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Eldest Sister stayed very busy even after leaving the Coast Guard.

The media published continuous special articles about Eldest Sister marrying the Emperor.

As a result, she received several interview requests a day.

Furthermore, the aides and attendants Mister Marius brought with him would arrive to confer with Eldest Sister every day for various decisions.

There seemed to be much to discuss: imperial laws and etiquette, the culture of the empire, wedding arrangements, and so on.

And the same went for Older Sister.

“Ugh. When will Andrea oppa reply? I can’t wait any longer.”

In just one week, the ship to the empire would depart.

On that ship, sister Alice, myself, and even sister Regina would be leaving Trovanza.

That would leave Youngest Sister all alone.

What if she misses me? She must be feeling very lonely without me.


And what about our friends? What will happen to our friendship if Antonio and I don’t meet every two weeks as we’ve been doing since we were kids?

“Little crybaby, let’s get ready.”

Youngest Sister came looking for me, grabbed my arms and helped me sit up.

She looked more stunning than usual, even though she was my sister.

“Today is the formal introduction, so sit properly so your clothes don’t wrinkle.”

“Okay, okay. Is Eldest Sister really getting married?”

“Do you not want Eldest Sister to get married?”

“And after she gets married, will we all live together?”


Youngest Sister smiled awkwardly then turned me around to tidy up my hair.

The sensation of her fingers on my head was nice. It was gentle, warm, and ticklish.

I want to keep feeling this touch… I didn’t want things to change when we moved to the empire. I didn’t want that.

“Liliana is good as she is now…”

“You just want to keep living like this, little crybaby. That’s why you’re feeling so down every day.”

“Yeah. I want to live cozily with sisters, Cookie, and Jelly, and all. That’s why I feel sad every day.”

“When did you learn the word ‘cozily’?”

“I can read well now. Yesterday, I read ‘The Cow that was Toonie’ all by myself before bed.”

“Wow. You read books well, too, our little one has really grown up.”

Youngest Sister smiled gently at my answer and showed me a mirror. In the mirror, I saw myself with curly hair tied in two braids, wearing a pretty dress that was fashionable in Trovanza.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes. I like it.”

“When you meet the gentlemen today, remember to behave politely. Got it?”

“Geez, do they think I’m a child? I’m all grown up now.”

I shrugged my shoulders, boasting about being grown up, but I wasn’t sure if I could avoid glaring at Mister Marius and Leopold when I met them.

They’re trying to tear apart my angel-like sisters and me!

While waiting for my older and younger sisters, I ran to the mailbox to check for any letters.

I was hoping for a reply from my brother Andrea, and luckily, there was a letter.

I quickly took out the letter and ran to the living room to read it. And then…

“Sob, snivel, waaaah!”

I burst into tears.

‘I heard about the wedding. It’s sudden, but it’s your life, and I shouldn’t interfere.

‘I’m busy with my life here and won’t be able to visit home to see you off.

‘Take care there, and I’ll visit the Empire sometime to see you.’

His reply was truly heartless, and he didn’t even leave something for me.

I had hoped he would at least say he wanted to be with Liliana… but instead, he was cruel not only to me but also to my sisters.

I felt abandoned by oppa, and there was no one I could turn to for consolation.

With those thoughts, sadness overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t help but cry until I arrived at the formal introduction.

* * *

“Did the little one cry?”

“I didn’t cry, okay? Do I look like a child?”

“Little ones are children.”

“No, I’m all grown up. I’m past the age of crying.”

I replied with a sniffle, and Mister Marius chuckled.

Sitting next to him was Mister Leopold, who couldn’t take his eyes off Older Sister.

Sister Regina is indeed pretty. Hehe.

“Is your immigration preparation going well?”

“We decided to have my friends look after the house. We can’t sell it in case my brother returns.”

“And the luggage?”

“We’re just taking some clothes and a few important things.”

“Even if you pack lightly, with Alice and your sisters’ belongings, you’ll have quite a bit of luggage. Don’t worry; we’ll have people to help you pack. It’ll be better for Alice when you get to the empire.”

As I ate a peeled shrimp that Leopold handed me, I asked.

“Is Youngest Sister coming with us?”

“If Emilia wants to come with us, she can.”

Youngest Sister opposed their sudden wedding and didn’t attend the formal introduction.

It had been quite a while since she hadn’t been home, so I didn’t know how she was doing.

So the chances of the youngest sister going with us are very low.

“I don’t want to go either…”

“Little one, it’s because you feel like we’re taking your sisters away, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not that! Liliana likes being at home, that’s why! I don’t want to be separated from my friends, either. Mister doesn’t know anything about my feelings! Hmph!”

I turned my head abruptly and chugged my grape juice.

“You can make new friends even in the empire. And there’s a boy your age at Leo’s house, too.”

“But he’s not Francesca or Antonio. Hmph. I want to meet Antonio and go to the playground.”

“So, you were crying because you miss Antonio? How about we go meet Antonio later?”

