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“That’s a lot.”

Edmund replied bluntly as Chloen held out her finger and spoke.

“One, Don’t bring up divorce again after this time.”

“That’s what I wanted to say. We can’t divorce until I say so.”

“No, just don’t bring it up at all. Don’t even mention the word divorce. I really don’t have any intention of splitting up.”

Chloen said in a harsh voice. In contrast, Edmund’s face showed a surprised expression.

He thought she was only saying that they wouldn’t divorce, but she actually meant it. It was even more confusing to find no falsehood in her face.

“All right, what’s next?”

Trying to appear nonchalant, he replied confidently.

“Two, don’t doubt or misunderstand my words anymore. Please just believe what I say. There’s no reason for me to lie to you, is there?”

“Don’t you think you’ve been saying unbelievable things?”

“You’re doubting me again? Didn’t you yourself just say that trust is important?”

Chloen said, squinting.

“Well, I’ll try.”

“Third, we must have time to talk at least once a day.”


It was at that moment. He felt a strange touch on his skin. Edmund’s red pupils shook slightly and his heart pounded, his breathing becoming irregular.

“From now on, you’ll hear my stories from me, not Sasha. Okay?”

Edmund’s heart raced even faster in response to her whispered words.

Her closeness and the faint, gentle breath that could be felt. It was enough to trigger all kinds of illusions. He turned his head from side to side to escape from the reverie.

Something was definitely wrong. Edmund felt a sense of discomfort in the erratic movements of his heart.

“I have conditions, too.”

“What are they? Tell me. I’ll listen to everything.”

She smiled mischievously and spoke in a coquettish voice.

“No physical contact is allowed. Please refrain from unnecessary touching.”

Huh? What did he say?

It seemed like she had misheard.

As soon as he said those words, Chloen’s previously smiling face crumpled in an instant.

‘No physical contact? What kind of nonsense was this?’

It was unbelievable, and she needed to confirm it.

“What did you say?”

“Didn’t you hear me? No physical contact is allowed, and those strange noises are also prohibited. Of course, whispering is not allowed.”

He said firmly, now standing quite a distance away. It felt like Chloen’s world was crumbling in an instant.


Wasn’t it too cruel to just look at this delicious prey and not be able to touch it? Her eyes widened in disbelief.

“But we’re a married couple! How can you say no physical contact? It’s absurd! Then we might as well live separately.”

“Until now, we’ve lived just fine.”

“Are you rejecting me on our anniversary?!”

“That’s…! Let’s stop talking. You say you’ve lost your memory, but your audacity knows no bounds.”

Edmund pressed a hand to his burning temple.

“I can never accept it.”

“No, we’ll continue to live like this from now on.”

“Isn’t that what being a married couple is about? Sharing the same blanket and living together while having physical contact? Now you’re telling me physical contact isn’t allowed? Do you think that makes sense? We have to have sons and daughters together. We need to continue our lineage, don’t we?”

Edmund’s mind raced, wondering how he should handle this bewildering situation.

Chloen’s assertiveness, bordering on aggression, was now even frightening. Her sincere gaze made him feel uneasy.

“No physical contact. Remember that. Ah, by the way, how about going back to your room if the treatment is finished?”

His resolute attitude brought an inexplicable sense of defeat to Chloen. They had discussed redefining their relationship as a married couple, and now he was making this absurd claim.

She had to do everything in her power to prevent this adversity and hardship.

“I can’t accept that.”

With clenched fists, she spoke in a determined voice, then quickly closed the gap between her and her husband. Although Edmund staggered back in fear as she got closer, she continued.

“Why – why are you doing this?”

When his stiff voice brushed against her ear, one corner of her mouth curled up slightly.

“Why am I doing this? It’s because I want to fulfill the duties of a married couple.”

“You’re taking this too far.”

“I said we should try a different approach. Getting to know each other step by step. I’m already prepared.”

With an eerie smile, she whispered softly into Edmund’s ear.

“Ha… It seems we can’t communicate at all. It might be better for you to leave. You’re giving me a headache.”

Edmund, with an urgent tone, stood up from his seat and headed toward the door. His broad back was visible as he walked away.

‘It feels like my heart hurts more than my head.’

What a stubborn man. Looking at his flushed skin as if he were about to explode, she couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“Honey, your ears are red!”

“It’s hot in here.”

Edmund immediately defended himself.

“No. I think you look very embarrassed right now.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. Just leave.”

