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The Hillenton citizens fell silent at her words.

“Perhaps the reason you haven’t raised your voices in all the suffering you’ve endured so far is that he was driven away. If he had rightfully inherited the throne, your situation might have been different. However, since you turned a blind eye to injustice, shouldn’t you now face the appropriate consequences?”

No one responded to her coldly delivered words. They all exchanged glances.

‘Just enjoying the rights without losing anything?’

They had to lose everything.

It was a shame for Berthas Hillenton as well. What treatment did he receive for preserving the name of the empire? If he had sought asylum in Larchen earlier, she might have valued and utilized him as a talent.

Instead, those people dared.

“The peace you’ve enjoyed so far was made possible by the sacrifice of Berthas Hillenton. Now, I will take him with me, and you must walk your own path. He will walk a path with me.”

“What’s the difference?”

Facing the citizens of Hillenton who shouted towards her, Isilis smiled.

“Of course, there is a difference. He will now become the one who guards the borders of my empire, not yours.”

The difference is significant. That’s why Isilis said it outright.

“You have lost him, and I have gained him. That’s the difference.”

The Hillenton citizens seemed shaken by those words. However, Isilis showed no mercy.

“There is no longer someone dedicated to this place. There are only those who dedicate themselves to me. Losing one person may mean nothing to you, but if that person is a Swordmaster, it’s different.”

The Hillenton citizens, who finally realized Berthas’ value, erupted in uproar. It was pathetic. To think that such people were considered citizens of the empire.


The cries of those who couldn’t offer any help to him were too insignificant. However, it was a wound to him.

Seeing his expression twitch and change at their shouts, Isilis spoke to Berthas.

“If you have something to say, go ahead.”


His face seemed to be on the verge of tears, but he met her gaze. He thought it was the proper thing to do. Having hardened his expression, he addressed the citizens of Hillenton.

“Before you call me a traitor, think about what you did to me. When I, the rightful successor of Hillenton, was driven away from the imperial palace, no one showed me kindness. Even if the decree of the former emperor was terrifying, someone should have protected me. I was only ten years old at the time, too young to be sent to the battlefield.”

His words silenced everyone. As Berthas’s inner thoughts were finally revealed, Isilis smiled.

“Even on the battlefield, no one helped me. But it was strange. Every one of you received help from my father’s reign. Why did no one help me?”

There was no answer to his question.

“Why did no one step forward to protect me?”

His cry echoed through the void. Hillenton citizens avoided his gaze. Everywhere he looked, people were turning their heads.

Watching them, Isilis chuckled softly.

“How do you dare to call me a traitor after what you did?”

His anger cut through the empty air.

“I have guarded your borders ever since. However, no one, except my close aides, has thanked me. It was the same when I entered the capital. What reason is there to protect you?”

His loneliness echoed through his voice.

Isilis closed her eyes.

These were his true feelings. His homeland, which he wanted to abandon but couldn’t. He had a small hope, yet there was no one to reach out to. What was the use of fulfilling obligations as an imperial family when there was no one to appreciate it?

“So, I gave up.”

His final words drew a line for the citizens of Hillenton.

Now, he belonged to her.

Turning towards him, her face brightened with a radiant smile.


* * *


The situation in Hillenton was quickly sorted out.

What could they do?

The last remaining imperial family member didn’t want to rescue them.

The wizards that came with Isilis were dispatched throughout Hillenton to rescue the poor and educate them. Following her orders, the wizards moved efficiently. If the people of Hillenton rebelled against them, they promptly left the area.

People kill and plunder each other as life becomes difficult. With the absence of a leader, the country would adhere to such a nature.

Rumors spread like wildfire, and as time passed, the citizens of Hillenton began to give up. They wanted to gather around the nobles, but it was impossible.

Isilis and Berthas had eliminated them all.

The remaining nobles were all under Berthas’s command. They left for Larchen together with a sense of betrayal.

It wasn’t easy for the commoners to gather and plan something. Isilis’s wizards visited every gathering of commoners, trying to sow discord among them. Although they couldn’t monitor everyone, they effectively utilized the defectors.

In any country, when the situation changes, defectors emerge. Based on the information they brought, rewards and punishments were given. Since the wizards were reliable informants, those who followed their advice without rebellion faced no sanctions.

For those who showed goodwill, Isilis reciprocated accordingly.

This goodwill sometimes came in the form of money, magical artifacts, or protection from other thugs. Gradually, the people of Hillenton became accustomed to the rule of Larchen. Regardless of their circumstances, Berthas and Isilis’ marriage was approaching.


* * *


“Your Majesty! You should see this more.”

“It’s boring.”

Isilis sighed as she looked at seemingly identical jewels. They were all gems, just with different colors. Why did she have to look at these?

“It should be the most beautiful in the world.”

“The Empress’ appearance is not a subject of critique.”

“Your Majesty.”

Hearing Meryl’s nagging, she waved her hand dismissively.

“What is Berthas doing?”

“He is the same as Your Majesty.”

Isilis chuckled upon hearing that they were in the same situation. She must have felt unjust if only she had to endure such things.

The maids who were looking at her shifted their gaze.

Seeing the joyous expression on her face, she spoke with a sigh.

“Just smile, it’s okay.”

As soon as she spoke, the maids burst into laughter. Watching them, Isilis asked,

“Why do you like it so much?”

“Your Majesty, there is no reason not to have the imperial wedding.”

“There might be more reasons than just that.”

“Your Majesty, it’s a bit late to say this now, but do you know how disappointed we were when you gave birth to the princess without an imperial marriage?”


“Your Majesty, we, as your maids, have no chance to shine without such events. We didn’t have the opportunity to dress you.”

“It’s fortunate that you have a chance to shine now.”

The maids adorned her hair with jewels, and their faces were filled with joy. Isilis also smiled as she looked at their faces. Outside, the chief attendant spoke.

“Berthas Larchen is entering.”

As per Larchen’s laws, Berthas became her husband the moment he was determined to be. Originally, since he had naturalized from Hillenton to Larchen, it was appropriate to establish a new last name. Nonetheless, the situation was settled with Isilis’s words.

“There’s no need for my consort to have a new last name. Larchen is enough.”