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“Sasha, why are you so late?”

“Sorry, I wanted to come quickly, too! I got caught by the madam. She’s been looking for me all the time lately, making it so hard.”

“I feel like my arms are going to fall off from doing your share. Why doesn’t it ever seem to decrease?”

Sasha’s hometown friend and fellow maid, Timo, complained.

“Oh, by the way, I heard you’ve been going to the Duke’s study a lot lately. Is there something going on? I heard the madam has been acting strangely since the accident. Is it true?”

“Don’t even mention it. My heart feels like it’s going to burst because of that these days. Look at my skin, it’s getting paler. I’ve been going to the Duke’s room almost every day ever since. But the good thing is that the madam seems to see the Duke in a newer light since the accident.”

“Oh, really? She honestly didn’t even treat him like a person before.”

“That’s what I’m saying. I have no idea what’s on her mind. She’s treating me differently, too, these days. She even went to the Duke’s to treat his injuries just now. I don’t know if she’s really lost her memory or if she’s just pretending. I’m confused.”

“Wow, she went to the Duke’s room? Then why not prepare some tea for them or something? It’s a rare chance for them to spend time together.”

Sasha’s eyes lit up at the thought. If their relationship improved now, it would be a good opportunity to gain recognition for her efforts.

If they had tea, it could be used as an excuse to prolong the conversation, and with more extended conversations, there would be a higher chance of meaningful results.

‘If so, then my efforts would shine even more!’

“Right! I should prepare some tea for them. Why didn’t I think of that? Timo, you’re a genius!”

Sasha picked up the teacups and headed upstairs. As she turned the corner with light steps, she came face to face with the Duke and Duchess.

‘It looks like the conversation is going well.’

As she whispered to herself, the Duke’s large hand pushed the Duchess’ shoulder. Startled, Sasha quickened her pace to announce her presence.


At the same time, Chloen’s large eyes turned in the direction of the noise.

‘Does he really dislike me that much?’

She couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as she watched Sasha holding a teacup.

She cast a glance at her husband without saying a word, but the unyielding man didn’t react. He shrugged his shoulders as if he knew nothing and showed no signs of movement.

‘He’s really good at playing with people. After all, handsome men can get away with anything.’

Clutching her fists in frustration at the annoying attitude, she grit her teeth.


Chloen soon muttered, her voice devoid of energy. She wiped her dry eyes with her fingers, sniffling.

She was about to vent her frustration and get the opinion of a third party about the prohibition of physical contact between spouses.

“Take the Duchess with you.”

As if reading her thoughts, Edmund intervened.

“Are you really going to try that?”

“Forcing it will only get you this far. Please go back to your room.”

Without much thought, he gestured to Sasha.


“Madam, please go back now. It’s getting late.”

“Sasha, you too?!”

“…If you stay here any longer, you might really make him angry.”

Holding onto her arm, Sasha whispered softly. In the meantime, Edmund had completely turned around and spoke casually in a nonchalant tone.

“Classes will start tomorrow, so don’t be late.”

And that was it.

With those words, the door closed instantly with a bang. Then came the click of the lock, a reminder of his meticulousness, which only fueled her anger.

* * *

The rain that had started at night showed no signs of stopping until morning. The brooding sky darkened, occasionally accompanied by flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder.

Roar, boom!

Despite the deafening noise, there was no movement under the blanket. The small body curled up, deep in thought.

“Madam, it’s almost mealtime. The Duke will be joining as well. Would you like to start getting up?”

Sasha, who was nearby, firmly closed and locked the rattling window.

The summer typhoon from the Eastern Continent was relentless and powerful. How many windows had it shattered in the past year? Neglecting maintenance was sure to invite trouble.

‘As expected, I’m a competent maid.’

Sasha nodded with a satisfied smile. Then, she approached her mistress’ side and fulfilled her duty once again.

“Madam, please get up.”

Despite her call, her madam, as rigid as a statue, maintained her position.

