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Though the distance was quite far, thanks to my improved eyesight from the enhanced physical assimilation rate, I could clearly see the boy’s face.

Gray eyes peeked from under a deeply hooded robe. Under his slightly messy navy blue hair, his appearance reflected both youth and sharpness.

Undoubtedly, it was Evan. His appearance was exactly as described in the original.

‘He-he finally showed up.’

I wanted to shout from sheer joy.

It was the meeting for which I had waited so long.

It felt like I was finally being rewarded for the days I had spent eagerly waiting.

‘No, it’s not time to celebrate yet.’

Suppressing my overwhelming emotions, I calmed myself.

While it was a joyous occasion that Evan revealed himself, it seemed he had no intention of coming to receive food.

‘He’s still wary of me.’

Evan had a cautious and skeptical personality. Perhaps that was why he stayed at a distance, only observing, without coming forward to receive any food.

“Here you go. Make sure to chew well.”

I focused on the distribution as I always had, not paying attention to Evan. It was the only way I could present myself as a noble person without any ulterior motives.

Although I was curious about Evan’s reaction, I resisted the urge and didn’t pay him any mind.

After some time passed, the presence I felt from a distance disappeared.

‘Did he leave?’

Only then did I cautiously glance in the direction where Evan had been standing.

He was no longer there; he, who had been observing from a distance, had disappeared.

‘It’s enough though.’

It would have been better if he had come to receive the food directly, but even seeing me from a distance was halfway to success.

‘Aah, I hope it continues like this without any issues.’

Things were progressing slowly, but they were unfolding according to the plan.

So far, at least.

* * *

“During the day, Young Lady Kiana and Young Master Evan had contact.”

Duke McEnroe Brunak sat arrogantly with his back to the moonlight pouring through the glass window.

On the other side, a middle-aged subordinate with monocular glasses stood.

“Was she in contact with Thieves’ Guild recently?”

“Yes. We tried to secretly gather information about her request, but failed.”

The middle-aged subordinate, Neelok, reported calmly. He had been watching over the potential heirs of the Brunak family since Duke McEnroe’s teenage years.

“Any possibility that she knew about Evan’s existence and approached him?”

“There doesn’t seem to be a direct connection, but we can’t rule out the possibility. She is a very unpredictable person, after all.”

Duke Brunak’s lips twisted into a somewhat fishy smile.

He suspected that Kiana’s contact with Evan during this period was not a mere coincidence.

“Perhaps she’s secretly nurturing him to devour him later.”

“. . .”

“Indeed, a brilliant idea befitting a Brunak.”

McEnroe was pleased with Kiana’s sinister intentions.

Such cunning was a necessary quality for the future Head of the Brunak family.

“But I can’t leave it be.”


“Hasten Evan’s entry.”

The duke’s eyes gleamed coldly.

He had known about Evan’s life in the slums for several months now. Nevertheless, the reason he was left unattended was to gauge the perfect time for Evan’s registration into the family.

Like pouring oil on a fire, he was waiting for the opportune moment to create a more fierce and unpredictable rivalry between candidates for the succession.

“Understood. Also, Milord, a report has come in about an unidentified dungeon discovered in the northwestern Kant Territory.”

“How many this time?”

“The fourth one. They’ve been found in various places in the southern and western regions of the continent as well.”

The discovery of mysterious dungeons across the continent began about six months ago.

They started popping up one by one in different places, and the number had been rapidly increasing recently.

“Send out an exploration team.”

The duke’s expression, as he gave the order, showed a hint of displeasure.

It was understandable. Dungeons were filled with monsters, climates, and traps never encountered before in the living world.

As a result, losing family forces during each expedition was unavoidable.

However, the pursuit was relentless because of the valuable rewards found in dungeons. Artifacts, rare herbs and animals, and other rewards were of immeasurable value.

“I will prepare an exploration team of a similar size as bef—”


Duke Brunak suddenly interrupted Neelok.

“Reduce the size of the exploration team to the minimum.”

“B-but, Milord, if we do that, we cannot guarantee the success of the expedition. The losses will be significant.”

“We’ll use them to make up for the lack of force.”

Neelok’s eyes flickered.

“Are you suggesting sending the young masters and ladies?”

“That’s right.”

Duke Brunak bit a cigar and lit it. Smoke rose to the ceiling, creating a hazy atmosphere.

“Isn’t it a parent’s duty to help their children become better Brunaks?”

“Isn’t it too risky?”

“If they die, then they weren’t that important in the first place.”

The duke’s expression as he exhaled smoke was colder than a frozen lake.

Survival of the fittest.

This tradition, which some people pointed fingers at and criticized as vice, was the identity of Brunak.

He, too, had been required to win the competition to become the head of the family.

Fraternal love held no significance in his mind.

“Those who are eliminated will die, and only the strong will survive. That is the essence of Brunak.”

* * *

“Miss, you look particularly cheerful today.”

The maid shaping my eyebrows spoke carefully.

“Do I?”

“Yes. You rarely smile so openly…”

It seemed that my faint smile was noticeable only because it was unusual.

‘Well, I haven’t had much to smile about lately.’

In the midst of uncertainty, not knowing whether I would die today or tomorrow, it was challenging to find reasons to smile.

It would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about death.

“I’m done, Milady.”

I was slightly surprised when I looked at myself in the mirror.

It seemed that the maid had put more effort into it, making me have the most beautiful and graceful appearance.

It definitely looked like I put in a lot of effort.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

So, what was I planning to do after having dressed up so meticulously? Certainly, I was going to the slums.

‘The more you see it, the more attached you’ll get.’

Since the first meeting was delayed, I felt anxious.

After leaving the bedroom, I took a carriage to the slums.

Upon arriving at the slums and leaving the carriage, Tia, who had gone out in the early morning, was waiting for me.

“What about the task I asked for?”

I quietly asked Tia, calling her aside.

“Well, he suddenly disappeared this morning.”

“What do you mean, he disappeared?”

“He subdued the members assigned to follow him and covered his tracks. So the guild is looking for him…”

As I frowned, Tia added,

“They say there is no sign of him leaving Syllas. They said they’d find his location and contact us as soon as possible.”


Of course. Things seemed to be going too smoothly.

As long as the male lead is determined to hide, the guild won’t be able to locate him.

“Miss, the food is ready.”

Putting my troubled heart aside, I stood behind the food distribution line.

Rather than lingering on regrets, it was much better to focus on the task at hand.

“One at a time, please.”

With a kind smile, I distributed the food.

My eyes fluttered in the direction of the shack.

‘Did he not come today?’

Wondering if he might be elsewhere, I glanced around, but Evan was nowhere to be seen.

As I swallowed my regret and pulled the bread from the container—


I gasped unintentionally. I was so bewildered that my eyes shook as if experiencing an earthquake.


Meeting his gray eyes upfront, my mind momentarily blanked.

I thought he would still be on guard, but I never imagined he would come to receive food.

I gathered my shocked heart and smiled the same smile I had practiced hundreds of times for this day.

“Eat slowly so you don’t have a stomachache.”

The voice that flowed from my lips was as gentle and warm as sunlight melting snow.