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“Why? Why is this happening?”

“I’m truly sorry for yesterday.”

“Yes, I’ll accept your apology. I also had my faults. If you would just grant me a divorce…”


Why are you like this, giving me that profound gaze?

‘Help me,’ Eve silently pleaded with Emma, but Emma avoided her gaze resolutely.

Eve struggled to put as much distance as possible between herself and Charles. In exasperation, she asked, “Why on earth are you doing this?”

“Eve, I’ve liked you since you were young.”

Eve’s face contorted at that claim. Who liked whom? It was just a misconception from the foolish times when Arsen was the only man around.

But Eve’s gaze turned fiercely sharp at the comment that touched her pride.

“Do you dislike me now? I’m repulsed by someone who looks like you. Specifically, those eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Now you don’t like it? Go ahead and enjoy your affairs. Get the divorce quickly. You know there are only two days left, right? You were the one who cheated, so, well, I might feel a bit embarrassed in court, but divorce is possible.”


Charles’ cold gaze fixed on Eve. Eve felt dizzy and closed her eyes tightly.

“Please stop. I’ll do everything except cancel the divorce.”


Charles was ready to proceed to the next step and gently caught Eve’s wrist as she tried to pull away.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“No, let go.”

“I brought medicine to apply.”

Charles proceeded to take out the ointment, applying it gently to Eve’s wrist while softly muttering. Unsettled by the eerie scene, Eve stood up abruptly.

“Why is this happening, really! Did you think I would cancel the divorce just because of this?”

“I hope that’s the case.”

“No, I’m starting to want it more! Stand up first!”

Eve fled from the terrace, and Emma hastily followed in her footsteps.

“Madam, you suggested a divorce?!”

In response, the hesitant Eve replied with a somewhat embarrassed expression.

“Ah… I didn’t tell Emma. Yes. I’m getting a divorce.”


Emma was momentarily lost in thought with a troubled expression then cautiously asked, “Madam, now that the Duke has changed a lot with the new Emperor, can’t you give him another chance? Of course, I know how presumptuous it is to interfere in the affairs of the mistress, but…”

“Emma, I know what you’re worried about. If news of my divorce spreads, the social scene will stir up again, and I will spend the rest of my life marked as a divorced woman.”


Even with the ascension of the new Emperor and various changes, certain customs remained unaltered. For example, the disdainful glances toward divorced women.

Furthermore, the prospect of the prestigious Duchess Fontaine divorcing brought forth vivid imaginations of the gossip that would ensue

“…I’m going to the countryside, Emma. I want to spend the rest of my life in a quiet place away from the imperial city. Occasionally meeting my parents or Noah.”

“Why not return to Laurent Estate?”

“That would be too much trouble for the family. The imperial city has become tiresome, and I’m tired of it.”

Emma looked at Eve with pity. How much must this young lady, not yet in her thirties, have suffered to decide to spend her life in the countryside? Emma’s heart ached for her.

“Emma, if you wish, I will send you to Laurent Estate. The conditions there are better than here.”

“…Madam, what are you saying? I will follow you wherever you go.”


Eve’s eyes welled up with tears at Emma’s sincere protest.

“I would be truly happy if you were with me.”

“It would be an honor if I could serve you.”

While the two women strengthened their friendship, Charles found himself once again on the terrace, enduring another scolding from Tiago.

“Oh, you should have handled it better. The Duchess is furious.”

Tiago complained, and Charles responded as if unjustly accused.

“I did well. It’s all because of this ugly face.”

“This is not an ugly face by any means. That’s what they call handsome!”

Charles offered a nonchalant shrug in response to Tiago’s counter.

“I suggested using charm in the first place.”

“I didn’t expect you to hate it that much.”

“We might need to try a different approach.”

“What do you plan to do?”

Charles shrugged again at Tiago’s question.

“Just wait a bit. Since the enemy of the enemy is a friend.”

He seemed quite confident in his plan.

* * *

“Your Majesty, are you awake?”

Having acknowledged the greeting, Arsen changed into his clothes with the assistance of his attendants, settling into comfortable attire.

As they headed to the dining room, Cecilia was already seated.

“Oh, Cecil.”

“Your Majesty.”

Cecilia greeted Arsen with a charming smile. Suddenly, Arsen noticed a maid crying in a corner and inquired.

“Why is that girl crying?”

“Oh, well…”

Cecilia shot a stern look at the maid for a moment, then quickly softened her expression.

“In fact, I scolded her a bit. It’s nothing much; we had silver cod for today’s meal. Since Your Majesty doesn’t eat it, I made a comment.”

“Hmm, really? As expected, you know me well, Cecil.”

Arsen comforted the maid who was crying by gently patting her cheek.

The maid experienced a mix of emotions, feeling both wronged and relieved. She thought herself to be the true victim, caught off guard by the sudden presence of the woman who wielded true power in the palace.

