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Life on board the ship turned out to be more boring than I had imagined.

It was hard to believe that it had only been three days since we set sail.

“I’m so bored!”

There were no friends my age on the ship, and my older sisters didn’t really play with me much.

So, I found myself constantly complaining of boredom, twisting and turning restlessly.

‘I can’t approach them because they’re all in such a bad mood.’

There was turmoil when Youngest Sister announced she was quitting her position as a researcher to become an advisor at the Mage Tower.

Eldest and Older Sister were in an uproar, questioning how she could leave a job she had worked so hard to get, whether she was not worried about her future career, and how she could make such an important decision without consulting them.

They fought over the same issues, only communicating to argue.

At this point, Eldest Sister wouldn’t even make eye contact with Youngest Sister, and Older Sister would lock herself in her room.

As a result, I ended up spending most of my time on deck, gazing at the sea.

“I’m so bored!”

I was lying on the deck and rolling around when someone suddenly picked me up. It was Mister Leopold.

“You’ll get your clothes dirty.”

“Mister, I’m bored. Play with me.”

Before Mister Leopold could respond, Mister Marius appeared out of nowhere and joined in.

“Little one, are you bored? How about playing tag with me?”

“Yes! Let’s play tag!”

“If you say I’m the handsomest man in the world, I’ll play tag with you.”

“That’s a lie. Liliana doesn’t lie. Mister Leo, play with me. I’ll make it fun, okay?”

I clung to Mister Leopold’s neck, who was holding me with one arm.

Playing hopscotch or hide and seek would be fun on this spacious ship.

“Leo is busy. If you want to play, play with me.”

“But it’s no fun with just the two of us. Mister Leo, play with us. I want to play with you.”

“Okay, I’ll be ‘it.’ Go hide now.”

Mister Leopold nodded and set me down.

I was thrilled about playing hide and seek after a long time.

Suppressing my laughter, I hopped around, and Mister Marius chuckled.

“Little one, let’s go hide quickly.”

“Mister Leo, count to one hundred before you start looking for us. Got it?”

Without waiting for Mister Leopold’s response, I quickly ran inside the ship.

Where could I hide so Mister Leopold wouldn’t find me?

Heading to my room would surely give me away.

After some thought, I ran to the dining hall, which was usually empty except during meal times.

“Where should I hide?!”

Entering the dining hall, I quickly hid under a table, clutching my thumping heart.

The long, crisp white tablecloth hid me so well that no one would ever know I was there.

“Yay, I’m so excited!”

I hoped the hundred seconds would pass quickly. Hehehe.

Soon, I heard footsteps in the corridor, making my heart race. I hurriedly covered my mouth to suppress my giggles.

The door opened with a start, and I thought my heart would leap out of my chest.

Was it Mister Leopold? I felt a tickle in my stomach.

But the voices I heard didn’t belong to Mister Leopold; they were my twin sisters’.

“Once we reach the empire, go back to Trovanza. You specialize in ability research, so it doesn’t make sense for you to study magic at the Tower.”

“And what about you? You’re seriously considering a relationship with a man you’ve hardly dated? And now talking about emigrating to the empire? If this isn’t madness, what is?”

“…I like Leopold. I truly do. I don’t want to lose him. And life in the empire won’t be easy, so how will Eldest Sister take care of Liliana alone? She’s not in good health. I must go with her.”

My heart, which had been leaping with excitement from the hide and seek, suddenly sank.

“I’ll take care of Liliana. Go back and continue your research. You love studying, right? Emilia, please.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m going to study abroad to learn more. I’ve long wanted to research the overlap of ability, magic, and divine power. I want to unravel this mystery, so don’t jump to conclusions.”

Footsteps faded away after Youngest Sister’s retort, and the door soon slammed shut.


Older Sister sighed, followed by soft sobs.

Trapped under the table, I chewed on my fingernails and hunched my shoulders.


“Oh, Mister Leopold…”

“Were you crying?”

“No, there’s just something in my eye. But what brings you here?”

“I’m just passing by…”

“I wonder where Liliana is.”

Then, Mister Marius’ booming voice echoed in the corridor.

“She’s hiding for the game.”

“Really? Then let’s find her together.”

“It’s okay, I want to get closer to Liliana. Oh, I’ll escort you to the front. Let’s go.”

Mister Leopold and Older Sister left the dining hall together.

The door closed with a click, and I was left alone in the dining room.

Only then was I able to let the tears I’d been holding back fall freely.

‘I guess I’m a burden to my sisters.’

“Hic. Sob.”

Overwhelmed with sadness, I buried my face in my knees.

I knew my sisters loved me, but I still felt very scared sometimes.

I was scared that I was a nuisance or a bother to them.

‘I wish I had a mom and dad, too.’

