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The smoke dispersed, and Luca’s golden eyes widened at the situation in front of him. Sylvia fell on top of him, slippery from being covered in soap.

His golden eyes, which instinctively went down quickly, hurriedly returned to their original position. He thought he shouldn’t look at her naked body.

His white face turned red like a tomato as he tried to look up. Even if he didn’t look at it deliberately, he could feel a soft touch all over his body. Her body was too provocative for Luca, who was innocent despite having a foul mouth.

Fortunately or not, he couldn’t see a place he shouldn’t look at since Sylvia was in close contact with him, but this alone was a big problem as their entire bodies were touching. This was a big problem because his lower part, which was not immune to a situation like this, was starting to stand up.

‘Her body is soft and fragrant… Mm, I like it. I want to touch it… Ah, what am I thinking…’

Along with the shock of falling to the floor, Luca’s head was complicated by the fragrant scent of body wash and the nakedness of Sylvia’s body touching his clothes. Eventually, he became a plaster statue lying on the floor.

As Sylvia belatedly came to her senses and tried to get up from his stiffened body, Luca hurriedly lifted his arm and pulled her back down. He did it out of surprise that he would see her bare chest, and because of that, he ended up embracing her unintentionally.

Sylvia, who was lying on his stiff body again, looked up at Luca’s face, which couldn’t get any more reddened.

Seeing that Luca was properly dressed in his outfit instead of his pajamas even though it was morning, it seemed that he had come late after doing all the preparations when she used the 〈Luca’s Exclusive Summon Scroll〉.

‘Huh, this situation… As expected, the god of the R-rated game must not have abandoned me yet!’

She couldn’t believe that the effect of an item appeared when she was naked. As expected, God was still smiling at her. She completely forgot all the sh*tty situations she had been subjected to and thanked the god of the R-rated game in her heart.

She was wondering if this was still an R-rated game, a game about the Age of Explorations, or if she had become a colonist discovering a new continent while she was on the shrimp-catching boat, but things were spicy since early morning.

There were only two people in the shower, so she didn’t have to worry about being caught by the sailors.

She unwittingly tried to stand up again, not knowing what Luca, who she was seeing after a few days, was thinking, but he pulled her back into his arms. His large, swollen pillar, which was touching her, caused a hot breath to come out of her nose.

‘Oh my, he’s cute.’

Trying not to show her wicked intentions, her mouth started having muscle spasms. At that moment, Luca suddenly hugged her tighter.

‘Oh. No way. Is history coming to fruition here? But my poison immunity isn’t perfect yet.’

Luca quietly hugged her and let out a rough breath. Seeing his chest go up and down so violently, he seemed to be really excited. As Sylvia focused on the sensation on her back, Luca was careful not to let his palms touch her skin and hugged her only with his arms.

‘He has no manners, but he keeps them in situations like this. He’s doing really useless things.’

Sylvia looked up again, wondering what Luca’s expression was like. The dizzyingly shaking golden eyes turned away from her, staring at the ceiling without hesitation.

His golden eyes shook for a moment, then his eyelids covered them. Fluttering his red eyelashes, he opened his mouth with great difficulty.

“I… Sylvia. Ugh… Can you get up? I’ll close my eyes.”
“You’re… not wearing any clothes. Aah… I’m sorry! I came all of a sudden, not even knowing that you were like this…”

Closing his eyes, Luca sighed and apologized. Because of this, he could not see Sylvia’s decadent expression.

‘What’s wrong with him? I mean, he’s usually good at acting like trash, so why doesn’t he have any worldly desires at times like this… Ugh, that’s right. I’m the only one perverted again.’

Sylvia ignored Luca’s useless consideration and did not get up. It was because she hadn’t forgotten the desperate player’s heart to avoid being dragged into hell.

‘If I’m a pervert, I’ll make progress like a pervert.’

Sylvia made a sinister decision. She was going to hold out until the message that his friendship had increased due to skinship came up.

Luca let out a hot sigh as she remained silent. He mistakenly thought that Sylvia was so surprised that she had no idea what to do. He thought what he should do with her, who was trembling so pitifully. He was also worried that she might be frightened by noticing his heated lower body.

‘Ah, what if she misunderstands me as a pervert for picking a time like this to appear?’

Luca broke out in a cold sweat and released the arm that was holding her. Then, he covered his eyes with his arms and said it once more.

