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“Every Elemental Mage’s elemental affinity is personal.”

The professor wrote on the blackboard, then turned around to address the class.

“You might be familiar with this, but it’s a crucial concept. Since we have a new student, let’s review it.”

Glancing at me, he continued, “Even if they are spirits of the same element, Elemental Mages can display various characteristics based on their perception of the essential nature and their focus on the characteristics and compatibilities of that element.”

It had been a few days since the Elemental Magic class.

Helena’s friend sat alone in a diagonal seat, while male and female students paired up and sat in front of me.

There were only four of us, including myself, who were students in the 5th-grade Elemental Magic class.

“For instance, someone attuned to the destructive nature of fire can summon flames that burn and melt anything, while another focusing on the purifying aspect can eliminate impurities without harming even a child’s skin.”

As the professor spoke, he tried not to look directly at me.

“Well, also, Elemental Mages of a certain earth element can summon fertile and healthy earth spirits, while others can create muddy soil filled with pests and toxins.

“These elemental properties manifest in the incantations of the summoning. The spirits are also creations of the divine. When summoning a spirit with purifying nature, you might use words related to Lord Lunik.

“In addition, the choice of incantation depends on the Elemental Mage’s affinity and compatibility with the element, as well as what they consider the essence of that element.”

The bell signaling the end of the class rang. Offering a final piece of advice, he concluded the lesson.

“So, constantly think, feel, and contemplate the respective elements. Understanding and resonating with the spirits is the foundation of Elemental Magic and everything else.”

It was time to pack up.

Out of nowhere, a hand popped up and tapped my desk.

“Hey, what about practicing in the Valentina Forest?”

I looked up, and the girl sitting in the front row turned toward me, her eyes sparkling.

“Yeah, what do you think?”

The boy sitting next to her chimed in. They both had the same expression, with gleaming eyes.


‘What’s going on with them?’

These were the students who seemed impressed and wanted to talk when I first entered the class and demonstrated summoning.

‘Back then, Helena’s friend intervened…’

Looking diagonally, Helena’s friend, the girl whose name I didn’t know, stopped sorting her belongings and froze upon hearing our conversation. After biting at her lip, she quickly finished organizing, and left, slamming the door loudly.

Perplexed, I turned my head forward, and the girl shrugged her shoulders, lifted them, and said, “Don’t mind her. We weren’t that close to begin with.”

“Yeah, she’s just being silly,” the boy added. It was evident that something was off between us due to our recent issues.

“Come to think of it, she probably informed Helena that I’m heading to Valentina Forest.”

Now I understood how Helena knew in advance that I was going to the forest right after the class ended, as she hid and waited.

“Well… okay. It does feel more focused than doing it in a place with distractions.”

I responded slowly. The girl muttered, “I wish,” and the boy chimed in.

“It’s great. You’re quite a unique case, summoning intermediate spirits at once there. We’d love to practice there, but it’s dangerous without permission. Should we train in the Shadowgrove instead?”

“The Empire doesn’t provide much support to Elemental Mages.”

The boy regretted his words with a belated expression. They stiffened, sensing my reaction.

Silently, I nodded in agreement. It was true.

Following my father’s incident, individuals interested in learning Elemental Magic dwindled, and the perception of Elemental Mages turned negative. Combined with the declining Elemental Affinity, it was no surprise that only four of us in the entire academy enrolled in the 5th-level Elemental Magic class.

Amused by my indifferent attitude, the girl offered a small smile and extended her hand.

“Felicia Oakley.”

Surprised, I stared at her, and she shook her hand as if asking, “What are you waiting for?”

“Khalia Estelle.”

With hesitation, I extended my hand, and she grabbed it, shaking vigorously. Our clasped hands vibrated in the air.

The boy joined in.

“Me too, me too. I’m Pogos Sheets.”

He overlapped his hand with Felicia’s above mine, and together they shook it, bobbing up and down.

“Wait, I got it. Now let go.”

My arm felt like it was about to fall off. Above all, it was embarrassing.

“Oh, sorry.”

Felicia apologized gracefully and let go of my hand.

“So, where are you heading now? If you have time, how about sharing a meal and chatting?”

“I have another class right away.”

“Well, I’ll wait. How about having a meal in an hour? I’ll be waiting at the dining hall. See you then!”