How much time had passed? Suddenly, Chloen rose from her seat and spoke in a resolute voice.

“This can’t go on.”

“W-What’s going on?”

“Do you think it’s reasonable for there to be a prohibition on intimacy between spouses? We can’t just stand still like this.”

Sasha wanted to cry at Chloen’s stubborn attitude. Whenever her madam behaved this way on days like today, trouble was sure to follow. Sighing softly, Sasha continued.

“I don’t know exactly what you’re planning, but I heard that the Duke was going to teach you how to write. How about doing your best, madam?”

“I think we should prepare battle attire.”

“What? Battle attire? What on earth…? It’s just a meal, so why would you need battle attire? What are you planning this time, madam?”

Sasha’s voice trembled weakly.

“I tend to underestimate my opponents. If we keep going like this, I’ll age and die alone, without ever having children. That can’t happen.”

Chloen lifted the corners of her mouth. At the same time, her calm purple eyes sparkled.

Pondering the whole night, she arrived at only one answer.

“Sasha, what’s the most important thing for a soldier going to the battlefield?”

“Well… I guess it’s weapons? Isn’t it the weapons that can quickly defeat the enemy…?”

“No! It’s armor. No matter how well I fight, if I don’t have strong armor to protect me, I’ll eventually get stabbed and die.”

“But… how does that relate to breakfast?”

“Tsk, why wouldn’t it? We’re going to war in a different sense. Anyway, we need to reexamine my clothes. Where is the dressing room? I need to check the condition of the clothing.”

She looked around, turning her head. Soon, the small ornate door came into view, and Chloen raised her hand and pointed silently in that direction. As if understanding her intentions, Sasha sent an affirming nod.

The dressing room was filled with luxurious garments, but one in particular caught Chloen’s eye.

“I think this one will do.”

She picked up a piece of clothing and smiled with satisfaction. In contrast, Sasha’s face showed signs of panic, her trembling eyes spoke of her anxiety.

“M-Madam, that’s a bit…”

“Why? Do you think I’m too beautiful for this? Is it because I have a heavenly face? No matter what I wear, I’ll look amazing. Haha… but I can’t just leave it alone at this point. Oh well.”

Although she was pleased with her reflection in the mirror, something seemed to be missing. Then, a thought flashed in her mind, and she snapped her fingers.

“Armor should never be missing from a splendid outfit.”

With eager steps, Chloen headed toward the vanity. After hesitating for a long time, she picked up a small piece of metal, muttering “perfect” under her breath.

* * *

At that moment, in the dining room,

The rain had left darkness throughout the mansion. The occasionally lit candles burned dimly, and the dank interior was filled with silence.

“Is Chloen still not here?”

Edmund asked somewhat tiredly.

“She should be coming down soon. You’ve been looking at the documents all night. Aren’t you overdoing it?” Aide Melvin said with a concerned tone.

“I’d rather be walking the battlefield with you. All these headaches…”

Edmund picked up the glass in front of him with a bitter smile. Feeling the invisible burden, Melvin couldn’t find anything comforting to say.

His diligent master dealt with dozens of letters every day, and with his absence from the estate, the number of letters beyond the mansion’s doors increased daily. Naturally, the Duke’s exhaustion accumulated as well.

Melvin was not unaware of this. As the Duke’s protective aide, he was anxious about his master’s health. After all, the strong man never took care of himself.

“Shall I go and escort the Duchess?”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s wait a bit longer.”

With those short words, Edmund took a deep drink from the water glass he was holding.

And after a while, a sharp sound echoed through the mansion. The noisy clatter of high heels that had been approaching gradually came to a halt in front of the dining room.


Edmund’s pupils, facing forward, shook slightly. Aide Melvin, with his mouth agape, couldn’t even think about closing it as he stared ahead.

“You… What in the world…?”

The Duke’s low voice resonated in the air. At that moment, a thunderbolt struck outside, the lightning flashing above Chloen’s head.