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The filter was removed, and the raw language entered Jiwoo’s ears.

They were clearly speaking the imperial language that Jiwoo was somewhat familiar with, but in this state, she couldn’t consider it a language she had become accustomed to hearing and speaking over the years.

Unable to understand the meaning, Jiwoo once again felt as if she had fallen into a strange world.

Jiwoo tried to open her mouth to say something. But she couldn’t properly speak a language she couldn’t understand.

“I, I don’t know.”

Jiwoo, who spoke in Korean out of confusion, became teary-eyed.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

The four who had been looking at Jiwoo with concern fell silent and looked at each other.

Even that felt too unfamiliar.

Jiwoo wrapped her heavy and numb body with both arms as if shivering. It stung. And she realized what the slight pain she had been feeling in her arms since earlier was. There were still scratches on her arms that had brushed the tough grass.

That was all she could tell.

Akarna’s power had vanished.

Everything suddenly felt so daunting.

* * *

What to do?

What should she do now?

Jiwoo’s ability to adapt and survive in this strange and cruel world was all thanks to her being Akarna. A body that wasn’t Akarna would easily get hurt and couldn’t even communicate.

How many times had she imagined this situation? Jiwoo was more inclined to imagine the worst-case scenario than to count on things going well.

Jiwoo was perplexed, and the husbands who had come with her to this place were at a loss as they didn’t know how to console her.

At that moment, Asillion’s group appeared in the distance.

It seemed like they had been somewhere else while Jiwoo was unconscious. They hurriedly rushed over, saying something to the remaining members. Those who had been protecting Jiwoo the whole time looked even more distressed as they listened to Asillion’s words.

The conversation was intense throughout. Voices grew louder, and the expressions didn’t look good.

However, Jiwoo couldn’t understand a single word they were saying.

Asillion shouted something in frustration and pointed in their direction.

Seeing his finger pointing at her, Jiwoo was startled. The gesture didn’t feel positive.

For a moment, Jiwoo had a delusion.

She had dreamt numerous times of her useless body being abandoned in a desolate place. In those dreams, people pointed fingers at Jiwoo and said,

‘Useless body.’

Her heart sank.

In an instant, Lanceil, Helka, Callan, and Tevon all perked their ears and swiftly turned their heads in that direction.

Jiwoo couldn’t understand Asillion’s words as he continued to speak. Instead, Callan smiled mischievously and got up.

Then, he slammed his fist straight into Asillion’s face.



Chaos ensued.

Callan got on top of Asillion, pummeling him, while others tried to stop him, each shouting a word.

Even the imperial language, which she occasionally heard and had grown somewhat accustomed to, was not recognizable.

As the situation turned violent, Jiwoo became more and more afraid.


Jiwoo unknowingly whimpered and flinched.

Perhaps hearing the small sound that was close to a sigh, Callan’s movements momentarily stopped. Others took the opportunity and pulled Callan away from Asillion.

Someone pulled her into a tight embrace. She could tell by the sudden waft of wildflower scent that it was Lanceil.


But this…

Lanceil covered her eyes with his large hand.


Only then could Jiwoo hear Lanceil whispering the same word over and over again.

“It’s okay.”

As she continued to listen to it, the fragmented and hard-to-understand language began to make sense. Although it was an unfamiliar language, it had been resonating in her head for several years. She could understand some basic words.

And he kept whispering the words Jiwoo needed to hear the most right now.

“It’s okay, Jiwoo.”


Jiwoo, who had been holding her breath until then, finally let out a sigh.


“Yes. Jiwoo, it’s okay.”

Lanceil tried to reassure her, hugging the crying Jiwoo and gently stroking her back. With her face buried in his chest, smelling the familiar scent of flowers, Jiwoo’s anxious heart began to calm down bit by bit.

Jiwoo was surprised not only because of the changes in her body, but also because she had never seen Callan in such a state before.

* * *

She doesn’t know exactly what happened.

Enciertes had mentioned before that Akarna’s power was not unlimited. But Jiwoo had understood it as a manifestation based on her will, interpreting that the power would not come out if her mind weakened.

With things having turned out this way, does it mean that Akarna’s power, which had its limits, has been completely exhausted?

She wanted to hear the explanation right now, but the situation wasn’t possible.

She had thought that she would be able to learn the Imperial language diligently and have no problems with communication. However, that too was made possible to some extent by Akarna’s power to correct things.

Feeling like she had suddenly become an outcast among them, Jiwoo couldn’t calm her mind.

Without Akarna’s power, everything that she had taken for granted so far, and the plans for how to live in the future, had to be completely revised.

No, more than that, she might not even be able to survive for long.

The suddenly heavy body made her realize that the continent called El Ragneil was not at all friendly to humans.

Everything became frightening. In a continent dominated by the tree called Ellandos, it felt like she, who was a mere human who could get hurt even by tough grass, would turn into a handful of dust in no time.

Without Akarna’s power, Jiwoo needed much more rest and sleep than before. Even just being carried around would tire her out easily, and she had to take frequent breaks.

Just a few days ago, she could lie down anywhere and look at the sky, feeling comfortable. But now, she couldn’t even find a comfortable place to sleep, let alone enjoy the natural scenery.

Jiwoo, who woke up from a light sleep, raised her eyelids slowly and held her breath. If she didn’t pay attention, it felt like a sobbing sound would escape. Someone gently helped her sit up, wiping away the tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes.

“Ca, Callan?”

He extended a warm wooden bowl to her.

Ah, he woke her up to eat.

Having been in shock since yesterday and unable to eat anything, Jiwoo realized after smelling the soup that her body was feeling hungry.

But she had no appetite.

‘More than that, I’m so thirsty….’

As Jiwoo was struggling to eat the soup, Callan took the bowl back and set it down on the ground. Then he immediately handed over the water bag.

‘How did he know?’

The cool water was more welcome than the soup, so Jiwoo eagerly tilted her neck and drank the water.

Callan was staring at her intently until she finished the water. When Jiwoo handed him the water bag again, he lowered himself in front of her and made eye contact.

“Seo Jiwoo.”

Callan seemed like he wanted to say something. He gave a short explanation to Jiwoo in a soft tone. However, she couldn’t understand a word.

“I… don’t understand. Please make it simpler.”

Callan pointed to the ground with his finger.


Partly correct, Callan nodded without shaking his head and tapped the ground again.

“Grass? Cave? This continent? Ah, El… Ragneil?”

Callan seemed overjoyed, nodded and pointed to the distance. With mountains beyond mountains, it was clear what he was pointing at.

Even in the middle of the night, it looked as if a pillar of light was floating in the center of the mountain.

“Going to another Ellandos?”

Callan smiled brightly and nodded, looking even happier.