felt so angry that tears started coming out. In an instant, she became a 〈Pitiful Wanderer of Our Village〉.

‘Damn it… If it’s a game, wouldn’t it make sense to not break the home ground? Wouldn’t it be normal to stop when the cabin was about to explode? … Well, I’m possessed, so what is even normal and common sense?’

She did her best to defeat the Kraken, but wasn’t that too much?

Sylvia, who was angry for a moment, managed to sweep down her chest, trying to calm down.

Yeah, it was already gone. Was the cabin important? She had to save Sevis’ life right away and she also defeated the Kraken, so she tried to console herself thinking that it was a good thing.

‘It’s fine… It’s fine as long as it worked. Sevis survived, and the Kraken won’t live long outside the water and will soon die, and then we’ll have to dismember it and sell it to the fish market, right?’

Sylvia’s whole body trembled and calmed the anger that had no reason to be expressed. But in any case, a wanderer… When she opened the status window and looked at the details, she could see the effect of being a wanderer.


[〈Pitiful Wanderer of Our Village〉
With the effect of being 〈Pitiful〉, you will get free things at stores randomly.
The effect of being a 〈Wanderer〉 will allow you to enjoy the welfare benefits supported by the imperial family.]


‘Huh? Isn’t this better than being a 〈Celebrity of Our Proud Village〉? Getting free stuff sometimes is great! Besides, welfare benefits?’

It was a relief among misfortune that the benefits were even better than the previous evaluation. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the cabin that they were occupying without permission was gone.

It was really good because Sylvia, who only had a house but was always worried about money and was in the blind spot of welfare, became homeless and was now able to enjoy the benefits… bullsh*t. Tears welled up in Sylvia’s eyes.

‘Damn it, I can’t believe I’m homeless now. The harder I work, the poorer I become. Where can I get a place to live right now?’

Sylvia sighed. She couldn’t keep her homeless condition for long. She had to make a lot of money in the dungeon this time to be able to find a place to lie down at night, otherwise, she would have to sleep in the square completely covered by newspaper.

Sylvia was frowning with concern when the sailors stared at each other and approached her hesitantly.

“W-what happened to Seo?”
“At this rate, the Kraken will eat him… Dear heavens, what am I saying.”

The bearded sailor slapped his mouth with his hands. Sylvia decided to forget about the disappeared house for a moment and reassured them with an effortless smile.

“Don’t worry. Fortunately, I had a 〈Return Scroll〉, so he went back home. The Kraken went with him, but… it’s a monster that can’t use its strength on land, so it must have died soon enough.”
“Ugh, that’s a relief. I can’t believe such a precious thing exists. It’s an item I’ve only heard of! Miss Sylvia really is an amazing person. I apologize for failing to recognize it at first.”

The sailors bowed down to Sylvia, and she waved her hands to stop them. Realizing that Sevis was safe, the crew regained their energy and began to clean up the ship. Sylvia cleaned up the messy deck with them, despite the sailors telling her to rest.

After completing the maintenance, the ship set off for Treasure Island again. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to contact Sevis, but fortunately, she was able to send a letter to him because there was a seagull on board that was forcefully trained as a carrier pigeon.

[Sevis, I’ll return when I finish raiding the dungeon, so go to the temple for a while. The cabin… has become like that. How do I know? I know everything… Don’t worry about me. I want you to think about yourself first. I’ll make a lot of money soon. From Sylvia.]

After sending the carrier pigeon late at night, Sylvia, who had been exhausted from the battle with the Kraken, quickly changed into her pajamas and fell asleep.

When she woke up at dawn, she cleaned her eye boogers, and went up to the steering room in a hurry. The navigator, who still had crazy eyes, was holding the wheel and looking back at her with joy. When they finally reached the vicinity of Treasure Island, she quickly went back to her room and took out the 〈Luca’s Exclusive Summon Scroll〉 that she had stored in her inventory.

When she inwardly said, ‘Use item,’ the scroll in her hand suddenly disappeared. But nothing happened even after waiting a moment, so she tilted her head.

‘What is this? Why isn’t anything happening?’

Thinking about it, it was early in the morning. She didn’t know how the Summon Scroll worked, but she didn’t think it would suddenly summon a sleeping person. Wondering if he would come after a while, she decided to take a shower first.

The sailor’s uniform was wet from last night’s battle with the Kraken and soiled with blue blood, so she couldn’t wear it. She took out the seaweed dress from her inventory, left it at the entrance to the bathroom, and began to shower while pressing on the pedal.

While she was lathering her body with body wash, there was suddenly an exploding noise, and a mysterious smoke spread in the bathroom. Then, a familiar voice came from behind her. Luca had been summoned into the shower.

“Sylvia! Did you get a boat? I’m late because I was getting ready!”
“Oh my god!”

She would have smiled happily had it been an expected situation, but Luca appeared like a ghost, startling her. Startled by the sudden situation, Sylvia scrambled around and slipped on the soap bubbles. Amid that, due to the man-made law of the R-rated game, she bumped into Luca’s chest while flailing her arms around, and the two fell together.

“Ugh! Ah… Sylvia.”