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Karentina, who was staring blankly at the spot where Zion and Eddie had left, suddenly came to her senses.

‘Let’s get moving first.’

As she turned her steps to meet Bishop Viano, the Bishop was momentarily surprised when he saw her.

“I’m trying to make donations for the children.”

Bishop Viano’s face lit up at the mention of donations.

“So, how much?”

“One thousand lats.”

“A, a thousand lats?”

The amount handed over to the temple by the butler under an unknown pretext was five hundred lats. Bishop Viano was on the verge of his jaw dropping at the staggering double amount.

“Yes. But there’s a condition.”

“What kind of condition are you talking about?”

“We’re going to build a new orphanage.”

“No, why bother with such an unnecessary thing?”

As Karentina frowned at his words, the Bishop closed his mouth.

“Please provide a temporary place in the temple for the children to stay warm while the building is being completed, and ensure that both meals and sleeping arrangements are comfortable. If additional expenses are needed, the Duchy will provide everything. If that’s possible, I’ll make a donation.”

Bishop Viano, with his mouth wide open, seemed to have calculated that there was nothing to lose and nodded.

“Yes… Well, it’s possible. Thank you. Blessings in the arms of God.”

Despite the fact that the Bishop seemed slightly displeased at the idea of taking in the children from the slums, given the amount of money involved, he managed to put on a capitalist smile at once. After leaving the temple and seeing the children sharing bread with satisfaction, Karentina met Eddie again.

“The orphanage will be rebuilt. You don’t have to shiver in the cold or go hungry for a while.”

“R, really?”

Eddie, who had widened his eyes as if he couldn’t believe it, continued to wear a blank expression.

“…Eddie, I have a question to ask you. Don’t you hate the northern region?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“I’m just curious. I thought that this place that made you lose Priestess Leah and gave you a hard time might be unpleasant.”

The child thought deeply for a moment before slowly opening his mouth.

“Not having Priestess Leah is sad, but I like the northern region. It’s where I grew up and my hometown.”


Karentina’s heart crumbled.

‘Perhaps it’s because of that incident.’

With a troubled expression, Karentina leaned in and whispered into Eddie’s ear.

“It’s sad that Priestess Leah isn’t here, but I like the North. I was born and raised here, and it is my hometown.”


Her heart crumbled.

‘Perhaps it’s because of that incident?’

Karentina, who had a distraught look on her face, whispered into Eddie’s ear.

“By any chance…”

Eddie’s eyes widened when he heard the whisper.

“H, how did sister know about that?”

She smiled wistfully as she gently stroked the child’s head as he opened his eyes wide.

“Just. Even if it doesn’t look like it, I’m quite a very high-ranking person in the North.”

Eddie glanced around and whispered to her.

“…I see. Can you show me later?”

“Of course.”

As she embraced the brave Eddie tightly, the child’s ears turned bright red.

‘Thank you for holding on until now. I’ll make sure to protect you.’

Upon confirming that Eddie and other children from the slums were assigned rooms at the temple, Karentina got into the carriage.


[ Why? ]

‘I’ll give you magic power, so grant me a wish.’

She quietly rested her chin on the window of the rapidly moving carriage.

‘Find any evidence of Bishop Viano’s communication with the butler or any information related to corruption.’