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Now she understood.

While Hana had paid some attention to her surroundings, Weed had not. No, it seemed like he didn’t notice anything around him. He was fixated solely on constantly checking the person in front of him. It was almost to the point where his eyes would pop out.

Finally, their lips parted, and Hana took a deep breath. Although the air wasn’t particularly cold, her rapid breath created a visible mist.

After just a few kisses, her entire body felt drained of energy.

“Ah… You’re hurt here, too. I’m sorry. I didn’t check properly…”

“Ah, Weed, it’s o—uht…”

As he knelt down where he was, Weed gently touched her calf and then kissed the injured area. It had been sore from falling earlier when she had tried to rush towards him without looking.

Thankfully, the seemingly insignificant wound quickly healed after he licked it a few times. However, he didn’t get up but continued to hold her leg and kiss it as if performing a solemn ritual.


“Hana, please stay by my side…”

Hana stroked Weed’s hair.

It was a bit strange. It was an exaggerated reaction to reuniting with someone he had only briefly separated from. Did he think she was dead? He looked like he was about to cry? His attitude seemed somewhat worrisome.

She could finally look around.

It was a mess.

The cave had collapsed, and the furnishings in this place were entangled with vines and destroyed beyond repair. The people of Eatinte knelt and couldn’t raise their heads except for the priest Rutis, who stood tall with a frozen expression, looking in their direction.

Judging by the expression, the emotions in turmoil at the moment were intense worry and anxiety.


* * *


It seemed like they were returning to where they had originally stayed. Hana naturally leaned into Weed as they moved.

The cave that had been relatively safe in the sanctuary, where there was no danger to humans, had collapsed. The furniture they had prepared with great effort for their daily lives had been destroyed by the overgrown vines. It could be considered karma for Calden but not for the princess.

She momentarily worried about the girl whose name she still didn’t know. However, she remembered that they had all come out of the cave together, so she had hoped that they would somehow manage.

If she was a princess of the Magic Kingdom, that also implied that she was a skilled wizard. In addition, it seemed that Rutis and the other priests were interested in Calden’s story. If their country’s affairs piqued the interest of the priests, it would be the best outcome.

After all, it was their original purpose for entering the sanctuary.

She had thought that Weed would come looking for her. However, she didn’t expect him to find their location so quickly. It was strange to see Calden, who held a high-ranking position as a Magic Swordsman, unable to do anything in front of the priests.

And then, Weed at that moment…


His lips, which had been sucking her tongue, briefly separated. In the midst of the overwhelming stimulation that had left her head spinning, colors flooded back into her mind. An array of vibrant shades of green swirled in front of her eyes.

With some semblance of her mind returning, Hana glanced around.

This time, she opened her eyes to find herself in the heart of a lush forest. As expected, she was carried by Weed and seemed to be returning to where she had originally been.


“Wait, ah…uung…”

Once again, his lips descended upon hers.

His tongue slipped inside her mouth, invading her tender flesh. The heat intensified and surged where their lips met. Hana struggled to hold onto a piece of Weed’s clothing, unable to do much as his arms were wrapped around her shoulders.

Ever since they had emerged from the cave, it had always been like this. Weed didn’t release her lips, and whenever Hana got lost in their passionate kiss, the scenery around them changed abruptly.

‘A little, no, it’s too fast.’

Amidst the continuous cascade of kisses, Hana tried to focus on her remaining shred of reason. While it wasn’t a significant event, the more she tried to think about something else, the more fervently Weed explored her lips.

Each time their fiery kiss ended, her mind turned completely white.

Still, she didn’t give up. In those brief moments when he pulled his lips away, Hana glanced around.

Each time she did, an entirely different landscape unfolded before her. It seemed certain now. Judging from the fact that the scenery changed so drastically every time she regained her senses, they were clearly using some form of teleportation magic.

‘That means…’

She looked down at the arms that were wrapped around her. The rapidly changing landscapes every time she opened her eyes and the incredible speed of it all made one thing clear.

Weed was in a hurry. He was racing towards their destination, using any means necessary.

The ever-changing landscapes gradually became familiar in her eyes.

As the scenery that came into her eye became more and more recognizable, his touch became more overt. As if holding her with both arms wasn’t enough, Weed pressed his body firmly against hers, closing any gaps between them. He seemed to want to touch her without any space in between.

When Hana glanced discreetly to the side, she noticed that Rutis’s face, who had been following them, was growing increasingly stern.

Of course, Weed didn’t pay any attention to him at all… No, to be precise, he didn’t pay any attention to anyone except her. This attitude of Weed’s remained unchanged even after they reached the familiar space.

The air was familiar, and the scenery was familiar. When Weed arrived there, he didn’t even glance at the priests who were anxiously looking at him. He simply walked straight to his destination. Then, with trembling hands, he gently set Hana down.

She had heard about his condition from the priest. Weed had said that his emotional expression had been bad since he woke up. He had gradually broken down while performing the sacrificial rituals.

In the priests’ eyes, that might be the case.

In fact, Weed’s attitude toward the priests had always been much colder.
However, in Hana’s view, it wasn’t just that. Weed seemed as if he were being pursued by something. She had noticed his restlessness from the very beginning, ever since they first met. It had been apparent in his behavior from time to time.

And now, even at this moment, it was like that.

Whether it was when he vowed to return her to her original world or when he pleaded for her not to die, he had always been like this. Even now, after briefly being separated, he appeared extremely anxious.

Like he was unable to tolerate her disappearance from his sight even for a moment.

Perhaps he thought she had died?

Considering the devastation they had caused and the amount of bloodshed, it was reasonable to assume that. He had claimed to be deeply saddened by the deaths of the sacrifices, or rather…

“I will never send you anywhere.”

He was certainly obsessed with that statement he had made. Whether it was returning to her original world or going to the Void in death, he wouldn’t accept either option.


It couldn’t go on like this forever. He must have known that, so she needed to ask him first.

What was he thinking? Before asking the voice of the Void that claimed it could provide answers to all her questions, she wanted to ask him first.


With a soft groan, he separated from her.

Taking advantage of this brief moment, Hana looked around. The destination he had rushed to reach was none other than a bed.

“Weed, Weed. Just a moment.”

She didn’t miss the opportunity she had finally found as he tried to push his shoulders away. If she didn’t ask now, she felt like she would be swept away by Weed again. Nevertheless, Weed didn’t budge an inch under her hands, determined to remain close.

Instead, he grabbed her wrist and pressed his lips firmly against the palm of her hand.

“Yes, Hana.”

His lips, which had been teasing her palm, soon slid along her wrist. Then, his tongue, as if tracing each tiny vein, delicately licked its way down her raised veins.

“Weed, I have something to ask. Just a moment…”