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After enough time had passed that the salon members’ relationship with each other had become quite bad, Olivia yawned and stood up.

“I’ve made up my mind who it will be. I’m going now.”

At those words, everyone looked at her with their hearts pounding. The girls’ cheeks also flushed red with anticipation at the thought that they could become the next Duchess.


Olivia pointed at one of the women with the tip of her fan.

“You’re not married, right? There’s no such thing as a fiancé, right?”

“…What? Me?”

While the chaos was going on, Matilda, who had been talking quietly with Mrs. Lizzie in the corner, blinked in surprise.

“Yes, you.”

Matilda was so shocked that she remained frozen without being able to respond.

“If you graduated valedictorian from the academy, you must be good with numbers. You seem to be doing a good job with your work, too.”

Everyone was dumbfounded and stared at Olivia blankly.

“There’s no way you’re going to tell Kalaudin what to do when you’re a countryside Viscounty, so there is no troublesome maternal family.”

Her voice was the only voice that echoed in the atmosphere, as if cold water had been poured.

“Though, seeing as you don’t send money home, I know you won’t be complaining to your parents.”

Gradually, astonishment passed over people’s faces. Olivia wasn’t fooling around now.

“More than anything, people are criticizing you behind your back, but when I see you pretending not to notice, your personality is different from mine. Everything matches Kallaudin’s conditions.”

She smiled brightly and clapped her hands.

“Isn’t this the perfect arranged marriage? Come on, let’s go. By the way, what is your full name?”

“That’s ridiculous…!”

Marchioness Daniac stood up, banging the table.

“To choose that poor girl over all these noble ladies, if there was someone you liked from the beginning, why did you continue until now…”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

Olivia rolled her eyes and got angry.

“Who says I like her? I absolutely hate those who are so corrupt and can’t even say things properly. I didn’t like her from the beginning!”

Matilda rolled her blue eyes around and said nothing as if embarrassed.

“I told you, it was an arranged marriage. She’s just the girl Kallaudin wanted!”

Olivia grinned and raised the corners of her mouth after her rant.

“Of course, I enjoyed your tearful mating dance. It’s true that I watched it until now because it was fun.”

Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

“Cynthia Daniac.”

Olivia added leisurely, looking at Cynthia.

“In the past, you excluded me from the list because you said you weren’t worthy of my attention because you were lacking a lot, right? I commend you for your wise self-understanding. As expected, you fall far short of my attention.”

When she was just repeating the excuses Cynthia used to exclude her from the salon list, she couldn’t protest anymore. Therefore, after that, the criticism of Matilda naturally began. It was because she couldn’t put Olivia down.

“No, what I’m saying is that she’s an advisor in the dressing room, and she’s no better than an assistant… Her parents won’t be able to help at all, right?”

“Do you really think that Miss Matilda is suitable as Duchess Icard?”

“I heard she was always sloppy and had poor physical strength. Icard always has problems with heirs. Is that okay?”

Matilda could only sit quietly amidst the torrent of criticism. However, when Olivia dragged her out and they were alone, she eventually opened her mouth.

“I didn’t say anything there earlier because I was afraid Lady Olivia would be in trouble, though I don’t think I’m the right person for the position of Duchess Icard.”

“I think so, too. It doesn’t suit you.”

Olivia replied indifferently.

“When did you give me any consideration just because you saw me? All of a sudden, you get all kinds of abuse, so you can just say no.”

“Uh… Well, that’s not it…”

Matilda was somewhat taken aback by her words, which seemed out of focus, but she calmly continued her words.

“Isn’t there a valid reason for what many people pointed out? Think about it again…”

“Then, think of it as just getting a job. It’s not a marriage, it’s an engagement, but if you work for the Duchy and you decide it’s not right, you can just break off the engagement, right?”


No matter how wise and calm she was, Matilda could not win over Olivia, who was stubborn.

“If it’s with Duchy Icard, your experience breaking off the engagement will actually increase your resume.”

“That’s not the problem, Lady Olivia. I’m not good enough to be a high-ranking noble family…”

“You’re not enough.”