After breakfast, a courtier came to report the day’s schedule.

“This morning, there is a report from the Minister of Finance, Margrave Moliean. After that, a cabinet meeting, and then…”

Interrupting the courtier’s report, Arsen spoke.

“Postpone Margrave Moliean’s report. Instead, have Baronique from Baronique’s Workshop summoned. Did you do that?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then go with Cecilia to get our clothes fitted.”

“Something’s happening at the border guarded by Margrave Moliean…”

“Handle that problem on your own or tell them to reconsider. Do I, the Emperor, have to worry about such matters?”

The chill in Arsen’s eyes made the aide pause.

“Oh, no, Your Majesty. I’ll have Baronique summoned to your room as you wish.”

If it were the previous emperor, the aide might have added more, but due to rumors of Bonaparte coveting the throne, even aides close to him had to be cautious. The reluctant aide withdrew, leaving Cecilia to greet Arsen with a bright smile.

“Well done, Your Majesty. Now, it seems Resanpar won’t be able to move a muscle.”

“Indeed. It’s all thanks to you, Cecil.”

“What are you talking about? It’s thanks to Your Majesty. Oh, and how about proposing an increase in the royal budget during the cabinet meeting today?”

“Would that be acceptable?”

“Listen to the servants; they say the royal budget has been too low. A slight increase shouldn’t cause any issues.”

“Is that so…?”

Seeing Arsen hesitate, Cecilia affectionately patted his arm.

“If someone opposes, just dismiss them as an example. Who is Your Majesty? A genius once hailed. Many are just cautious because of the rumors about Your Majesty, but in truth, everyone is afraid of you.”

Cecilia, having dealt with many nobles, knew that all nobles feared the emperor. His rise to the throne had led to the downfall of quite a few influential families.

While there were legitimate reasons for this, there was no law preventing similar incidents from happening to her, too.

She hadn’t expected that listening to the gossip among nobles would be so helpful. Everything fell into place perfectly. It truly felt like a divine plan unfolding for her.

“It would be good to have you by my side during the cabinet meeting.”

“Oh, really. How could I go to such a difficult place?”

“…If you become the empress, maybe.”

At Arsen’s casual remark, Cecilia pretended to be surprised.

“Your Majesty! Who is listening?”

“Cecil, you’re so modest.”

Arsen affectionately fed Cecilia a bite of food as he spoke.

“But if I truly become the ruler of this country, I will definitely repay you.”

“I believe you.”

Cecilia smiled brightly, leaning her head against Arsen’s shoulder.

“Oh, and I have something to tell you… about Fontaine.”

Hearing Cecilia, Arsen’s eyes widened, but soon he smiled and nodded.

A dark shadow of misfortune loomed over the palace.

* * *

In the early morning, as Eve, dressed by Emma and other maids, prepared to leave her room.


At Emma’s call, Eve looked at her as if asking what was going on. Emma’s expression became a bit awkward.

“His Grace has been waiting in front of your room since early morning.”

“What? Why is he here?”

“I’m not sure… Anyway, Madam told us not to inform her separately and asked you to prepare slowly and come out. He might be waiting in front.”

“All right, understood.”

Eve tried to push away the dreadful scene from yesterday and opened the door. As expected, Charles was standing there. The only difference from usual was the extravagant bouquet of flowers he held.

“Eve, hello.”

The faint fragrance of flowers wafted through the air, causing Eve’s face to slightly wrinkle.

“What’s this now?”

“A gesture of apology.”


Perplexed, Eve looked at Charles in disbelief. Charles lowered his gaze and spoke.

“Of course, not everything is entirely my fault, but since I find myself in this position, I must take responsibility. I’m truly sorry, Eve. For all the pain I’ve caused you, for not understanding your feelings.”

Charles bowed his head. The maids around them were astonished, and even Eve was momentarily taken aback.

It was the first time Eve had heard an apology from Arsen. On one hand, it was something she had never heard in her entire life.


But this man wasn’t Arsen. An apology from him meant nothing to Eve. It only left her feeling emotionally conflicted.

Ignoring Charles’ apology, Eve walked past him. Quickly catching up, Charles whispered to her.

“Eve, I’m not Arsen de Fontaine.”


“So, you won’t be ignored by nobles anymore, and you won’t be hurt by me either.”

Eve, seemingly unaffected by Charles’ words, silently walked toward the dining area. Charles quickly followed and offered her a chair.


Once Eve sat down, Charles personally poured water into her glass and transferred food onto her plate. Observing this with a sullen expression, Eve inquired,

“…See, do you want to get beaten up by Noah again?”

“No, that’s off the table. The grandchildren of Marquis Bernard can be quite spicy.”

“Stop fooling around and sit, then.”