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As Cahill had a gleam in his eyes and hugged her from behind, his already hard member pressed against her buttocks.

“Once this is over, let’s leave immediately. At that time, you can do as much as you want.”

Holly recalled the words she had said to soothe him when exploring the secret space at Lyla’s house.

‘…He won’t forget such things.’

She inwardly clicked her tongue.

“Surely, a trespasser will appear late at night or in the early morning.”

Opening her mouth, she released Cahill’s arm that was around her waist.

“So, is it a no again?”

As his eyes flashed, it seemed like he was ready to undress right away. Holly shook her head and extended her arm.

“I don’t want to get interrupted, so make sure to lock it and get started.”

When her fingertips were directed towards the wardrobe placed on one side of the room, he quickly approached and lifted the wardrobe with ease.

“It feels like you’re not really human.”

She looked at Cahill’s back, who didn’t waver a bit while holding the wardrobe.


* * *


The top was completely removed, and the pants were down to the calves.

The well-endowed breasts, pressed under the thick fabric, swayed, revealing their presence. A large hand firmly gripped her ample chest. The crimson pillar, moist with love liquid, moved in and out, exploring the deep valley between her legs.

“Do you know where men usually do it together?”

Cahill, moving his hand from Holly’s waist down to glide his fingers along her buttocks, firmly pressed against her tightly closed a**l.

“What… hick, are you…”

Holly gasped for breath as his fingertips opened the narrow gap between her buttocks.


Cahill’s low voice contained a hint of laughter.

“How…did you, know… huht!

Unconsciously, she tensed her buttocks.

“Long ago, Adam… huht, mentioned it just in case.”

It seemed that Adam had his own concerns due to Cahill’s indifference towards many beauties.

‘Even so, something like this…’

Holly closed her eyes tightly and exhaled a rough breath.

“Ease up a bit. It’s too tight… haa, it might break.”

Cahill looped his arms around Holly’s waist, pressing his lower body even closer. Holly relaxed her muscles, allowing him to penetrate deeper.

“Do you like getting f*ced from behind?”

As his organ slid into the slippery hole, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure, Cahill’s voice lowered.

“You’re feeling it more than usual, doesn’t it…?”

“N, no…”

While he licked his dry lips with his tongue, Holly’s hips moved in sync with the thrusting organ.

“Lying is not allowed, Holly.”

He licked her delicate neck.

“It’s more fun to be honest.”


Holly struggled to speak as if her breath was running out.


Cahill muttered in a rough voice.

“Are you sure you’re enough?”

And with a somewhat mocking demeanor, he nibbled at her neck.

“Ah…! It hurts…”

Holly’s back was already full of his teeth marks. Her hand that was gripping the wall slipped. Naturally, her buttocks protruded. Cahill used both hands to spread her buttocks and delved deep into her inner walls.

Thud, thud—

The collision of the hips produced a solid, muffled sound. Holly emitted short moans to the deep thrusting movement.

Ah, aht! A bit, more…”

The firm pillar pressed against her inner walls, delving deeper. The tip tapped slightly off from her sensitive point.

Ha-uh! Not, there… aht!

Due to the fleeting pleasure, Holly seemed on the verge of reaching climax. She opened her mouth in disappointment.

Ha-ugh! Rub, there… more, ah, aht!

Responding to Holly’s pleas, Cahill’s gaze playfully sparkled. Instead of persistently teasing her as she desired, he used the blunt end to penetrate forcefully.


Holly screamed, stimulated at the peak. Unknowingly, her body trembled, and her inner walls tightened.

At the same time, the dizzying stimulation made Cahill narrow his eyes. As he exhaled a short breath, he vigorously shook her waist while gripping Holly firmly before hot s*men erupted and coated her inner walls.

Hu, uh.”

Despite reaching climax, his passion did not cool down. He gently caressed her sensitive body and kissed her ear.

Haa, I like you.”

His words penetrated her ears, accompanied by hot breath. Holly tensed at the thrilling sensation. With a faint smile, Cahill kissed her rounded shoulder.

Ha, ah, uht!

Cahill’s whispered words made Holly’s heart race. Already gasping for breath, she felt even more breathless.

She attempted to turn her head to look at him.

“I, like, you, Holly…”

At that moment, Cahill seemed to want to engrave his words into her mind while thrusting rhythmically.

“I like you, Holly.”

Heuk, uht! More… gently!”

He withdrew his forceful grip from Holly’s breasts. As he tenderly caressed her lower chest, his fingers pinched her nipples, causing Holly to let out a high moan.


“Holly… Hoo, like you.”

While gripping her waist, Cahill increased the speed. He thrust rapidly and forcefully into her sensitive spot.

Aaah, Ca—hill!”

As his member swelled again as if it had never diminished after completely emptying inside her, she placed her cheeks against the door with her mouth slightly agape. Cahill moved his hips while looking at her in that state.

His gray eyes, deeply saturated with dark desire, met her gaze.

Uht, uhng, aahh…”

“Because, you don’t, believe me… Hoo, I’ll say it, as much as I can.”

He spoke gruffly as he pulled his hips back, and the member that had been pleasuring her left her body. Holly’s wet eyes were filled with regret.

Un, uht…! No… don’t pull it out!”

She pleaded while shaking her head as tears hanging from the corners of her eyes rolled down her cheeks. As the pillar, which had been tightly sealing the entrance, came out, the stored s*men inside her flowed out.

The thin liquid trickled down her smooth thigh. The ticklish sensation made her shiver.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fill you up again soon.”

When Cahill spread her legs wide and turned her body while she leaned against the door, Holly gripped his shoulders. His thick member entered her narrow passage.

Uung, good…!”

With each stimulating movement scratching her sensitive inner walls, a moan came out. Cahill curled his lips, amused by her honest reactions. He energetically stirred her insides, matching the enthusiasm.

Haang! More… deeper, Cahill…!”

Holly hugged his back, and Cahill hugged her with his entire body. As the bond deepened, he completely filled her as she desired.


* * *


Haa, haa.”

Leaning on Cahill’s shoulders, Holly took deep breaths. He gently caressed her back and lifted her buttocks forcefully.


Startled by the sudden sensation of being lifted, Holly looped her arms around Cahill’s neck and pulled him towards her. The rigid tip of her chest rubbed against his chest, sending thrilling pleasure through her spine.

“Stop fussing.”

Then, he growled as he bit her neck before pulling her into his arms and laying her down on the bed.

Holly lay stretched out, breathing slowly. Beyond her blurred vision, she saw Cahill’s face filled with ecstasy.

Haa, are you not… overdoing it?”

Cahill lifted his upper body and grasped his member to Holly’s words. The once semi-erect pillar was now completely standing to her moan.

“I think I can do it two more times?”