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“So, is this the list?”


Evan frowned as he looked at the papers Nathan had written.

“Only deal with the people I marked. I’ll write down the method roughly.”

“Not everything?”

“For the rest of it… it would be fun for Laria to step on it herself.”

Nathan’s report included a list of people who were plotting to prevent Laria from entering the social world.

Evan was in the middle of selecting only those who were deemed to be dangerous among them and brutally dealt with them directly. The standard for being ‘dangerous’ was those who plotted schemes that could injure her even a little.

“Anyway, fighting with strategy or brains, Laria will be able to win on her own.”


Nathan nodded grimly.

Laria, who had been recuperating in the southwest for a long time, would, of course, have no base in the capital’s social circles.

However, when the news of Laria’s complete recovery spread and she returned to the Capital completely, the Capital’s socialites began to stir. Not only that her godmother was Olivia, who had the worst reputation but still had great power, but she also had a close relationship with Princess Elanie.

“I don’t have a place in society either. I don’t get along well with anyone.”

Evan spoke bluntly.

“I didn’t have to get along.”

“Yes, I suppose so…”

“That’s why I can only help from behind like this.”

Although he mentioned that he would make it so she didn’t have to get along with anyone, Laria replied, ‘I’m not going to live like you.’

“Then, you can go out.”

Even after sending Nathan away, Evan was still buried in a pile of paperwork since his inauguration as a Duke was quickly approaching.

Kallaudin had already declared that he would stay at Podilin’s villa. So, before inheriting the title completely, the two decided to go on a short trip. In name, it was a short trip, but in fact, there was something he was secretly preparing.

A letter fell out of the papers he was looking at.


[ You said you were going on a trip to Fornage Beach, right? I also wanted to see the sea too. I don’t want to see you guys, but then the villa’s servants have to work twice? ]


Seeing Olivia’s letter, Evan smiled. He knew she would be like this too. Kallaudin also quickly said something as soon as he heard about Evan and Laria’s vacation plans.

“I can take a day off, too. The waves are very pretty these days on Fornage Beach, and I want to see them for the first time in a while.”

Neither of them actually wanted to go on vacation with Evan, so it was obvious who they wanted. Of course, they would be looking forward to playing with Laria.

He laughed and muttered to himself.

“I knew it would be like this.”

It was worthwhile to say that he would take care of the travel plan. This was because there was a risk of everything getting ruined if it was poorly planned.


* * *


Evan and I decided to go on a trip, a decision we made somewhat impulsively during a conversation. He seemed to pour all his heart into that impulsive decision because we arrived at Aranachid Beach, not Fornage Beach.

“Everyone says that Fornage is prettier, but there is also Icard’s villa there.”

Evan mentioned as he guided me to a luxurious inn.

“They say that Aranachid has better summer seas. There is a meteor shower festival season.”

“Ah, really? That was why there were quite a few people on the way there… but why is this inn empty?”

“I rented everything.”

Renting a luxurious inn during the festival must have cost a lot of money.

“I was thinking of building a new villa, but I didn’t have time. If you like it, let’s start construction right away.”

It was fortunate that I knew Duchy Icard’s assets because I didn’t have to be frightened by these words. After a bit of travel and dinner, the day quickly became dark. People usually enjoyed the festival on the seashore and watched a meteor shower at around 8:00 pm, so we were going to go out at that time.

“There are a lot of people, so it’s better not to get noticed.”

Lisa added simple accessories to a dress that wasn’t too flashy.

“Hardly anyone recognizes the capital’s high-ranking nobles. It seems that the Young Duke wants to enjoy it as quietly as possible.”

Up until this point, I had no idea.

However, when Evan was nowhere to be seen, even after I had finished my preparations, I had a hunch that something was up.

“The Young Duke is waiting for you in the plaza! I will take you with a few escorts.”

Evan, who usually didn’t want to be apart even for a second, dared to make a promise from afar?

‘It looks like he had prepared an event.’

Although I roughly noticed it, I decided to pretend I didn’t know for now.

After leaving the inn, when I arrived at the crowded plaza, I recognized Evan right away. While he was also dressed in simple clothes, he was so good-looking and handsome that he drew attention from others.


On top of that, he was holding a bouquet of roses.

“Come to think of it, we haven’t even gone on a date.”

Well… it was a given as we were married at thirteen or fourteen.

“Today, we’re going on a date like a normal couple.”

Evan gave me a bouquet of flowers and smiled sweetly.