Olivia uttered coldly.

“It is enough to have the insight and intelligence to call me Lady Olivia, not Madam Livienne. Of course, I won’t take you if you don’t like it…”

Matilda was only holding on to her white dress, unable to help the seemingly innocent blue eyes.

“At least meet Kallaudin once and then decide. It’ll be much better than working while looking at Mrs. Lizzie’s face.”

In the end, what moved Matilda was curiosity, for she too had often heard in the dressing room that the young Duke Icard was quite handsome.

So, Matilda went to Duchy Icard with Olivia on the spot.







As soon as Olivia arrived at the Duke’s residence, she went to Kallaudin with Matilda in tow.

“This is a kid who fits the conditions you asked for. Although she’s the daughter of a poor noble family who works in a clothing store, she has some talent and insight. She’s a top graduate of the academy.”

Matilda was surprised to see Kallaudin, a boy who was more handsome than she imagined, and at the same time, she was embarrassed by Olivia’s endless explanations and could not even say hello properly.

“But it seems like engagement is a burden.”


Kallaudin said dryly before he calmly suggested, looking at Matilda.

“Then, how about you stay as Aunt’s agent for now? From now on, you will be going down to Livienne often, but on the condition that you take care of Aunt’s business. I will pay you more than the dressing room.”

Matilda had worked in the dressing room for money anyway, so she had no reason to refuse.

“Then, if you like me, let’s get engaged. I’ll give you about three months.”

Hmm… Is there any possibility that the Duke might not like me?”

“I like any woman who has the ability and patience to endure my aunt for three months.”

And so began their strange employment relationship right before their engagement.

The next events proceeded smoothly.

The clever Matilda handled Olivia’s affairs quickly and competently, and the people of the Duke’s residence quickly fell in love with her kind and wise nature. To be honest, so much has changed from having Olivia as the mistress.

Since Matilda was so good at everything, Olivia’s stay at Livienne increased, and Kallaudin and Matilda had more time together.

Especially Matilda…

‘Oh my god, he looks so perfect. I’m happy just to look at it…….’

Despite being burdened with Duchy Icard, she was possessed by Kallaudin’s face.

“My hometown is famous for its water fog. Sometimes I miss it.”

“Well, I don’t want to show it here.”


“…The jokes haven’t started yet. I was going to say that putting dogs in water isn’t my thing. I like dogs.”

Ahahahahaha, I just enjoy seeing your face as you prepare to tell a joke. I’m laughing in advance because I know it’s going to be fun anyway.”

Despite the fact that there was a bit more emphasis on ‘your face’ rather than ‘preparing to make a joke,’ Matilda’s smile was genuine anyway. Soon, they became engaged less than three months beforehand.

To the outside world, it was naturally known as an ordinary arranged marriage.

“It’s not the right level. How should I accept this?”

“They said she survived under the evil woman of Livienne for three months. It’s an arranged marriage based on sufficient conditions.”

“Yes, I guess I’ll have to accept it.”

Like everyone else, Olivia grumbled until the end, even though she was the matchmaker for them.

“That docile thing doesn’t suit Icard. I don’t like the fact that it’s a bit impractical.”

As news of their engagement spread, all sorts of gossip about Matilda began to circulate in the capital’s social circles. Some said she was deliberately targeting Olivia, that she wouldn’t last long anyway, that Olivia was bewitched by a mean girl who catered to her, and that she would devour Icard…

Even when Matilda’s health deteriorated rapidly after the wedding, and the doctor’s opinion was that it would be difficult for her to become pregnant, there were many people who talked behind her back.

“Look, Icard is finished now.”

“Duke Icard cares so much about that fox-like woman that he would never think of having an illegitimate child with her. As for the evil woman of Livienne, she had shot herself in the foot.”

“What if… the Duchess dies?”

“Then, there will be a lot of families lining up to remarry.”

All the vicious rumors spread mainly from Marchioness Daniac’s salon.

Olivia went to see her a few times, but after Matilda died, she never went back again. It was because she was also so heartbroken that everything became meaningless due to Matilda’s death.