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“I’m sorry, darling. Am I a little late?”

At the same time, a dry breath escaped from Edmund’s lips. His slender, crimson eyes slowly scanned Chloen, who stood before him.

Her unusual black dress exposed her delicate skin without any sleeves, revealing bare shoulders. Beneath the platinum hair, a slender neck elegantly held its place.

It was undoubtedly an intentional choice of attire, a clear message regarding the events of the previous night. Edmund furrowed his brow and spoke, his irritation evident.

“What’s with this attire?”

“It’s my first class, so I thought I’d dress up a bit. Don’t you think it looks nice?”

Chloen shrugged as she spoke playfully.

The conspicuous red lipstick, applied in a zigzag pattern, caught Edmund’s attention, and he touched his throbbing forehead.

“Ask your maid how it looks right now.”

Simultaneously, Chloen’s eyes flashed, and she directed her gaze at Shasha. Sensing the gaze, Shasha awkwardly smiled and kept quiet.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t have any allies here. What’s the use of asking?”

Lips pursed in displeasure, she muttered.

Suddenly, a chuckle escaped from Edmund, surprising himself. Her tiny lips puckering up seemed rather cute.

“Wait, what are you thinking right now? Stay focused. Don’t get careless.”

He quickly pushed away the thoughts that came to his mind and responded in a firm tone as if nothing had happened.

“Go change right now.”

“Why? I put a lot of effort into picking this outfit this morning. Don’t you like it? What should I do? I really like it.”

Chloen pouted as she grumbled.

“Oh, anyway! Change into something else. This one is too flashy.”

“Flashy? Even though it’s so revealing? Where’s it flashy? I don’t quite get it.”

Chloen said, touching her exposed shoulders. Her tone seemed mocking, causing Edmund’s face to crease once again.

“I feel like I’m facing a vampire bride. Black dress, bright red lips, and even the drizzling rain make it a perfect match.”

“Oh, really? Does it have that kind of decadence? Does it make your heart race? All jittery and stuff?”

As she spoke, Shasha tightly closed her eyes.

Ever since she brought the black dress, she had been uneasy, and she seemed to anticipate the next situation as she sighed.


As if on cue, the Duke’s chilly voice reached Shasha.

“Haha… Yes, Your Grace.”

With an awkward smile, Shasha went to fetch the lady.

“Since you’ve come dressed as a striking scarlet, let’s just enjoy the mood.”

Chloen smirked and growled. Immediately, her toneless voice was met with an even more toneless response from Edmund.

“I’m uncomfortable.”

“See! You may not want to admit it, but your heart is pounding, isn’t it?”

“Hah… We’re not getting anywhere with this. Fine, let’s stop. Sit. Let’s just go with the flow.”

“Really? Okay, then.”

With a satisfied smile, Chloen took her seat. Then, she placed her hands on her lap and added.

“Raising your voice first thing in the morning isn’t good for your mental health. Smile. Smile.”

Before long, delectable dishes were placed on the dining table. There was fruit salad drizzled with honey, crisp bacon, well-cooked omelets, seasonal cheese, freshly baked bread with steam rising from it, and succulent veal roast.

The table was so perfect that it seemed almost too extravagant to enjoy.

‘My stomach’s growling. It wants food now.’ Her hungry stomach seemed to grumble softly, and she glanced around, relieved to find everything peaceful.

“Today’s menu is…”

Head chef Lethin introduced the dishes he had prepared one by one, while the servants lined up in rows for the noble couple’s meal.

Dozens of different pairs of eyes were directed at her, and it felt overwhelming. She involuntarily pursed her lips, feeling uneasy, but Edmund didn’t seem to notice.

“Shall we start?”

Edmund raised his glass, ready to eat, and she looked around slowly. Then, discreetly, she pinched his side.


Edmund was startled by the unexpected poke and twitched his shoulders. But in an instant, as if nothing had happened, he straightened.

“Ahem, what’s the matter? If you’re planning to say something unreasonable again, you should be prepared.”

“Send them away.”

At first, Edmund’s gaze was calm and his agreement seemed forthcoming. But then…

“Do you want them to leave now?”

A faint sigh escaped from Edmund. He then asked in a chilly voice.

“Why the sudden change of heart? Are you mocking me?”

“No, I… I want them to leave.”


Edmund furrowed his brow and leaned closer. With their proximity, she pulled the chair closer and whispered.

“Those people, I want them to leave.”

As if he had suddenly turned into a broken phonograph, Edmund’s eyebrows stiffened for a moment. Then he pointed to the servants lined up and asked.

