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“What did you say?”

Deep in thought, Dahlia suddenly lifted her head. Once again, Ulysses gently wrapped his arm around Dahlia’s shoulders.

“The night air is growing chilly. Shall we head inside, Dahlia?”


Dahlia entered the ballroom, leaning on Ulysses as if needing support. However, Ulysses couldn’t stay by Dahlia’s side for long. The imperial crown prince couldn’t linger with Dahlia due to the many noble youths eager to speak with him.

“Dahlia, please wait a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Dahlia bid Ulysses farewell, offering reassurance in her gesture. Soon, the crowd, despite Evelyn’s pressure, had been somewhat kind to Dahlia and now began to stick around her.

“Young Lady Hebe, it’s been a while.”

“Oh, Young Lady Misch.”

“There was something I wanted to tell you. Reportedly, Young Lady Praviche has found an engagement partner.”

Misch whispered, her hand covering her mouth.

“It’s Marquis Celestian. He conveyed the news to Young Lady Praviche as if it were a matter of life and death, and the abrupt change in attitude was quite startling.”

“That’s right. Young Lady Hebe went through unnecessary trouble.”

Dahlia simply smiled, refusing to engage in the ladies’ gossip. Frustrated with Dahlia’s reluctance to participate in gossip, the ladies were on the verge of saying something when…

“Dahlia, sorry for making you wait.”

“Your Highness.”

Ulysses quickly finished his greetings and approached Dahlia. The ladies who were trying to compete with Dahlia through Ulysses were startled and stepped back, and Ulysses clicked his tongue.

“What were they saying?”

“Oh, nothing. I didn’t say anything.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Now, let’s dance.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Dahlia took Ulysses’ hand and walked to the center of the hall. However, neither Ulysses nor Dahlia could fully concentrate on the dance. Dahlia was in a complicated state.

Marquis Raphael Celestian. Could it be that he is Evelyn’s fiancé?

‘He seems to have no superior qualities compared to me.’

Ulysses also had a puzzled expression. Raphael was like the air in the social circle. However, today he seemed to exude a presence similar to Evelyn’s.

Admittedly, he is handsome. However, the type of handsomeness he possesses is quite different from mine. It means he doesn’t have the kind of face Evelyn would like.

On the other hand, Dahlia couldn’t hide her disappointment.

‘…I thought he was somewhat similar to me.’

On that day, upon returning home, Dahlia investigated Raphael. He was a marquis, and although his family was not particularly poor, his attire seemed modest, and his gentle touch when handing over a handkerchief, and even his upright eyes were a plus.

He was truly an admirable and likable man. Of course, it wasn’t a romantic interest. Dahlia already had Ulysses.

But upon learning that he was Evelyn’s fiancé, Dahlia felt as if she had been struck on the head with a hammer.

“Evelyn, I brought some drinks.”

“I was just getting thirsty. You’re quite observant.”

Upon hearing the sudden voice, Dahlia turned her gaze toward Evelyn and Raphael, who appeared inseparable and quite close to each other.

Those eyes of Raphael. They were different from the eyes that looked at her when they met on the street. To anyone, those seemed like eyes in love.

Evelyn’s eyes were a bit different. Although different from the fervent love she had for Ulysses, her current expression appeared significantly happier.

‘Does Evelyn prefer Raphael over His Highness?’

Dahlia had never seen Evelyn’s eyes sparkle with such vitality before. With that kind of gaze, it was hard to suspect a disguised fiancé.

A twist of discomfort gnawed at Dahlia’s insides, darkening her expression. After the dance, Ulysses seemed to notice Dahlia’s troubled complexion and asked with a concerned face.

“Dahlia, is there something bothering you?”

“…No. It’s just that the air feels stuffy. I want to get some fresh air.”

“Then let’s go to the terrace.”

Dahlia shook her head, declining his suggestion.

“It’s alright. Your Highness is busy. Besides, I don’t want to create unnecessary gossip.”

Unaware of Dahlia’s true feelings, Ulysses was moved by her consideration and willingly allowed her to leave.