“Sylvia, don’t worry. I’ll cover my eyes, so you can get up and get out first.”
“What? Aah… Yes, alright.”

‘Ugh, sh*t. It is what it is.’

Sylvia frowned and grumbled inwardly. She had hope, but she forgot for a moment that he was an idiot.

Even though Luca talked like that, he was like this just from being in close contact with her. Above all, she was still in danger of being poisoned to death, so for now, she had no choice but to be satisfied by lying on his hard muscles for a while… Still, it was annoying.

Both Noel and Luca were like that. She didn’t know that the characters in this damned R-rated game were more patient than her.

She was slightly distressed at the sight of Luca being even more frustrating than expected. So, as she stood up nonchalantly, she bumped her knee against his standing pillar once.

‘There’s also a limit to being innocent. I’d rather he just be an eunuch!’


Did she hit him a little hard? Luca frowned and trembled. Sylvia looked at him for a moment and made a fuss, pretending to know nothing.

“Oh my, what did I just hit? Why is a heavy bag of beans…”

Sylvia’s gaze wandered around that area, and she tried to touch it, but even with his eyes covered, Luca noticed and sat up hurriedly. Then, he turned around without even giving her a chance to touch it.

“Ah, no. It’s nothing. Sylvia, go out first. I’ll be out in a bit, too.”
“Ugh… Yes.”

Sylvia opened the creaking rusty door with a decadent expression and slowly went out, glaring at the wide back that turned around. She really didn’t know when she would be able to f*ck him, but it seemed like it would take a long time. However, when she went out, a message popped up in front of her eyes.


[Luca’s friendship increased by 2 points after being kicked between his legs.]


‘What, his friendship increased for being kicked between his legs? And only two points? That’s nothing…’

She thought he liked being hit if his friendship increased by 10 points. She tried different ways to target him, but she couldn’t believe it only went up by 2 points.
Sylvia herself sometimes felt a strange pleasure in pain, so it was a very normal figure.

Disappointed by the extremely low rise in friendship, Sylvia grumbled and put on the seaweed dress she had left at the entrance. Then, she dried her hair with a towel in front of the mirror.

A long time later, she heard the door open with a squeak, and Luca came out, stroking his face with his hands. Sylvia was trying to calm down her frustrated feelings as she frantically shook her hair with the towel in front of the mirror.

Unaware of her feelings, Luca slowly turned his head to look around the room and fell down on the bed.

“It really is a boat. Sylvia, how the hell did you get it? You’re amazing. To be honest, I was thinking that you wouldn’t get it.”
“I can get everything. And we’re already near Treasure Island.”

Sylvia shrugged. Luca tilted his head.

“Treasure Island?”
“Ah, Luca’s island. You said you’re using it like a treasure trove. So I decided to call it Treasure Island. Haha.”

She unconsciously called it Treasure Island, as it was written on the entrance ticket. Sylvia laughed awkwardly, but luckily, Luca didn’t seem to think it was strange.

“Well, Treasure Island. It’s not wrong. But how do you know we’re near the island?”
“Hm, when I mentioned the boundaries of the island to the navigator, he already knew where it was.”
“Is that so? I guess there must have been a rumor among the sailors. I don’t think anyone can get in anyway, but I need to be careful.”

As Sylvia dried her hair and turned towards him, Luca’s eyes opened wide. He was surprised to see the seaweed dress. Luca’s golden eyes shook at the sight of the fresh seaweed wrapped around her body.

“What’s with that outfit? How did you get to the point of dressing with seaweed?”
“No, this… Isn’t it pretty? I like it…”

In fact, she didn’t like it aesthetically, but it had a durability of 10,000, which was perfect for combat wear. It was a great dress that wouldn’t be torn no matter what she did. In addition to that, she was going to the dungeon soon, so she thought it would be better to wear this outfit in advance.

Sylvia muttered, ‘I think it looks pretty…,’ then shrugged.

“Yeah, now that I look at it again, it looks pretty… Hmm, but still, why don’t we go to the department store together when we return? I can buy all the clothes you want, Sylvia.”

Sylvia’s face lit up at his words. She was wondering if there was any way to get compensated for dying three times because of the man in front of her, so it was a good thing. Since she had suffered so far, she was going to make sure to eat him to the bone.

“Yeah. You even got a boat like this, which was something really troublesome. When we go back, let’s go look at clothes together.”