“You mean those people?”

“Yes, those people. It’s unbearable. I almost choked on my food yesterday. If they’re needed, they can be summoned. Why do they have to stand there making everyone uncomfortable?”

“Is that the reason? Part of adapting to this environment is getting used to discomfort.”

“More than anything… it’s embarrassing. Everyone will know that I don’t know how to hold cutlery properly.”

As she spoke, even in this moment, she wanted to hide from embarrassment. Her lips trembled in distress, and Edmund burst into laughter. After loosening his tie slightly, he spoke.


“Yes, Your Grace.”

Melvin, who was standing by, responded promptly.

“Take all the people here outside.”

“Yes. Huh? What are you talking about? If you’re uncomfortable, we should address it immediately.”

“I’ve managed just fine even on a deserted battlefield. Go.”

Upon Duke Randolph’s command, the servants inside the room left the dining hall, leaving only the two of them inside.

“Phew… It finally feels comfortable. I’ve been uncomfortable since yesterday, with someone constantly by my side. I just wanted to eat in peace, even if only during meals. Thank you, dear.”

She spoke affectionately, but such sincere efforts were met with an awkward silence.

“You seem like a different person.”

After a heavy silence, Edmund muttered in a subdued tone.

“So, is that uncomfortable for you?”

“Well, I didn’t know you well before, either.”

“That’s good; I don’t know you well, either. We can get to know each other from now on. We have plenty of time, after all.”

“More than you think; I’m pretty busy.”

“Yes, yes, you must be. You spent a fortune, after all, for our dear Duke.”

“Is that why you dressed up so strangely?”

“If you knew, you’d react, right? It’s really boring. Hmph! Never mind that, can you at least teach me something? Do you know how frustrating it is to have delicious food in front of you and not be able to eat it?”

“If you can’t manage, just follow my lead like yesterday. What’s the problem?”

Edmund said as he put a piece of meat in his mouth.

“Oh, you’ll come out like that? Fine, whatever. I don’t need to learn etiquette or anything. Am I the only one embarrassed here? You should be embarrassed, too.”

His annoying attitude made her suddenly irritable. Puckering her lips, she retorted, and Edmund raised the corner of his mouth.

His large hand pointed to the small fork and knife placed on the outside. Then, his pleasant voice echoed inside.

“The fork and knife are placed from the outside in for salad, fish, and the main course. Use them according to the course. The outermost spoon is for soup, and the small skewer next to it is for cocktails.”

She blinked as he continued the explanation, nodding occasionally to show her concentration.

“On the left, there are bread and butter plates, and in the middle, dessert spoons and forks. The cups are for water, red wine, and champagne from largest to smallest. Got it?”

“Don’t ask me to speak. I’m memorizing it. Salad, fish, main course, and dessert in the middle…”

She muttered, repeating each word. She was determined to memorize everything to avoid embarrassment today.

“Let me show you how to hold them first. Start with the main course.”

In response to his stern tone, she immediately picked up the knife on the inside. Her determination was evident in her firm grip.

“Hold the knife with your right hand, and grip the end of the handle so it touches your palm. The fork is the same. Now, apply pressure with the hand you’re holding them with and cut it in one bite, carefully avoiding the utensils…”


Before he could finish speaking, the knife made an unpleasant sound as it slipped. Edmund, his forehead creased in irritation, tried to speak.

“Again, try not to make any sound…”


“Oh, this knife is terrible!”

She exclaimed in embarrassment, making a loud noise. Using a knife and fork was one of the challenges she had faced all her life, having lived with spoons and chopsticks.

It was the same even in a tonkatsu restaurant. Memories of clumsily tearing the meat into pieces due to a lack of skill flashed through her mind.

“Try it again, with more control this time. You can do it. Don’t embarrass yourself. You can do it!”

With a determined look and a focused mind, she grasped the knife tightly. However, it still made a noise as she applied pressure.

Slip! Slip!

At the same time, Edmund let out a deep sigh. After a brief moment of contemplation, he slowly got up from his seat.

“You mentioned having a weak wrist, right?”

“Huh? Oh… yes.”

In response, he simply nodded. Unbeknownst to her, Edmund’s body was now behind her.

A big man’s hand rose above her small one. As if it was a common occurrence, the tough flesh was sliced smoothly.

She could feel Edmund’s breath on her exposed shoulders. When they turned their heads slowly, two very different gazes met in mid-air.

‘This… is this the second ‘kissing scene’?’

Perhaps due to the proximity, her heart pounded so loudly it felt like it would burst.