Eldest Sister tried to cheer me up by poking my cheek and letting out a small laugh.

I pouted.
Even though it was disappointing that Andrea oppa replied that way, I felt lonely knowing that I was the only one feeling that way.

“I don’t want to break up with Antonio. We’re Mega Best Friends. I want to see Francesca, Vicky, and Martina every day too. Eldest Sister, can’t you just not get married?”

My question made Eldest Sister’s face stiffen.

Even Older Sister swallowed and seemed to be gauging Eldest Sister’s reaction.

Slightly afraid, I toyed with my fork.

I wished I could be a grown-up like everyone else and protest with my whole body like Youngest Sister, but I couldn’t because I was a child.

Besides, I was afraid that she might dislike me, too, if I spoke thoughtlessly to Eldest Sister.

As I hung my head in dismay, Mister Marius, sitting across from me, gently comforted me.

“It must be very sad to part with your friends. But when you get to the empire, there will be lots of fun things to do. You can watch fireworks when the festival starts, watch the knights’ sword fighting competition, and even participate in educational activities.”


“Staying in the empire will also be very, very enjoyable. Can’t Liliana wait just a little bit until that day?”

When I raised my head, Mister Marius and I locked eyes.
Unlike usual, his expression was serious, but it wasn’t heavy.

Instead, it was gentle and softly smiling, as if he were concerned about me.

Even though he teased me whenever we met, I knew that he was a good person.

However, it was a difficult issue to decide immediately, so when I didn’t respond quickly, Mister Marius spoke again.

“Does Liliana not like Uncle? Because I tease her every day?”

“…It’s not that, but I do like Uncle Leo more than Uncle.”

“That’s hurtful. Uncle even bought us lots of delicious cake last time, you know?”

“Well, he did… Hmm…”

“When we get to the empire, Uncle will let you eat delicious food every day. You’ll have lots of pretty clothes and a pile of toys.”


I rolled my eyes and pondered seriously.

I couldn’t possibly sell my sisters for just those bribes.

As I contemplated, Eldest Sister and Older Sister, who were sitting opposite me, fixed their gaze on me.

Mister Leopold was also waiting eagerly for my response.

When I hesitated in my reply, Mister Marius added more to the offer.

“On your birthday, we’ll even have fireworks for you to watch. And you can experience fantastic magic. And Uncle Leo will give you a ride on a horse every day and play hide and seek with you.”

Mister Marius’ promise seemed to surprise Leopold a little, but he didn’t object.

“Riding a horse must be so much fun. Uncle Leo is tall, so it’ll be really exciting, don’t you think?”

“Okay! Just for a little while, alright? Just one hundred nights, okay?”

“One hundred nights? Isn’t that too much?”

“Well, two hundred nights are a bit too many… Alright, two hundred nights! Only two hundred nights, and then I’ll come home?”

“Sure, sure. So, the little one has promised to live with Uncle. Understand?”

“Yes! I understand!”

That’s how my trip to the empire was confirmed.

* * *

Emilia looked around the research lab.

At seventeen, she was the youngest researcher ever to join, and she had been here for the past four years.

“Emilia, your decision to go to the empire is a big loss for Trovanza.”

A fellow researcher couldn’t hide their disappointment as they looked at the boxes Emilia was holding.

“I could take a long leave of absence. I even submitted my resignation because I don’t know how long I’ll stay.”

“Even if I think about it, I’m worried about sending only my sisters to the empire.”

The specific reasons were unclear, but it was certain that Alice, as an elder sister, was marrying for political reasons.

And Regina, for some reason, wanted to go to the empire to support Alice.

“Fool, did you think I wouldn’t know what’s on your mind?”

Alice, her eldest sister, was usually competent at everything, but when it came to Liliana, she’s not as intelligent as she thinks.

Regina, on the other hand, believes she’s perfectly capable and doesn’t seem to doubt her own abilities.

But from Emilia’s perspective, she doesn’t seem all that bright.

Going to the empire without being a noble, having no particular skills or education, and just following Alice without thinking was too reckless.

“Even the man you’re meeting is the commander of the empire’s knights.”

It’s unimaginably difficult to go to the empire to date someone with such a vast difference in status and culture.

In any case, it was very sloppy.

“Still, it’s fortunate that you can change jobs to a good position?”

“That’s fortunate, indeed. When you go, memorize as much of the technology as you can and bring it back.””

“Of course. I’ll definitely do that. I’ll scrape everything from the empire. Don’t worry.”

With the encouragement and farewell of her colleagues, Emilia finished her last day at work.

Tomorrow morning, her sisters will board a ship and leave for Trovanza.

And Emilia planned to accompany them to the empire in her own way.

“François Cassel… I don’t know what you’re trying to get from me, but I’ll have to use you first.”

With her insides as black as pitch, she intended to thoroughly use him to protect her sisters, including Liliana, now that it had come to this.

Emilia smiled in anticipation of her future life in the empire.