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From his smile, she conjured a poignant name.

Lexius resembled the Crown Prince. He was more similar to Devoncia than to his brother Skylar. Even if he didn’t act with insidious or sinister thoughts towards the Crown Prince, his outward behaviors were quite similar. They disguised their true intentions and wore kindness to befriend others.

She felt a familiar repulsion and tensed her body. It was a very slight movement.

Lexius, who caught the momentary evasion like a ghost, looked upset. His once smooth lips became twisted, and her black hair that had been curled around his index finger was also swiftly loosened.

“If you don’t like it, then don’t.”

Even his tone abruptly changed, becoming more blunt. Having dispelled the pretense so quickly, he appeared much more honest than before. It was a distinctly different reaction compared to Devoncia.

‘This was definitely more comfortable.’

Only then did Ariel finally relax her expression, and she looked at him with a faint smile.

“Thank you for your words, senior.”

When she gathered the courage to call him senior, he fell silent for a moment. He stared at her for a moment, then mumbled something slowly.

“Does this work better?”

He turned to face her directly and moved his mouth as if he wanted her to hear everything. He didn’t bother to hide the fact that he’d been acting, even if only for a moment.

Ariel nodded in response. It was because being honest felt more comfortable than the fabricated kindness.

It was an unconscious response.

Immediately, Lexius’s expression changed. The corner of his mouth twisted into a smirk as if they were the same.

“This is very tempting for me.”

Lament. Or admiration.

“When you transfer, make sure to come to me first.”

He spoke. It wasn’t a request or a question but rather a statement bordering on a command. It was like a whisper, calm and yet slightly threatening.

Her tongue stiffened at the command as he glared at her fiercely with his dark yellow eyes.

Lexius urged for a response.

“You should nod your head like before.”

He pressed for the answer he was looking for.

It was the moment when it seemed like it would be difficult to back down, so she was about to nod her head when he turned his head. He narrowed his brows and glared at the gap in the door.

Ariel was puzzled.

‘…Is there something wrong with the door?’

Was he suddenly displeased with or bothered by the door for some reason?

After a few seconds, there was urgency from the other end. A hurried sound reached them, the noise of shoe heels hitting the marble floor and rapid footsteps. It was only then that she recognized the noise coming from outside.

Someone was coming.

The next moment, the previously closed door to the drawing room swung open abruptly.


The door, which was thrown open with great force, collided with the wall and made a strong crashing sound. At the same time, Lexius’s eyes, which had been poised in anticipation of someone coming in, suddenly expanded.


At the mention of the name, Ariel’s gaze belatedly turned. Her black eyes widened as she watched the newly arrived figure.

An unexpected intruder, who hadn’t been invited, entered, panting heavily, breathing raggedly.

“There was a report that a car had been in an accident…”

He barely managed to catch his breath and speak. His blue eyes sought only Ariel as if checking if she was okay.

Everything was in a hurry.

He gripped the door frame with both hands and breathed heavily through his wet face. Beads of sweat streamed down from his forehead, where his gorgeous blond hair was tangled in a mess. It trickled across his cheeks and soaked his jawline. In addition, the shirt underneath his suit was completely soaked.

He looked like someone who had sprinted for hundreds of meters.

“You… Did you run here?

Lexius asked in disbelief.