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What they used is truly magical. A typical magic that Jiwoo thought of before coming to a place like this, like something out of a fairy tale book.

Jiwoo watched large and small fish move in schools under her feet, and when a fish larger than her own body passed by, she opened her mouth in admiration.

“Uw, ywaah.”

Callan smiled when he saw Jiwoo, showing that she liked it like a child.

“Seo Jiwoo showed incredible strength to even bring Elandos back to life, but is this all you find surprising?”

“Well… My power is always active.”

“Then can you turn it on and off?”

“I, I don’t know. Kyahh…!”

Splash. Jiwoo jumped up and down, making a fuss. As she leaned closer to Callan, who held her hand for fear of falling into the water he laughed.

“You won’t fall. Don’t worry.”

“A fish just touched my foot!”

Tevon, who was walking next to her, suddenly joined in.

“Have you seen such a cheeky fellow? Should I try that fish today?”

“Can you catch it?”

“Do you think there’s something I can’t catch?”

“Jiwoo, then shall we rest there sometime in the evening?”

The place that Lanceil pointed to was not far away.

“But is that okay? I think we’re going too slowly right now.”

“We’re going a little slowly on purpose. You need to get to know this place better.”

“But we have urgent work to do. They said they waited a long time too.”

“A tree that has been riddled with disease for an entire century won’t just suddenly die with a delay of just a few hours.”

‘Is it okay to say something like that?’

It is said that the children of Elandos have a respectable attitude towards trees, but they seem to be a bit cold-hearted when it comes to trees that are not theirs.


Finally, as the sun was about to set, they settled down at the place that Lanceil had pointed out earlier.

The moon seen from El Ragneil was white and blue. The pale moon was dyeing the quiet river a blue-purple color. Since it was a sight that could not be seen in Caranazion, Jiwoo watched it in fascination.

The branches of Elandos stretched high into the sky, looking like cracks in the sky created by the moonlight. It was truly amazing that the entire sky looked like white leaf veins.

While looking at the scenery of the river without losing track of time, Jiwoo followed along while holding Lanceil’s hand, who had come by to invite her to eat.

In front of the bonfire. A large deer hind leg was dripping with oil and being cooked. The basket next to it was filled with appetizing items, including large chunks of bread and cheese, a jar of sweet butter and honey, and a large bowl of savory and chewy mushroom salad.

While handing over a wooden bowl and spoon that looked like they had just been carved, Lanceil spoke with concern.

“Here, take this. Are you tired?”

“I’m not that tired.”

Lanceil shook his head.

“Your breathing is irregular. I don’t think you realize that your body is tired.”

Callan listens to the heartbeat, and Lanceil hears the sound of breathing. She didn’t know whether having good ears was an advantage or not.

The bowl contained porridge boiled with plenty of various vegetables and grains. She thought it would just be soft, but when she took a bite, she found that it was chewy. The more she chewed, the more the light taste became apparent.

“What is this?”

“That guy Tevon caught it earlier. I wonder if you wanted to eat fish today. Now, try this too.”

In addition, there was a salad with well-mixed almonds and apple slices, and a brownie that could be eaten as dessert.

Because there were so many people moving around, there was a lot of food prepared. Looking at this, it appears that they were simply traveling to El Ragnile, not to save the dying Elandos.

“I feel like I came out to have fun.”

Jiwoo mumbled absentmindedly and then looked at the rest of the group as if she were sorry.

Asilion, who represented them, took a step forward and smiled. Long white hair fluttered softly in the heat of the campfire.

“It’s okay. This group of wizards is too young to be a guide here, so there is nothing we can do. Even if it takes a bit longer, I will not complain when I am receiving a favor. Of course… We can do better if you let us guide you.”

“Ah, so you mean we can hurry up a bit?”

“Of course, Seo Jiwoo. Since we have lived in El Ragneil for much longer than them, we can accommodate many conveniences.”

“More than this?”

It’s still enough, but she can’t imagine a more comfortable or better way to travel.

“Absolutely. The direction I guide will not be any more burdensome to this group.”

“Really? Then it’s better to do it.”

“I’m glad you acknowledged it.”

Actually, either way was fine with Jiwoo, but she didn’t want to spend too much time outside before the wedding. She had to go back early and give a gift to the sulking Enci.

When Jiwoo was blankly thinking about returning, she heard something unexpected.

“Then is it okay if I take it positively? For the possibility that you would consider us as your partners.”


Jiwoo asked back, wondering if she had misheard.

“I think we are of much more value to you than these young children.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Before Jiwoo could respond, Tevon dropped down from the tree. In his hand was a large tree branch, probably to be used as firewood. He spoke irritably to Asilion as he roughly threw a twig into the fire.

“Hey, you don’t even know where Seo Jiwoo comes from? Before Caranazion, she lived in another dimension. And the older you get, the less valuable you are.”

Tevon lifted his chin in pride.

“You guys are ancient!”


Asilion was taken aback, Tevon did not stop there and patted Helkainis’ back and said proudly.

“Our greatest old man is also younger than your youngest! How can you compare!”


Helka closed his eyes and pursed his lips.

It was a bizarre sight, with Helka, who was said to be over a thousand years old, being called an old man and at the same time being treated as young and lively.

Asilion jerked her head in Jiwoo’s direction.

“Is that true?”

“What, what?”

“Are we… considered ancient at this age?”

Jiwoo swallowed her breath in surprise because the question was asked in a very combative manner. It was as if sparks suddenly flew out.

“Th, that…! You can’t judge something like that…”

“Don’t the people of Caranazion also respect their elders? Unless getting older means going backwards in time, it is true that wisdom and experience accumulate over time. I guess it doesn’t matter what world you come from… Aren’t famous scholars and generals who made majors respected for their experiences? How can we become ancient…”

“Not ancient!”

Jiwoo raised both her hands and waved them before the misunderstanding grew.

“It is true that people with a lot of experience and knowledge are respected. It’s natural.”

“Then what does ‘ancient’ mean…?”

“That’s not it. I don’t mean that…”

Looking at it, it’s a simple problem, but trying to solve it in words was troublesome.

“That… So, the dating market, no, marriage… Not in relationships between opposite sexes… Haaa…”

“Please speak slowly.”

Not only Asilion’s group, but even Jiwoo’s group gathered around the bonfire.

In this way, an unexpected opportunity for learning opened up.

Jiwoo had to give a proper explanation to clear up the misunderstanding in the middle.

“First… Humans don’t live that long. It was the same where I lived. The method of leaving a successor is also different from that of children of Elandos.”

“I have a question.”


“So, the purpose of temptation is to create a successor, and the subject of temptation prefers the short period of time when reproductive ability is at its peak and is active then?”