Like my friends, I wanted to call out to a mother.

I wished for a father to lift me onto his shoulders, to push me on a swing.


As I wiped my eyes with my sleeve, unable to stop crying, the tablecloth was suddenly lifted, allowing sunlight to pour in.

Mister Marius bent down and crawled under the table toward me.

“Little one, why are you crying here alone?”

Mister Marius pulled me to him and wrapped an arm around my shoulders as if he knew.

He silently stayed by my side.

“…Do you find Liliana annoying, Mister?”

“Huh? No, why?”

“No. You’re annoyed, aren’t you?”

I was just a tag-along to his fiancée, not his sister or his cousin.

Even if he felt obliged to indulge his youngest sister-in-law, it must be bothersome.

“I’m so happy to be family with Liliana, but I guess Liliana doesn’t want to be family with me.”

“…I won’t hate you anymore. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t dislike Liliana. Playing with you is so much fun, so why would I dislike it?”

Mister Marius pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and placed it on my nose.





“That’s enough. You can breathe now, right?”

“Wow! It’s clear now!”

“You’re such a little one; even your nose gets blocked. Looks like Mister needs to play with Liliana every day, huh?”

“I’m not a little one.”

“Then a chestnut?”

“Not a chestnut!”

“Then… a peanut?”

“No! I… won’t play with you!”

Caught up in Mister Marius’ antics, my gloomy mood vanished, and I felt hot with frustration.

I couldn’t stay with Mister Marius like this.

Annoyed, I emerged from under the table to find Mister Leopold, who had quietly returned to the dining hall, catching me.

“I found you, Liliana.”

“You gave us away, Mister!”

“It’s not my fault, it’s just that the peanut was too loud.”

“I said I’m not a peanut! If you keep this up, I won’t play with you anymore!”

“Hahaha. She says she won’t play with me!”

Mister Marius held his belly and laughed, which made me even more irritated.

Mister Leopold then lifted me onto his shoulders.


Riding on Mister Leopodl’s shoulders made me feel incredibly happy, as if all my previous crying and anger were just a lie.

So, I didn’t notice that he didn’t ask me why I was crying.

Mister Leopold carried me on his shoulders to the deck.

I thought there wouldn’t be any seagulls so far from land, but seabirds were circling the ship.

Mister Marius suddenly handed me a biscuit.

“Throw the biscuit, and the seabirds will snatch it up. Try it.”


“You don’t trust me?”

“Umm, I do but…”

I muttered hesitantly, and Mister Marius visibly deflated in disappointment.

I quickly added.

“Okay, I’ll trust you this one time.”

I threw the biscuit into the air, and the birds circling nearby swooped down and snatched it in midair.

“Wow! They ate it! Did you see? They ate the biscuit I threw!”

“Want to do it some more?”

“Yes! Give me more biscuits!”

So, I continued to throw biscuits until Mister Marius’ supply was all gone.

* * *

I had to stand on my tiptoes and stretch my arms just to reach the sink.

After washing my sticky, biscuit crumb covered hands, I stepped out of the restroom and saw Mister Marius and Mister Leopold talking in the corridor.

“You were right to take Regina away earlier.”

“It seems Lady Regina didn’t know the child was there. Was she crying a lot?”

“Just a little.”

“It reminds me of Edgar and makes me feel uneasy. By the way, you seemed friendly with the kid.”

“Isn’t she just too cute? Unlike with Edgar, I feel a connection.”

“Don’t be so distant from Edgar. He’s the only flesh and blood you have left.”

“I know that because he’s exactly that.”

Hearing the heavy tone in Mister Marius’ voice, I shouted loudly to announce my return.

“Liliana’s back!”

“Little one. I thought your short legs wouldn’t reach the sink, but you washed your hands, huh?”

“My legs aren’t short.”

“Are you sure? You’re practically half the size of a kid.”

“I hate you!”

To protest against Mister Marius, I deliberately wiped my wet hands on his clothes.

Mister Marius pretended to be outraged, making a fuss, which made me burst into laughter.

“Your Majesty, I’ve been looking for you. There’s an urgent matter that needs your attention.”

Just then, Mister Max arrived and whisked Mister Marius away to attend to some matter, leaving just Mister Leopold and me in the corridor.

Even after he saved me from being hit by a carriage and gave me a piggyback ride, I felt a strange distance between Mister Leopold and me, unlike with Mister Marius.

So, I handed Mister Leopold a piece of chocolate.

“Here, Mister, eat this.”


He looked curiously at the chocolate I offered.

Holding onto Mister Leopold’s long pinky, I whispered.

“Shh! Since we shared a chocolate without sisters knowing, we’re best friends now, right?”

Mister Leopold smiled happily at my words.

On the third day on board, we became best friends.

And a week later, the ship docked at the harbor of the empire.