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Laria arrived at Count Rostri’s residence and felt a little remorseful.

It had been a really long time since she had been to Count Rostri’s residence. She had not come since the day Duke Icard took her away. Although she had only heard that the debtors had divided the shares among themselves and sold it to someone, it seemed that Fred had gotten them back anyway.


First, Fred showed Laria the room she used as a child.

“This is your room.”

“Why is my room here?”

“The next room is the baby’s room.”

“…Brother. This is useless…”

“I filled it with only good things. Would you like to go?”

“Is it left or right?”

Indeed, the baby’s room that he had decorated was so pretty that Laria had Lisa, who followed her, pick up a few things she liked.

While having tea in the garden, Fred spoke calmly.

“Did you see that we’ve made all the seats for you? If he acts like a fool again, come back anytime.”

“What’s the point of coming back? Didn’t you hear the rumor? I am the real power of Duchy Icard.”


Fred shook his head.

“Anyway, our parents have died. I’m the head of the family, and I feel sorry for the situation that forced you to follow someone you have never seen before at fourteen years old.”

“It’s not your fault, okay?”

“How cute you were… to that little boy who looked like a cow thief…”

“The baby listens.”

Laria glanced down as she placed her hand on her still-flat stomach.

“You might see a nephew who looks just like that cow thief, so watch your mouth.”


“And I know that Evan is doing this on purpose because he still feels bad for using brother.”

“…I got caught.”

“While I heard you accepted all the apologies and gifts, there’s no way brother truly accepted them.”

“Of course. I will never forget this in my life.”

“But still.”

Laria looked around and grinned.

“It’s not bad for the baby to have a maternal family like this. I heard you became the Princess’s closest confidant.”

“Yes. I am her closest associate, and she said I shouldn’t live like a beggar, so she also laid the foundation for me to find a mansion like this.”

In the end, the foundation was money… and Elanie’s money came from Seymour. In the end, all of this meant that it was Seymour’s money again. Even though Laria was feeling sorry for Seymour for the hundredth time, Fred pushed up his glasses and smiled prettily.

“Five years.”


“I will elevate the County Rostri to high-ranking nobility within five years.”

“Yes, good luck.”

It would be great for the baby to have a powerful uncle, so she wholeheartedly supported her brother.

“Because I also plan to support Princess Elanie.”

Laria became terribly generous to Elanie just because Elanie was not entangled with her husband anymore. She couldn’t help it. After all, she was not someone with a clear distinction between public and private life.

“Within five years, I will reduce the Emperor’s influence and further strengthen the Princess’ position. To do that, Prince Ronald has to collapse even more than he is now.”

“Yes, do your best.”

It seemed like Fred would be good at drawing the big picture even without Laria working hard. In any case, he did a great job of being the older brother he had been unable to do. He had prepared a system and a sanctuary where she could return at any time.

Laria was so satisfied that she carefully selected and packed only the luxury items she liked among the things Fred had bought.

Eventually, she returned to Duke Ikard’s residence…

“Laria, you’re back?”

As soon as she got out of the carriage, she ran into Evan.

“Have you been waiting here?”

“No, I was taking a walk in the garden.”

“…Alright, well, let’s say so.”

“I missed you.”

Evan whispered, hugging Laria tightly from behind.

‘Wow, I can’t believe my husband is so clingy to me just because I visited my parents’ house in the afternoon…’

Smiling slightly embarrassed, Laria covered Evan’s hand.

“So did I. Let’s go in quickly.”

‘He’s really so cute.’

She added as she smiled brightly.

“My husband is so cute… Why did everyone treat you like a madman?”


“When you came to get me. Olivia and Nathan both thought you would kidnap me and imprison me.”


Of course, even though Evan’s appearance was scary at the time, Laria was the only one who still found him cute.

“To be honest, I am the one capable of kidnapping and imprisoning someone.”

Evan froze slightly at those words, which surprised Laria a little.