With a loud bang, the closed door swung open. Edmund’s strong arm swept across the room, urging her to leave.

Seeing his actions, her mischievous side suddenly took over. She stood up and approached Edmund. When she was within inches of him, she bit her lip and said:

“I want to sleep here tonight.”

At her announcement, Edmund’s face heated up like it was about to explode. Then, he burst into laughter as if he couldn’t believe it.

“What? What are you trying to do? Is this what happens when you lose your memory?”

“We’re just fulfilling our duties as a married couple. Our bodies need to match for our hearts to match.”

“You really have no shame.”

Edmund said with disgust. Judging by his expression, he might actually chase her out if she persisted.

‘Well, retreating for now will be the foundation for moving forward.’

With a sigh of regret, she spoke quietly.

“Alright, let’s stop here for today. Oh, by the way, I have a favor to ask.”

“If it’s not something absurd like sleeping here, you can ask anything.”

“I want to go to the bookstore.”

“The bookstore?”

“Yes, there’s a book I want to see. Will you go with me? And maybe hire a private tutor.”

“Why a private tutor? Are you planning to plot a scheme with your tutor this time?”

“Shh. Trust, remember?”

Edmund tightly sealed his lips in response to her gentle voice. Suppressing the turmoil within, she continued.

“I want to read a book, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to read. I can’t keep living as an ignorant person. I need to learn something.”

“If that’s the reason, there’s no need to call a private tutor.”

‘Is he trying to make me live like a fool?’

Instead of responding to his words, which she didn’t understand, Chloen just tilted her head in confusion.

“I can teach you instead.”

“Are you serious? I’m really touched.”

A wave of emotion tickled her heart. She smiled warmly and was about to throw herself into his arms, but…

‘What the heck? Why can’t I touch him?’

All she faced was empty air. His large hand pushed her forehead, firmly blocking her attempt.

‘So this is what it means to be a quick thinker.’

She struggled in vain to reach his chest, but it was futile. Disappointment filled her eyes as she looked at him, and his arrogant lips parted to speak.

“Let me add one more condition. Don’t bring your face within a one-meter radius. Lip contact is even more forbidden.”

“What did you say?”

“Let’s not make this situation any more uncomfortable.”

“Ugh, this is too much! I’ve had enough of this. Not even a single touch after getting married is just too much, don’t you think?”

“Not just me, but you wanted this, too.”

“When did I want this?”

“To be precise, it was the past you who wanted it.”

“I don’t want it now! I’ve been reborn as a new person. I want your touch more than anyone else’s.”

At her candid declaration, Edmund gently touched his forehead.

“Ha… Let’s stop. It’s tiring to repeat the same conversation. Are you planning to grab my collar again? There won’t be a second time.”

“No, grabbing your collar was a mistake. Fine, let’s have a conversation as a married couple. Okay?”


A big hand wrapped around Chloen’s shoulder. Then, she was pushed into the corridor in an instant. The continuous rejection upset her.

“Why are you so stubborn? There’s no room for compromise! I can’t get in at all.”

“Yeah, so just leave. It’s getting late. See you tomorrow.”

“I’m going to sleep here! What married couple uses separate rooms? We’re newlyweds!”

It happened in an instant. Her slim waist was tightly held by Edmund, and strong muscles, tightly packed beneath the skin, pressed against her.


A small scream escaped her parted lips. His harsh breath spilled onto her tightly locked forehead, and his deeply sunken red pupils were fixed on her.

There was hardly any distance left between her and her husband. If she leaned even a bit, their lips would touch. She could feel the heat rising in her face due to the sudden change.

Soon after, a deep voice echoed in her ears. He raised his other hand after speaking softly.

“No more teasing.”

Then, he slowly brushed away the platinum-colored hair that flew into the empty air. He did it in a very tender motion, locking eyes with her. Chloen’s lavender irises trembled slightly.

“Let’s take it slowly one by one and keep our distance.”

At his soft words, she inadvertently swallowed drily. Then, as if touching something dirty, Edmund raised his hand and pushed her shoulder away.

At that moment, several scenes flashed through her mind.

Edmund arguing with Doctor Mars after the examination, and even Melvin just now.

They were all people whom Edmund needed to keep close, but it felt strange somehow. Their natural encounters seemed very secretive, and they all reacted with surprise and confusion when she approached.

‘Could it be… Is there a reason they’re avoiding me?’

For a moment, that thought crossed her mind.

Could the original work be a hidden BL…?