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The King’s doting on the Princess, carrying her around and raising her delicately in his palm, led people to secretly call Lucy the Palm Princess. Because of that, Missus Lehmann felt sorry for the Princess, who was confined to the palace at an age when she should have been developing her social skills.

“Is it really okay?”

“Of course.”

Lucy moved as if enchanted by Missus Lehmann’s suggestion.

Seeing Olivia watching them, the Princess’ little feet gradually quickened their pace. However, Lucy, who didn’t need to initiate a conversation with anyone first, hesitated and stood behind Olivia without speaking to her.

When she raised her head, the detail of Olivia’s white blouse and the delicate sway of her slightly wavy black hair were clearly visible.

She just now noticed that half of her hair was tied with a deep navy ribbon.

Missus Lehmann stood a few steps behind, intending to observe the Princess’s actions for a while. However, the person watching Lucy walk up to Olivia from behind wasn’t just Missus Lehmann.

“Um… Prince Noah.”

“That’s enough.”

The journalist, who had cautiously started the conversation, hesitated at the immediate and cold rejection.

The bright autumn sunlight was pouring over the Prince’s handsome face like a painting. It would be great to capture one shot while getting an interview. Nevertheless, Noah was not easily approachable. The reason he conducted interviews was solely due to the royal order. It was never of his own will.

Noah leisurely inserted one hand into his pocket, turning his gaze with ease.

“There are many people to interview today, aren’t there? Don’t drain my energy for no reason.”

“Drain your energy? Not at all.”

“I’m saying it because it drains my energy.”


He wanted to ask about Noah’s recently thriving company…

The story went around that young Prince Noah, at the age of twenty-three, had such a good sense that many entrepreneurs in the business world wanted his investment. However, the reporter had no choice but to withdraw eventually.

Noah really despised such events. There should be only one or two of these, if any at all.

Moreover, the multitude of gazes pouring down on him was always burdensome and far from pleasant. All the crowd wanted from him was the flashy outer shell, nothing more.

Whenever the cheers echoed, a bitter question lingered in his mind.

‘What do they know about me?’

Ignoring the reporter who kept fawning over him, Noah leaned lightly against a large tree, crossing his arm.

Between the vividly colored leaves, the broken sunlight created a pattern on his face.

In front of the autumn square that everyone admired, Noah was indifferent.

In the first place, he was only interested in polo matches and business-related matters. Well, to be more accurate, business matters were only enjoyable because he aimed for independence from the royal family. It was safe to say he only truly enjoyed polo.

Could the boredom of a twenty-three-year-old be so deep and intense?

It was at that moment Olivia and Lucy entered his indifferent gaze. The woman who came from Pulder seemed to be oblivious to Lucy’s presence, only gazing at the golden lion statue.

Lucy, unable to speak, was wandering behind her.

Just as Missus Lehmann was about to turn her head, wondering what Lucy was doing, unbelievably, Lucy reached out to Olivia’s hair, which was swaying in front of her eyes. As Missus Lehmann’s surprised sigh burst out, Noah rushed towards Lucy.

Just as he reached Lucy, the child was about to grab Olivia’s hair, seemingly entranced.



Noah placed his hand on Lucy’s shoulder.

…That was a very hasty move.

The startled girl unknowingly clenched her fist, and in her hand, the guest’s black hair was caught.


It went without saying that Olivia’s hair, as she was recalling the past while looking at the golden lion statue, was unexpectedly pulled back.


The Astrid siblings and Missus Lehmann also wished that this moment was a dream. Startled by her own actions, Lucy quickly hid behind her brother, and Olivia, who was surprised, turned around and opened her eyes wider in amazement.

The green eyes, tinged with autumn, were right behind her. It was truly unbelievable.

Noah also couldn’t believe this moment. The swirling black eyes seemed like they would overflow when touched.

Was it that painful to be pulled?



Lucy, now is not the time to hide. Come out and explain quickly.

Although he wanted to say so, a faint pressure at his waist was trembling delicately. No matter how ruthless he was, he wasn’t going to forcibly pull out his trembling younger sister.

In the end, Noah let out a deep sigh with a very awkward expression.

“…I’m sorry.”

Olivia’s tears, brought by the past, were absorbed by the Prince’s apology.

Did he really grab her hair?

Though at that moment, a sky-blue skirt peeked out from behind him.

Glancing behind Noah, Olivia saw his little sister hiding behind her brother. Only then did she, who roughly guessed the situation, smile subtly and nod slightly.

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Then, she carefully took a step back and turned her body as if nothing had happened.

Only now did Lucy, who was peeking out behind Noah, subtly look up at him under the stern gaze she felt from above.

“…Sorry, Brother Noah.”

Missus Lehmann, who had approached urgently, also apologized to Noah.

“I’m sorry. I should have stopped the Princess first.”

Noah didn’t blame Missus Lehmann and Lucy, but he didn’t hide his displeasure either.

“Lucy. Do you know what you should do now?”


When Noah nodded with a cold face, Lucy, after letting out a small sigh, looked at Olivia. She needed to go and apologize properly.

Lucy, who had been hesitating, finally took a step forward, and Noah added coolly to Missus Lehmann.

“It seems you should also be aware of it, Missus.”

“Of course, Your Highness. I apologize once again.”

After Missus Lehmann apologized gracefully, she quickly rushed to the Queen, and Noah watched his sister. Lucy, as if her steps were not slowing down, was approaching Olivia with hesitation.

This time, Olivia also keenly noticed the small footsteps following her.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw a chubby face that seemed to be on the verge of tears or words. Olivia slowed down to match her pace, and those blue eyes that kept glancing at her were truly adorable.

“Princess, I’m sorry I didn’t notice you sooner.”

Lucy, who had been hesitating, suddenly opened her eyes wide and raised her head.

“I should be the one apologizing. I’m really sorry… for grabbing your hair.”

Olivia had never received such a straightforward apology from any noble she had met.

“…I’m sorry.”

He probably came to stop his sister. As Olivia recalled the startled green eyes, a smile appeared on her lips.

“That golden lion statue is really impressive. It’s a symbol of the Astrid royal family.”

When she smiled, Lucy, who had become considerably lighter-hearted, greeted the guests like her mother.

“Yes, it’s really cool. Even though I haven’t seen it in a long time, it’s as magnificent as I remember.”

“I wish the symbol were a unicorn, but it’s not up to me.”

“If it were a unicorn, it would be awesome!”


With a face full of excitement, Lucy pointed to the opposite side of the lion statue towards the spire of the Hamel Cathedral.

“That’s the Hamel Cathedral, where royal weddings take place. There’s a tiny angel statue carved on top of that spire.”

“Oh my, I didn’t know that.”

“Ah, by the way, do you have a nickname? My name is Lucy, so I don’t have a nickname.”

Um… my family used to call me Liv.”

“Olivia — Liv? That’s cool! Can I call you Liv, too?”

Normally, if Missus Lehmann had heard this suggestion, she would have quickly pointed out that nicknames are usually reserved for close relationships.