‘It was this.’

Looking around, there were quite a few people giving flowers to their lovers.

That was how I started to enjoy the festival like a really normal young couple holding Evan’s hand with a big bouquet. He played ball toss to get a doll and even bought and fed me the most delicious-looking street food.

“This is why people go on dates.”

I uttered with a smile.

“When we were having dinner earlier, I thought that it would have been nice if Lady Olivia and Father had also come, but it’s really nice that there are only the two of us.”

What was a little strange was that neither father nor Lady Olivia had dared to say that they would come with us. I thought they would definitely ask to come along. Maybe they had the sense to leave the young couple to have a good time, but I thought I should think about it again.

Evan spoke kindly as we climbed the hill with the best view of the meteor shower.

“I’ll cook breakfast tomorrow morning myself.”


“Yes, I learned a few things from the chef.”

I was a bit surprised because I hadn’t thought of a noble doing the cooking himself.

“I will do anything I can do for you in this world.”

The man who was so unhappy because of me that it even satisfied the devil was smiling as if he was the happiest person in the world.

“Because in my past life, I couldn’t do things even though I wanted to. Just don’t get sick… You just need to exist in this world.”


I was grateful for just being there since we had such a great narrative.

“I have had nightmares sometimes… a dream where you die. It must have been a past life.”


“You just need to do that much so that it will only remain as a dream.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t think I was completely unaffected by my past life.

From the first time I saw him, I fell in love with Evan for no reason, and I used to say strange things without my knowledge. Looking back, it was also the words I said in my past life and now I was living a new life that I couldn’t live in my last life.

The moment we held hands and climbed the hill, a meteor shower started to fall.

The sound of the lapping waves, the beautifully falling meteor shower, and the exclamation of the delighted people all made it a dreamlike moment.

I ended up muttering.

“…It’s really good to be alive.”

It might sound selfish, but first of all, I was so happy that I was alive even though I have up on one world.

“Thank you for saving me, Evan.”

Even though Evan was very unhappy while saving me.


He grinned as he looked down at me.

“…Will you marry me?”

I wondered what kind of nonsense he was talking about, so I looked up at him, speechless.

“I think I would have wanted to marry you even if Father hadn’t forced our connection, even if we had just been in a normal relationship like this. So I want to propose.”

This was something I really didn’t expect. What kind of weird person proposed when we wre already married?

“Marry me, Laria.”

Still, I really liked that weird person. He even pulled out a large, shiny diamond ring. My heart was throbbing as I watched him slowly put the ring on my hand. He must have had Lisa’s help when the ring fits perfectly on my fourth finger.


For some reason, I couldn’t finish the sentence because I was in tears.

“Let’s have a wedding together tomorrow at dawn on an empty beach, just the two of us.”

Oh, what a wedding. We have already been married for several years, but there was no one in this world who would not be thrilled by such words from the husband.

“I love you, Evan.”

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him, ignoring the eyes of the people around me.

“Let’s live well. Happily, and even more happily.”

I was greedy. So, although I may have a different start from others, I was going to live by doing everything that made others happy with my family who saved me.


* * *


Two unexpected people met at Icard’s villa on Fornage Beach.

“…What, you?”

“Aunt, what are you doing here?”

“I stopped by because Laria and Evan were on vacation. Why are you here?”

“I, too, um, just want to see the sea…”

Kallaudin and Olivia’s eyes met and both realized everything at the same time. They wanted to try something called a family trip, so they had the same inner thoughts.

Evan and Laria were not at the villa. Evan purposely didn’t ask them to go together because he already changed the destination and moved secretly.

“…I think Evan stole Laria.”

“Shameful thing.”

Olivia snorted and clenched her teeth.

“Lisa said they were definitely going to Fornage! She betrayed me!”


Kallaudin sighed.

“She once betrayed Icard and sided with Aunt. Would it be difficult to betray you twice?”

Clearly, Lisa must have also joined Evan and acted without telling Laria. Olivia opened her mouth as she climbed back into her carriage.

“Actually, I don’t like the sea very much, so I’ll just go. I hate the salty wind.”

Kallaudin immediately mounted his horse.

“I will go, too. I can’t leave the Duke’s residence for a long time.”

“…I hope the two are having a good time together. To make it worthwhile by abandoning us.”

As Olivia spoke, Evan and Laria were having very sweet moments. Even though they had been married for several years, their newlywed life was only just beginning.