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“All ready, Miss Riersha. You can go down now.”

“Ung, thank you!”

After finishing the preparations, as Riersha said her thank you, the maids exchanged bewildered glances. Among them, a maid who seemed more experienced stepped forward with a smile.

“No need for thank you, Miss. We’ve just done our duty. You shouldn’t greet us like this in the future.”

“Why not?”


When she questioned something seemingly obvious, the maid appeared momentarily tongue-tied.

“Do thhish hair again nexth thime. I reawwy like it.”

Riersha grabbed Sona’s hand and waved her hands at the maids.

“Shall we go, Miss Riersha?”


As they left the room, she gripped Sona’s hand firmly. At the same time, tension was painted on her face.

‘What should I say when I greet Grandfather?’

While Riersha was still on the outskirts, after the meeting with her Grandfather, she would officially receive a new castle within the heir’s territory. However, that was possible under the assumption that the meeting had a positive outcome.

She needed to somehow captivate her Grandfather’s heart.

When she grabbed Sona’s hand tightly, Sona reciprocated with a firm grip as well.

“You can do it, Miss Riersha. Just follow the practice we’ve done together.”


Sona had been diligently tutoring Riersha in noble etiquette for today. She had taught Riersha the proper way to greet. Riersha mentally reviewed the greetings she had learned.

‘Alright, I can do this!’

Before long, the two of them stood at the entrance to the main estate.

At the entrance, a statue of a dragon with two heads, symbolizing the Arachrene family, roared. And then, a magnificent view of Arachrene Castle unfolded. Passing through sternly standing knights on guard, a beautiful landscape soon revealed itself.


A spacious lake and a bridge to stroll upon.

Under the sunlight, glittering fish and beautiful plants created a harmonious scene. While marveling at the garden, Riersha caught sight of a silhouette she could never forget and froze.

“Welcome, Miss Riersha. I am here to escort you.”

It was Oberon.

Riersha felt as if every hair on her body stood on end. Though much younger than the face in her memory, he still bore the same face. With a sharp appearance and a short haircut, he politely raised his hand to his left chest and bowed.

“I will guide you from now on.”

It meant that Sona couldn’t accompany them. As Riersha hesitated, Sona bent to her knees, meeting her eyes.

“Miss Riersha, I will be waiting here.”


“You can do well, right?”


Nervous, Riersha nodded belatedly.

‘Oberon is still Grandfather’s person. Nothing has happened yet.’

Carefully, Riersha released Sona’s hand. She finally approached him, contemplating how she could subtly gauge Oberon’s thoughts.

Her palm was unexpectedly filled with cold sweat.

“Then, I will show you the way.”


Oberon was one of the most influential figures in the Arachrene family, so there was nothing good about looking bad in front of him now.

Riersha made up her mind at the thought as she opened her eyes wide and grabbed his hand.

“Oh, my?”

The surprised voice came from Sona. At the same time, Oberon’s dry eyes, as his hand was suddenly held by Riersha, widened significantly.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the mental space to confirm that.

“Iww be back, Ddona!”

“Yes, Miss. Have a safe trip!”

Riersha nodded and waved her hand to Sona’s encouragement.

“…Let’s go.”

As Oberon spoke indifferently, she vigorously worked on her foot, gripping his awkwardly stiff fingers with one hand.

Soon, the solid castle gate closed with a thud.


* * *


‘Since when did Oberon start harboring different feelings?’

Riersha stared at Oberon’s face intently. His expressionless face revealed no thoughts.

‘If he didn’t like me, he could have just handled me.’

She couldn’t understand his judgment, who held a sword against everyone, not just Riersha, the culprit. Meanwhile, after walking through a long corridor and pondering for a while, Oberon, who had been silent, spoke up.

“Do you have something to say to me?”


Riersha was surprised.

It seemed like her blatant stare had become a problem. Realizing he was being watched, Oberon had been looking down at her at some point.

She decided to greet him abruptly.

“I didn’th greeth properwy. Hewwo.”


“Am Rierucha.”

Oberon’s response to the unexpected greeting came somewhat slowly. The silver-gray eyes of the slightly bewildered Oberon seemed to wander through the air.

He appeared to lack immunity when dealing with children at a young age.

‘That’s rather fortunate.’

Riersha felt relieved that she was able to deal with the inexperienced Oberon, not the one of six years later.

“…I am Oberon.”

The embarrassed man greeted her in the same manner.

Riersha looked surprised.

‘He’s friendlier than I thought.’

What events were going to happen to the family in the future that would make him do that?


“Yes, Miss Riersha.”

“I awawen.”

“I sincerely congratulate you.”

He gazed straight ahead and replied.

Riersha thought it was fortunate. She didn’t have the audacity to say, ‘I know what you will do in the future,’ while making eye contact.

Her heart still raced.

“Now Daddi can come bacw thoo.”

This was what she truly wanted to say.

She hoped he would change his mind after hearing these words.

“So, Obenon can conthinue with Gwandpa.”

She was very worried that perhaps he had already turned his back on the family.

At the thought, as Riersha waited anxiously for his response, Oberon slowly turned his head towards her before he opened his mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“Obenon don’th worry abouth anythhing.”


“Castell wiww be shafe. If Obenon helps.”

His eyes widened with surprise hearing her words that seemed to know everything about him. For the first time, waves began to ripple on his usually dull face. However, there was no sign of the typical emotion associated with being ‘caught.’

‘What’s going on? Has Oberon not yet decided to betray us?’

However, his response was too subtle.

After a moment of silence, Oberon spoke.

“Miss Riersha, are you by any chance…”

“Ah, ith’sh here!”

When Oberon was about to ask a question, Riersha abruptly shouted, releasing his hand.

‘If he asks more, it’ll be troublesome. I stabbed him without really knowing the details.’

Furthermore, no one could tell her about the family’s internal affairs, so giving off the impression of knowing something would seem suspicious.

‘Anyway, judging from Oberon’s reaction, I can tell that the family is still in danger.’

Although it seemed like the family had collapsed overnight, it meant that it was a process spanning a very long time.

With an innocent smile, Riersha approached the Duke’s office.


* * *


Duke Arachrene office.

In the main office, an elderly man with silver hair and a red eyes.

“So, the child has awakened?”

“Yes, Rocinante personally confirmed it.”

Duke Arachrene, Archmond, suspiciously narrowed his eyes.

It was amazingly perfect timing. If she failed to awaken by the end of the year, Riersha was scheduled to be removed from the family registry. It was the deadline Archmond had promised with the vassals.

“Is there a possibility that this is a lie?”


“What if Fernore is playing a trick?”

“It will be discovered soon.”

Archmond didn’t even feel relief at the news of his granddaughter’s awakening.


The situation fitted too perfectly, raising suspicion in his mind.

“Well, then, I should meet her.”

She woke up after two days of recovery from the aftereffects. He wanted to see with his own eyes how powerful the child who was responsible for sending her father outside the family.

‘Whether her ability will be a gain or a loss for the family will become clear when we meet.’

He had sent Oberon so the child would arrive soon.