‘It was a joke, but maybe it was too harsh… Well, if it were me, I could do that cleverly without being noticed by others.’

Laria was about to add that she was joking and that he shouldn’t be scared.

“So… when and where are you going to imprison me? If Lisa suddenly hits me on the head from behind one day, do I have to quietly lose consciousness?”


“That’s fine by me anytime. Oh, should I buy you a remote territory in a corner of the continent? Decorate it slowly to your liking.”

She was left speechless by his serious words.

“Do you think I was being serious?”



She decided to be a little more humble in other people’s eyes from now on. It seemed that there was a reason why everyone treated him like a crazy person. In addition, she noticed that Kallaudin and Evan’s relationship did not worsen despite the passing of the divorce law.

“I think the relationship between Father and Evan has improved since I went on an outing to my parents’ house.”

She spoke proudly to Lisa.

“Father cracked a joke.”

Kallaudin had never told jokes since some time ago. It was a representation of his heavy heart. The fact that he started joking meant that the Duke’s residence was feeling a little more comfortable than before.

“He asked you to bring me a blanket because he wanted to blanket me with warmth… I’m Sorry, Lisa. For delivering something that you don’t need to.”

“It’s okay, Lady Laria. I’m an exemplary maid, so I can endure this much.”

Thanks to this, Laria was able to wait for her child with a completely lightened heart.







Side Story 4 — Gift.

Laria’s due date is about ten days away.

While the Duke’s residence was filled with tension, joy, and excitement, Lisa was suddenly called by Evan. It was the first time Evan had secretly invited Lisa, so she was a bit nervous.

“It’s nothing much.”

Evan uttered with a face dripping with cold air.

“I wanted to give Laria a birth gift. I don’t know when the baby will come, so I think it needs to be prepared in advance.”

Although it was a simple and ordinary thing, when Evan said it with that scary face, it strangely had the effect of making her shiver.

‘Lady Laria, what part of the Young Duke is so cute…’

Lisa spoke calmly, holding her hands together.

“Then, the reason you called me…”

“I would like to get it myself, though now that Laria is due to give birth, it is difficult to leave. So, I want to ask you.”

“Yes. Then, first of all, I’ll go to the jewelers and tailors…”

“I’m not calling you to buy jewelry, clothes, or anything like that.”

“Well, is there anything you have in mind?”

“I don’t know that.”

Lisa managed to swallow her groan.

She knew it well, having lived as a capable maid for a long time. The most difficult time for her as a maid was not when the master asked her to do something difficult. It was when the master asked her to get something they didn’t even know about.

“I want to give Laria a gift that will give her unexpected joy, other than the things I usually buy, but I can’t think of anything.”

“How on earth can I do that when you don’t even know…”

“I thought you would know well since you are Laria’s closest associate.”

With his words, Lisa quickly nodded her head and spoke resolutely.

“I know her well. I am Lady Laria’s closest associate.”

“First of all, what I thought about was…”

Evan frowned and spoke uncertainly as if he wasn’t at all sure.

“Clothes or accessories that were knitted or sewed by myself with a lot of care….”

“Absolutely not.”

Lisa was startled and answered immediately.

“Lady Laria is someone who is more interested in price than sincerity.”

“I think so, too. I cooked for her before, yet she didn’t like it very much.”

“Yes, just hire a top chef. That would be much better.”

“Or like a letter or diary written every day thinking about Laria…”

“Lady Laria likes provoking stories. No matter how much you write, she won’t be very interested in the content where everything is just ‘I love you’.”

“…That’s my opinion, too, but solving it with money is more difficult. She already has everything she wants.”


“If Serena is here, I would call her and ask…”

“No, Young Duke.”

When the name Serena came up, Lisa hurriedly spoke without realizing it.

“I am much closer than Serena. I will prepare well. Please trust me and leave it to me.”

And just like that, she had a huge task.