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Axen Arc, who had been silently watching each other fight, thinking that their own situations were worse and dreadful, raised his hand.

“I will die.”



Ignoring the perplexed Chrys, Naskan, and Sol Noctis, Axen Arc asked.

“…Anyway, how about you? Do you have any place where you hold a grudge?”


“Really? Can you point it out? Something that bothers you enough to want to die?”

Axen Arc only slightly lifted the corners of his eyes, which were always smiling, but he did not say a word. It was a serious and sharp expression. It seemed to be a problem he was seriously contemplating.

“I don’t know.”

Well, even if he was a weird one, was there anyone in the world who hated someone enough to catch and kill them?

“There’s too many.”

It was here.

Ignoring Axen Arc’s words, Naskan and Sol Noctis stood up from their seats as if their faces were turning red. The dream had confusing content.

“I understand because you all say it’s absurd. What I saw as the twilight, was the ‘time that will never come,’ right?”

“Well… probably.”

Among the three, only Naskan answered with a nonchalant voice.

Axen Arc seemed uninterested, returning to his usual smiling expression. Sol Noctis, who was probably the most surprised, continued to stand with a furrowed brow.

She had seen the Great Rift in the time that would never come. But when she talked about it, the Parent Tree suddenly changed strangely, calling Chrys a calamity and the cause of the rift. On top of that, there was empty talk about the spirit realm treating her well.

As expected, there was no connection between the dream, the word ‘calamity,’ and the Parent Tree’s attitude.

“If events like that won’t happen, isn’t it a good thing? I don’t understand why the Parent Tree was so desperate to restrain me.”

“Chrys, whatever it is, right now, we have to avoid the Parent Tree.”

“…Then, the Spirit Realm and Sedition are dangerous.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. It’s similar to the pretext that the devilkin used to start a war in the old days. They found the cause of the rift. They are willing to sacrifice anything to resolve it, even if it means starting a war.”

“Nonsense. Are you saying the Parent Tree is trying to start a war right now?”

It was similar to the way the devilkin acted.

“There must have been signs everywhere. Isn’t Lord of the Divine Realm the Twilight Dragon? She must be aware of this matter.”

Suddenly, Chrys felt her pocket become heavy—the fruit sent by the Lord. Looking at the drawing, the Parent Tree erupted in anger even more.

“The Skylte Guards are already moving. If they were not already on our tail, we would have gained a few days because Naskandeolux took care of the vanguard… but.”

Naskan did not miss the chance and held Chrys’s hand.

“Chrys, I am always on your side.”

“No, is this really that serious?”

“Whatever happens, I am on your side. Understand?”

“Uh, uh… I understand, but…”


Sol Noctis quietly spoke up.

Throughout the time, Sol Noctis had been chuckling, but upon hearing about his hair turning white or the information that he burned down the Parent Tree, he even sighed in amazement. It was oddly fascinating that he managed to sit through and listen to everything without leaving.

So, Chrys thought that Sol Noctis would either complain or criticize the absurdity of the dream or, at the very least, immediately get up and return to the Spirit Realm. However, after a serious silence, he opened his mouth anxiously.

“Well, that’s a dream that makes no sense.”

While also hesitating and stumbling.

“Did you… see my siblings?”

Sol Noctis lives in the Spirit Realm with two younger siblings. He came to the Divine Realm and took care of a bad-tempered dragon because of his younger siblings. For a fairy family, his family was quite friendly.

In the Spirit Realm, most fairies end up alone without a family due to the ‘pruning,’ which was conducted by the Parent Tree. It was quite unusual for Sol Noctis to have two younger siblings. This was probably one of the reasons why other fairies in the Spirit Realm felt jealous of Sol Noctis.

However, this was only because she became involved with Sol Noctis now.

Usually, she wouldn’t have known. Moreover, even during the time they were close, she didn’t know about it.

Suddenly, Chrys had the thought that Sol Noctis mentioning his siblings might not refer to their real counterparts in the present.

“I didn’t see them.”

“Didn’t you say that you saw me setting fire to the Divine Tree? I led all the fairies. But they weren’t around?”

“…No, they weren’t.”

As soon as the answer came out, Sol Noctis got up. As if he had made up his mind to leave this place, he took a step back.

“Wait… Excuse me for a moment.”

“What are you talking about? Just a moment?”

Sol Noctis’s gaze was no longer directed towards them. Naskan, who sensed an uneasy atmosphere, quickly stood up.

“I have urgent business to attend to.”

“Where do you think you’re going right now?”

“You wouldn’t understand!”

“Oh, really? Are you going to that so-called mighty Parent Tree?”


“Going like this only makes you more suspicious. Don’t you know that it looks even more dubious that you’re going to those guys? You should at least explain why they were gathering and trying to capture you.”

“…Hey, Naskandeolux.”

Sol Noctis gritted his teeth. They grabbed each other by the collar again despite stopping fighting before.

Annoyed at the fact that they looked ready to start a physical fight at any moment, Chryserua opened her mouth.

“…If it’s because of your siblings, they’re not there right now.”

“What are you talking about?”

The strength in Sol Noctis’s arm, which was holding Naskan, suddenly weakened. With almost superhuman strength, Sol Noctis pushed Naskan away before he grabbed Chrys’s arm.

“What are you saying? Chrys… Chryserua. What is that…?”


“Why don’t you let go of your dirty hands?”

When Chrys groaned under the frightening strength, Naskan forcibly pulled Sol Noctis away, and she massaged her wrist—the place where Sol Noctis had held her hurt.

He seemed crazy, just like the lunatic she saw in the dream.

“Yes. About your younger siblings. I met them briefly in the morning and told them to stay in my lair because I had something to ask them. In short, they are not in the Spirit Realm right now.”


Sol Noctis seemed to lose strength and slumped down. No matter how suspicious the Spirit Realm and the Divine Tree were, the three waited for him to calm down because it was uncommon for him to be worried about his younger siblings.

Soon, Sol Noctis sighed, elongating his fairy ears.

“Even if you all suspect me, I know nothing. Chryserua chose me and came into the Spirit Realm simply because I was suitable as the child’s father.”

‘You bastard, it’s not like that!’ She wanted to refute it, but Chrys couldn’t open her mouth because of the oppressive atmosphere.

Although Naskan’s gaze was severe, Sol Noctis ignored it.

“Even those Skylte guys didn’t seem to know. You also know these fairy guys well. If they knew something and had a mission, they wouldn’t have proceeded with the attitude they did. When the Divine Tree referred to you as a calamity… this was the first time for me and those Skylte guys.”

The tips of the fairy’s drooping ears trembled.

“The Divine Tree seems unwilling to accept anything less than perfection. If something occurs, they try to eliminate the cause. And if the Divine Tree calls Twilight a calamity, then fairies like me who did not immediately follow that meaning or lead the Twilight into the Spirit Realm become like unwanted weeds. Including me and my younger siblings.”

Chrys suddenly wanted to stroke his bright platinum hair, a habit from when she was young.

“…Do you know how cruel the Divine Tree is?”

Unconsciously retracting her hand, which was about to reach his hair, she fell into thought for a moment.