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“You already had a child! Congratulations, Daisy.”

“I’m even happier because you’re congratulating me, Edith. Time really flies, doesn’t it?”


The two friends, who met after a long time, walked side by side on the promenade.

Daisy had been a colleague home tutor with Edith when she worked at County Moselle. They were of similar ages and got along well, spending quite a bit of time together until Edith changed her workplace.

“Thinking back, it’s amazing, huh? Meeting Edith here! What’s happening in the capital? Did you decide to move your job entirely?”

“Yes. I thought it would be better to settle down in the capital.”

“That makes sense. Good thinking. Lately, everyone is settling in the capital. It’s great for people like us to find jobs.”

Daisy, like Edith, was a young lady from a poor noble family. In other words, they were nobility in name only. She knew Edith’s situation better than anyone.

“Speaking of which, this is good timing. Should I write you a recommendation letter? I am taking a break from working at County Vicen for a while. The young master is looking for a new home tutor, and you will surely be welcomed. Your experience is good, too.”

“Is that okay? If you do that, I’ll be really grateful.”

“Sure thing, Edith! Don’t worry. I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“Thank you so much, Daisy.”

The two chatted about various things as they walked for a while. Thanks to the lively Daisy, she could relieve her gloomy mood and laugh.

“By the way, Edith, do you still not have anyone special in your life?”

“Who has time to meet people, Daisy? I’m busy making a living!”

The image of the Duke briefly crossed Edith’s mind, but she brushed it off with a thought, ‘It doesn’t make sense.’

“What are you talking about? How many guys have liked you?”


“Poor Jeremy. He had a crush, yet the other party didn’t even notice. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re not so romantic.”

Daisy, who had been clicking her tongue in disappointment, suddenly wore a serious expression. Wondering what was going on, Edith looked at her, and Daisy spoke.

“But maybe that’s for the better. Our Miss Leticia is suffering from unrequited love.”

“Miss Leticia? The daughter of Count Vicen?”

“Yes. Actually, they had plans to marry last year, but it fell through because the master opposed it. Despite that, she can’t give up… Anyway, that’s how it is.”

“Oh… She must be going through a lot.”

Edith expressed sympathy, and Daisy shrugged her shoulders.

“She seems to have fallen for him at first sight. Duke Devion is so handsome, after all.”

“Ah, Devion… Duke Devion?”

Edith, who was trying to agree, was surprised. Daisy asked again, tilting her head.

“Why are you so surprised, Edith? Is there something going on with the duke? Don’t tell me you know each other?”

“No! No, that’s not possible.”

Realizing that she had overreacted, Edith quickly waved her hands, but Daisy responded with a mischievous smile.

“It’s not something to say to the duke, but I’m sorry for him as well. He only has one younger brother as family, and that brother is in such a state.”

“…I heard he’s been possessed by the devil.”

“Edith knows as well? It was quite a mess. It seems like the rumors have spread widely. You know it, too, and you haven’t been here for long.”

Actually, Daisy, I had heard it directly from Duke Devion…

Edith swallowed her thoughts and nodded slowly.

“Thanks to this, everyone avoids Duke Devion. Actually, it’s understandable. If we get involved for no reason, and God gets angry, what to do? We probably won’t even have a blessing at the temple.”

Listening to Daisy’s words, Edith could roughly sense how influential the temple was in the Empire. The territory where she lived was rural, so such tendencies were not as pronounced.

“Moreover, Duke Devion is in trouble with the Magic Tower. From the nobles’ perspective, he would be even more undesirable.”

According to Aaron, it seemed that the relationship between the wizard and the temple was not good, and Duke Devion was in a situation where he was disliked by both sides. No matter how great a war hero he was, it seemed that he wasn’t a welcomed marriage partner.

‘It was a trap, after all.’

Thinking that, Daisy, who had propped her chin with both hands, spoke with a dreamy expression.

“But well, that’s the affairs of high-ranking people. Honestly, if I had someone like Duke Devion, I’d want to get involved at least once. I’ve never seen someone like him before. He even shines, you know?”

Ahaha… Would your husband be sad if he heard this?”

“My husband would understand. The Duke is not just an ordinary man in terms of appearance.”

Even though Edith awkwardly laughed at Daisy’s almost fanatic chatter, Daisy didn’t stop praising.

“But hey, was it just his good looks? He’s also the best at magic. Even if you entrust a simple task to the lowest-ranked mage in the Magic Tower, it costs at least several dozen golds. If he’s the heir to the Magic Tower, it’s probably tens of thousands of gold, right?”

“Tens of thousands of gold?!”

Edith’s mouth hung open.

The money she earned as a tutor for a whole year was around two hundred gold. Even among those in similar situations, she was considered relatively well-off.

But tens of thousands of gold! There was no way an ordinary wizard would perform high-level magic that transcends time and space. A high-level wizard would undoubtedly demand a corresponding fee.

‘…Even if I work myself to the grave, I wouldn’t be able to earn that much money!’

It was an unrealistic amount. Edith felt dizzy just thinking about it. As Edith staggered, Daisy grabbed her in surprise.

“What’s wrong, Edith? Are you sick?”

“No, I just felt dizzy for a moment.”

Devil or money, that was the issue.

She was in deep trouble.

“Um… about Duke Devion’s brother, could I hear more details?”

After a while, Edith gathered her resolve. No matter how frightening the devil was, it couldn’t be scarier than money.

Money was the scariest thing in the world.


* * *


‘This is… the Duke’s residence?’

Edith looked up at the massive gate. It seemed exaggeratedly high as if it could touch the sky. The mansion, surrounded by tall walls, looked like a royal palace in her eyes. The imposing presence of the large mansion was making the already small Edith seem even smaller.

“If you have any intention of continuing the conversation, you can come here.”

On that day, Duke Devion gave Edith an address.

Despite the fact that his tone did not convey any sense of anticipation, it strangely left a lingering feeling in her mind. In truth, Edith had no intention of actually going there. If the cost of placing a request at the Magic Tower weren’t so high, she would never have ended up like this.

‘…Should I go back?’

However, once she arrived, she somehow felt that she had come to the wrong place. The mansion visible beyond the gate was excessively splendid, and the thought of coming here because she had no money didn’t sit well with her.

‘But if I go back from here, I may never see the wizard’s face again.’

At the crossroads of choice, Edith, after much contemplation, was about to turn back.

“Miss Edith Irene Brussels?”

“Yes, I’m Edith… Duke?”

A voice from above called her full name. Edith, who had answered absentmindedly, belatedly confirmed the person who spoke and widened her eyes.

The tall, slender figure, Duke Devion, was gazed down at her.

“Oh, when did you arrive? I didn’t hear any sound…”

Startled by his abrupt appearance, Edith looked around in confusion. There was no carriage around, no matter how much she looked.

“Ah! Did you come here by magic?”

Edith, who was busy glancing around, marveled at the sudden thought and asked. After all, the Duke was an excellent wizard, so it was a possibility.

A dry gaze from the Duke momentarily met Edith’s face and then shifted away.

‘…What did I do wrong?’

Just as a question arose in her mind, he spoke.

“According to Article 13, Section 5 of the Imperial Magical Law, teleportation magic requires approval from the Ministry of Magic at least three days in advance for official matters. Mine was a purely private outing.”

“Oh, um… I see…”

Dazed by the rapid explanation of the law, Edith quietly followed behind him.

‘He seems a bit unique.’