I stood up to stop them from waiting endlessly for a meal together, but they shook hands with me and left without giving me a chance.

I stood there in disbelief, staring at the door where they had disappeared.

I was baffled by what had just happened.


After contemplating for a moment, I also left my seat.

First, I had to go to another class. Time was tight due to the unexpected commotion.

As I almost reached the classroom, I ended up running a bit. Taking a moment to catch my breath, I entered the room, and the Professor at the front welcomed me with a smile.

“You made it in time, Miss Estelle.”

“Father Adrian.”

I nodded briefly in greeting and took my seat. Unlike the Elemental Magic class, there were almost no empty seats; it was packed.

The class began without anyone else entering after me.

His platinum hair and blue eyes shining, Father Adrian wore a gentle smile as he calmly proceeded with the lesson.

As a priest unable to form a romantic relationship, it didn’t matter that he was now a Professor at the academy. Many girls looked at him with ecstatic eyes and blushed.

Occasionally, sweet sighs permeated through the spaces between Adrian’s words.

Observing him, memories of my first encounter with Adrian at the beginning of the new semester flooded back.

In the classroom where I came for theology class, I couldn’t help but be surprised when I saw him standing in front of the pulpit.

“Didn’t I say we’d meet again soon?”

He playfully smiled, mentioning that he came to teach the theology class for the lower grades for just one year.

“Well then, see you in the next class. May Lady Lunik’s blessing be with you.”

The theology class at the 2nd-year level covered mostly familiar content. Unable to concentrate, I fiddled with my pen, and the class ended.

‘I wonder if those guys are really waiting at the dining hall?’ For some reason, worry and unease crept over me. I prepared to leave in a hurry.

“Miss Estelle.”

Inside the nearly empty classroom, Adrian approached me with a warm smile.

“Do you have a moment?”

“I was supposed to meet Reedmore at the Central Square…”

“Let’s walk together.”

Soon, I found myself leaving the building with him.

“It’s fortunate that you’ve become friends with Young Lord Desmiere.”

‘Come to think of it, he saw the time when Reedmore and I were not on good terms.’

The incidents at the mansion, like Reedmore pouring water, throwing stones, and fighting with Aila, felt like a distant memory.

Uncertain of what to say, I remained silent, and he inquired about my well-being with a smile.

“Are you doing well in Elemental Magic class?”


That was something I could answer. I nodded firmly.

“I’ve heard stories about your remarkable achievements. It must be a precious gift bestowed by the divine.”

His comment made me pause. Adrian took a step forward, turned his head to look at me, and asked.

“Do you really think so?”

“Why would I lie?”

It was a genuine smile, clear and untainted, without a hint of impurity.

He resumed walking. Without looking at me, he continued the conversation.

“…Father, what are demons, exactly?”

“They are minions of the Abyss. Beings who follow the commands of the wicked, sustaining their corrupt forms with dark energy.”

He spoke effortlessly. Then, without waiting for any response, almost as if reading my thoughts, he added.

“Miss Khalia, humans cannot become demons.”

The Central Square came into view. Reedmore was standing in front of the fountain, waiting for me.

“Although they can be influenced by malevolent beings, that’s all.”

Adrian stopped walking. He shook my hand after his last pronouncement and departed.

“Please visit often. Conversations with you are always a joy.”

As I watched him walk away, someone tapped my shoulder. When I turned around, Reedmore, wearing a displeased expression, was there. He clenched his fist and muttered under his breath.

“You’re late, Kay.”

“I told you not to call me that.”

Ugh! I grimaced. Now it was my turn to furrow my brow.

Heading toward the dining hall, Reedmore grumbled and quickly caught up, feigning a mumble.

“Why? You can call me by a nickname, too. Call me Reed.”

“That’s not the issue.”

Reedmore was overreacting, way too much!

I had been feeling this since the last time – he acted as if he were my… blood-related brother or something.

I found Reedmore’s overly familiar attitude quite perplexing, while he seemed unable to comprehend my actions.

“We’re comrades who sailed together. Call it friendship. You won’t deny that, right?”

He deliberately stopped in the middle of the path with a betrayed expression.

Ah, here we go again. I hurriedly urged him to continue.