Dahlia avoided the crowd and opened the curtains to the terrace. Alone on the terrace, the smile she had been wearing disappeared in an instant.

Despite the cool night air, her chest remained tight.


Bowing her head and clutching the railing tightly, Dahlia sighed deeply in a brief moment of stillness.

“Young Lady Hebe.”


At the sound of her name being called, Dahlia quickly turned around. It was Evelyn. How impolite to enter while someone is already present.

“Despite her wealth and esteemed family, Dahlia always sensed a lack of manners in Evelyn. Unable to express such thoughts, Dahlia gracefully bowed her head.

“I apologize. I will vacate the seat for you.”

As Dahlia tried to pass by Evelyn, she suddenly hesitated as Evelyn extended her arm to block the terrace exit.


Dahlia looked up at Evelyn with a bewildered expression. With an unusually relaxed face, Evelyn asked, “What’s annoying you?”


“Hmm? What’s bothering you?”

At that moment, Dahlia felt her heart sinking. Could it be that Evelyn heard her muttered words just now?

Until now, no one had caught her in such a vulnerable moment. But to be discovered by Evelyn, of all people. Dahlia wanted to escape from this situation right away.

No, wait.

‘Why should I run away?’

Dahlia’s pupils dilated involuntarily. Evelyn always pushed Dahlia, and Dahlia always fled. Even though she already had Ulysses, she played this game with Evelyn.

Dahlia lifted her head.

“Young Lady Hebe. Can you hear me?”

Evelyn cornered Dahlia against the terrace railing and inquired.

‘Those eyes again.’

Dahlia detested the condescending gaze and arrogance in Evelyn’s eyes. Anger surging within her, Dahlia clenched her fist and questioned, “Milady, do I amuse you?”


A twitch crossed Evelyn’s eyebrows. Normally, Dahlia would have been half terrified and trembling, but this time the situation was different.

Silently, Dahlia pleaded for an end to the torment.

“If you wanted to catch His Highness’ attention, even if it meant lying about no longer loving him, it would have been easier to understand. But suddenly engaged?”

“Am I not allowed to be engaged?”

“Yes, I am displeased.”

A twitch crossed Evelyn’s eyebrows again, this time clearly displaying an angry expression. Dahlia, feeling it was the right time, questioned with a disdainful look in her eyes.

“If milady is so readily willing to relinquish His Highness, what is it that torments you so? Is love just a game for milady?”


Silence lingered as Evelyn refrained from responding. Dahlia recounted all the things Evelyn had done to her until now.

“When you deliberately tripped me and asked me to confess while intentionally causing a scratch on my jewelry, I endured it all. Because I knew how passionately milady loved His Highness—”


Evelyn interrupted Dahlia. Dahlia, lost in thoughts of those painful moments, frowned in discontent. Evelyn chuckled at Dahlia’s reddened nose, seemingly unjust, and sneered.

“When did you endure and pass over? Didn’t you rush over and blurt it out to His Highness?”


In that moment, Dahlia forgot to breathe, her eyes wide like those of a startled rabbit. The previous Evelyn would have been too preoccupied with her anger to notice such contradictions.

In haste, Dahlia lowered her gaze and mumbled.

“…No. It’s a misunderstanding, milady.”

“Is that so? Then the crushed hat must also be my imagination, right?”


A shudder ran through Dahlia, her shoulders trembling. In contrast, Evelyn displayed a triumphant smile. With an air of pity, Evelyn gently lifted Dahlia’s chin with her slender fingers, speaking as if to seduce her.

“Why, it’s just the two of us here. How much time has passed between us? Shall we unveil our true feelings for once?”

Dahlia couldn’t utter a word.

Evelyn, simultaneously amusing and terrifying, always made Dahlia feel more amused than scared. However, at this moment, the fear slightly outweighed the amusement.

Evelyn reveled in Dahlia’s reaction, her voice maintaining a cheerful tone.

“Well, the rest was just my imagination. But did I really ruin the hat that could be presented to the Emperor? No, it was perfectly fine.”

“That’s a misunderstanding, milady!”

Evelyn’s smile disappeared.