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Callan’s friendly attitude and concern for them as the top priority were the same as before. But it was a little different.

Something like this.

“That’s the… right thing to do.”

“What do you mean right?”

Callan smiled with a sigh.

The next words were slightly delayed.

“The reason you came to El Ragneil was because we earnestly asked for it, and it is true that we were saved by your favor. But I don’t think we should use that as an excuse to detain you.”


“You have the right to choose a better group.”

Callan spoke softly so as not to alarm her.

“That was the situation, Seo Jiwoo. The treatment you received in Caranazion was no different from abuse, and the place you ended up in when you wanted to die was the village where we lived. And when you were taken back, we were the only ones who could save you. We went to rescue you without delay, but we cannot deny that we had the purpose of healing our Elandos. The same goes for why you came to El Ragneil. Of course, you may have been kind to us, but in order for you to live, you had to abandon that continent and those people. It was like that in every situation. It’s not your choice, it’s a choice made by your circumstances.”


“We want you to not be chased by such situations and to make choices that are just for you.”



“You think since I’ve already abandoned my partner once, I can abandon them again? Just because someone ‘better’ has appeared?”

“No! No, Seo Jiwoo.”

Callan raised both his hands. His face was filled with only concern for her. It seemed like he really wanted to clear up the misunderstanding.

“Don’t take it like that.”

“But that’s what you’re saying.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. I never meant to think of you that way. I hope you settle down here in the best possible way and live well. It’s just, I don’t want you to make choices made by the circumstances. I want you to be happier.”

“Then, you truly wouldn’t mind if I go to those people right now?”

Callan couldn’t say anything back. Why did he look even more hurt when he was the one who was telling her to find another group?

Jiwoo turned her gaze away from him.

The answer came late.

“…Yes. We will all follow your decision.”

He opened his mouth to say something. But he didn’t say anything. In the end, Jiwoo spoke weakly.

“You said you could love me. You will pass any test.”

“It’s true that they can do much better if they just get Elandos back. It would be much better for one of those people to dedicate themselves for one year than for someone like me to dedicate myself for five years…”

It was difficult to listen any longer.

“No, stop. Because I understand.”

It was Jiwoo who said she didn’t love them. It was Jiwoo who said she didn’t know much about love. She said that when she stayed in the village, it was not because she liked it, but because it was a place where she could barely breathe.

If it was them just throwing Jiwoo out because her usefulness had diminished, she would have had something to say.

Callan was kind. He was kind to the end. This is a statement that sincerely wishes her happiness, so how can she be annoyed by that?

In the end, Jiwoo, completely at a loss for words, turned her head away from Callan. And then she trudged over to where the crowd was gathered. Callan followed her quietly, but said nothing more.

It seemed like everyone was paying attention to their side.

Beautiful people who can’t find any feelings other than their fondness for her.

‘Is it true?’

Jiwoo walked in front of Asilion, the representative of the other group, instead of next to Lanceil or Helkainis, where she always sat as a matter of course.

Then she sat down next to them and watched their reactions.


Their eyes widened as if they were a little surprised, but that was all. And they smiled slightly, avoiding Jiwoo’s gaze.

No one objected.

Even Tevon, who showed the most emotion, only narrowed his eyebrows slightly and said nothing.

“Well, it’s late today, shall we go to sleep? Starting tomorrow, we will guide you.”

Asilion said with a charming smile. As much as he smiled brightly enough to brighten up the surroundings, Jiwoo’s heart sank darkly.

Jiwoo looked at the ground. She barely touched the food because they were talking, but her appetite had long since disappeared.


* * *


From the next day, Asilion, the leader of the other group, really began to lead the way. Moreover, the combined groups moved several times faster than they had ever moved before.

Since they were now on their way to where their ailing Elandos was, it was natural that Asilion would lead them directly rather than have Helka guide them.

Helkainis’ group was quietly following behind.

They haven’t said a word to Jiwoo since yesterday. When they made eye contact, they even smiled as if they were telling her not to feel pressured and that they respected her choice.

There was no lie whatsoever in Callan’s words that he hoped she would make better choices and be happier. It was the same as saying that Jiwoo didn’t know much about El Ragneil—that none of the choices she had made so far were by her own agency, seemingly only driven by the situation.

She honestly didn’t know if this was really the right thing to do. In fact, Seo Jiwoo had not yet accepted the culture here that allows her to have as many as thirty husbands.

Which side did she want?

Was she truly choosing what her heart wanted without being bogged down by the situation?

Which one was that?

She couldn’t yet understand what her heart contained, but they knew?

The more she thought about it, the more complicated her mind became.

“It might have been a little frustrating.”


Jiwoo raised her head at the sudden voice. She was just moving around looking at the ground, lost in thought.

Jiwoo briefly glanced at Helka’s group out of the corner of her eye. They were looking this way, but they still didn’t speak or anything. They seemed not to interrupt her conversation with Asilion.

“Lack of operating magic means that there are inconveniences in life. They’re that young.”

“Do you know what?”

Asilion nodded.

“It’s easy to see at that level. The longer you receive El Ragneil’s energy, the more magic you can handle. Like the rings of a tree.”

“Then can you see how long that person lived?”

Jiwoo pointed at Tevon, the youngest in Helka’s group.

“He’s a newborn.”

“I’m younger.”

“…You have a body with endless potential.”

Asilion smiled and ran a hand through her long hair. He took full advantage of his appearance to distract her.

“Hmm, apart from that, those ugly guys seem to be frustrating you quite a lot, Seo Jiwoo.”

He was probably referring to the little argument she had with Callan yesterday. Even if he didn’t know exactly what was said, he seemed to understand the atmosphere well.

But still…

Although her feelings were obviously hurt, Callan didn’t mean it with bad intentions. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Rather, Jiwoo was hurt by their excessive consideration.

“…Still, they are good people.”

What came out with a sigh was ultimately a defense for them.

Seeing Jiwoo like that, Asilion laughed lightly.

“Seo Jiwoo, acting as you want becomes more difficult the more you think about it. I wish we were at the end of your answer.”

His words were quite plain for someone asking her to choose them. However, it may not have been said as a joke.

His white hair, which was shining even more beautifully under natural light, resembled Elandos. The children of Elandos seemed to regard light-colored hair as the standard of beauty, like Asilion and Enci.

Looking at it that way, it seemed true that Asilion’s group was a much higher level group than the people Jiwoo was familiar with.