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“How would it be if Seo Jiwoo spoke like me?”


“While in bed?”


Tevon, who had been speaking unabashedly, sealed his lips tightly.

“I, I think it’d be nice.”

“You guys!”

Wham! Wham!

Unable to bear it any longer, Lanceil smacked both Callan and Tevon on the back of their heads.

Callan and Tevon, each receiving a hit fairly, rubbed their heads.

“Absolutely no way with you two. Go back and leave it to Enci.”

Even though Enci was not present, he was often taking care of various matters in this way.


Callan brushed Seo Jiwoo’s hair who had slept like dead. Then, he covered the fallen blanket back to her shoulders.

“This has become quite troublesome. I wanted to show only good things here.”

“How is that our fault?”


Callan, who had been lost in thought for a moment, spoke cautiously.

“What do you think?”

“About what?”

Callan gently stroked Seo Jiwoo’s hair. His touch was a bit more obsessive and more persistent than usual.

“I think she’s a bit… more lovable now.”


“With the Akarna’s power disappearing, it seems like I can finally see the true person Seo Jiwoo is.”

Until now, Seo Jiwoo seemed to be wearing a wall of protection. Of course, in reality, it might have been the case. A wall that, no matter how deeply they mingled their bodies, seemed impossible to reach. Like something that would disappear somewhere if they took their eyes off for a moment—a person sealed off from this world. Now, that wall was lifted, and they could feel everything about Seo Jiwoo.

How had they thought they knew everything with just one wall between them? Now, even the sound of breathing, the scent, the movement, everything seemed different.

“Have I also been treating Seo Jiwoo as Akarna all this time?”

They found themselves more attuned to the sounds of breathing and subtle movements, delving into her heartbeat. If they focused a bit more, in this space where only the two of them existed, it felt like they could even hear the sound of the blood flowing through veins.

Then, by quietly concentrating in this space, they might be able to quickly discern what Seo Jiwoo needed, what she wanted to say, any physical discomfort she had, faster than anyone else.


Seo Jiwoo, seemingly uncomfortable, grumbled after a while. Callan’s ear felt the strain.

Ah, it seemed he knew immediately what was uncomfortable.

Callan gently turned Seo Jiwoo and massaged her calves. The sound of her soft breathing was sweet.

Tevon, who was watching this closely, muttered.

“Seo Jiwoo is Akarna. Why bother separating things?”

“Yes… there’s no difference.”

While exhaling a shallow breath, Callan, carefully patting Seo Jiwoo’s shoulder, replied slowly. All his attention was focused on Seo Jiwoo. He delicately touched her strands of hair with his fingers. His gaze became a bit darker.

A voice from outside called out.

“Oh, looks like Asilion has returned.”


Even after hearing the voice, Callan ignored it, continuing to concentrate on Seo Jiwoo.

Observing this, Tevon clicked his tongue. Tevon, who always thought in a straightforward manner, couldn’t comprehend Callan’s attitude.

* * *

Once again, they realized. While the children of Ellandos were accustomed to leaping through the forest and climbing on trees, Seo Jiwoo, a human, was not.

Although they were aware that the vast El Ragneil was not a continent suitable for humans, they had not fully realized it until now.

When there was Akarna’s power, they didn’t really know. They had only thought of it as a warm and beautiful place, but now it felt like all those things would swallow Jiwoo.

Even the warm and gentle sunlight nurturing the plants seemed too strong for Jiwoo, and they had to avoid it. The evenings were chilly and humid. There were many bugs eagerly trying to suck human blood. The sounds of wild animals crying startled Jiwoo.

Even the plants they once found beautiful were the same. Unable to distinguish between what was edible and what wasn’t, they had to be cautious since some things could be deadly even with a mere touch.

The only reason Jiwoo could move safely in this place was entirely due to the husbands. Perhaps if Jiwoo had been alone here, she might not have been able to avoid getting hurt from a single bug.

Meanwhile, Jiwoo received attention from Callan nine times out of ten. Most of the time, it was Callan’s arms that embraced her, and Callan was the one who most frequently prepared easy-to-eat food.

At night, when Jiwoo briefly woke up, it seemed that Callan’s affectionate voice or touch was what helped her fall back asleep. From this, it seemed that Callan was the one taking care of her while she slept.

In truth, Jiwoo had felt a bit sorry toward Callan. Initially, Jiwoo thought Callan approached her in a calculated manner, and now that Callan had achieved what he wanted, it was uncertain whether he still cared. So, Jiwoo thought it wouldn’t matter much if Callan sent her to another group.

Surprisingly, amid all this, when Jiwoo lost strength, Callan acted with the utmost sincerity.

When Jiwoo felt the need for something, Callan would bring it even before Jiwoo spoke.

Before she knew it, they had rejoined Asillion and were heading somewhere unknown, but she couldn’t understand the explanation.

The journey seemed short, but for Jiwoo, who was mentally exhausted, it felt quite long.

Still…. the initial anxiety had considerably diluted. It was probably because of the husbands.

At first, it was frightening, but maybe it would be okay to live like this. Jiwoo always wanted to adapt and live in whatever situation she was placed in, rather than endlessly resisting it. Perhaps, that’s why she became Akarna.

After a while, as they reached the end of the path, the atmosphere of the forest changed dramatically. Instead of the refreshing scent of sunlight, there was a damp smell of moss.

Until now, the places Jiwoo had lived in were warm and cozy, where the green of the trees and the golden sunlight blend harmoniously. However, as they entered this place, a thick mist struck her nostrils. The hazy mist and much coarser, densely packed trees blocked the sunlight, making it dark and humid.

Then, someone walked out of the mist.

Guided by Asillion, they met the unfamiliar individuals for the first time. It was a group that had only lived in El Ragneil and had never set foot in Caranazion.

After being held in Callan’s arms and then stepping on the ground, Jiwoo stared at them intently.

They were looking at this side expressionlessly, and that alone conveyed a sense of hostility.

Jiwoo had only seen friendly groups until now, but the original children of Ellandos were a race that mercilessly killed strangers. Jiwoo had actually witnessed them doing so to someone else.


“It’s okay.”

While comforting Jiwoo, who shrunk in the atmosphere, they watched Helkainis, who represented them, talking with the other group. The atmosphere didn’t seem very friendly.

That’s when it happened.

Those who had been staring at them with hostility suddenly pricked up their ears and split apart.

In the midst of them, a small figure was walking towards them.


Jiwoo unknowingly exclaimed.

Amidst the tall individuals, the figure looked particularly small. Amidst men with glamorous platinum hair, the figure stood out with peculiar auburn hair. It was like the color of a tree trunk. Despite the inconspicuous and gentle appearance, the eye color was a mysterious gray.

“A female…?”

A female that was considered to be the manifestation of Ellandos appeared before her eyes.

In truth, Jiwoo harbored some prejudices or an illusion about the female they worshiped.

The female who was the object that the gorgeous men risked their lives to seduce and love and worship throughout their lives.

So, Jiwoo thought that the female of El Ragneil would be stunning and glamorous enough to captivate them all. Perhaps a towering and powerful figure worthy of admiration.

However, everything she had imagined was completely wrong.