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“Humans those who adeptly manipulate Raelan….Akarna. They beg, plead, or find any means to make Akarna exert excessive power. Then, when the Akarna, who temporarily lost their power, regains it, was often cruelly tormented by the humans who quickly changed their attitudes. Once Akarna regain their power, they don’t hesitate to return to their original world, not concealing their disappointment. Of course, there were some who remained, but not many…”

Even without further explanation, it seemed clear.

In Caranazion, Akarna were beings treated like gods in the past, and had experienced a kind of backlash when losing their power. The more they were treated like gods, the greater the recoil when losing their strength.

They would have likely tried to test Akarna’s divinity in any way possible, given the god-like treatment of Akarna. Originally, religions could become endlessly violent and irrational depending on the pretext. Even in her original world, Jiwoo used to detest such behavior.

Thinking about it now, whether treated like gods or living as temple servants, it didn’t seem significantly different.

Indeed, Akarna, which could live forever if they wanted to, only had Jiwoo until recently. Even before the Empire intervened, there had been Akarna appearing consistently in Caranazion.

If such people went through such a process and ended up getting disappointed by humans, their choice to return to their original world made sense.

Even if they chose not to return, it would likely be to quietly live without revealing themselves to the world.

Although Jiwoo, who had been tormented by the temple and humans, didn’t find the information particularly pleasant, there was a somewhat comforting aspect to El’s words.

“Is it possible to regain my power? Since they said they returned to their world once they regained their power.”

Jiwoo glanced briefly in the direction of where her husbands were and turned her head back to El.

El furrowed her brow slightly.

“The lost power will come back if you wait.”


“You’ve used too much power in a short period, an overload occurs. To recover, you need time… Just sleep enough, don’t think too much, and it will come back.”

“Re, really? That simple?”


Jiwoo sighed, wiping her chest in relief. It was a short time, but she didn’t know how much she had bottled up during that short time. Knowing it was temporary brought a sense of relief.

“Seo Jiwoo, you’re an Akarna who hasn’t awakened to the method on your own. That child will help you. Before long, you’ll be able to cross dimensions on your own. When that happens, I hope you can safely return.”

“I doubt that’ll happen.”

El grinned while tilting her head. She didn’t say anything, but it seemed like she was asking why.

The white bird in Jiwoo’s hand fluttered its wings. Soon, it left Jiwoo’s fingers, flying over her head and landing on her shoulder. There was no sense of weight, just a warm feeling.

“Maybe they brought me to you to help me regain my power. I don’t really have any intention of going back to the original world. I’ve decided to get married and live here.”

At Jiwoo’s words, El stared at her intently.

The gaze lacked any emotion, like looking at a glass bead without a hint of moisture. It was almost like the crystal balls handled by mind readers, and Jiwoo felt like my thoughts were being completely unraveled.

After a while, El raised her head.

“Take it. You’ll need it.”

El got up from her seat as if she had finished her business.

“Human beings don’t choose eternity. I’m curious about what it’s like for you.”

Without a word of farewell, she immediately turned to leave, and Jiwoo hastily stood up.

“Well then, goodbye, Seo Jiwoo.”

“Um, thank you, El.”

El, called like that again, blushed like a peach once more.

After hesitating for a moment, she extended a small hand toward Jiwoo. At first, Jiwoo thought it might be a handshake request, but seeing she hold out the back of her hand, it seemed to convey a different meaning.

“…if Seo Jiwoo wishes.”

Jiwoo, glancing between El’s blushing face and the back of her hand, quickly understood what it meant.

Ah, is this…. the culture here?

Observing the situation, Jiwoo, as her husbands had done, took El’s hand and pressed her lips onto the back of it.

“Oh my.”

When she finished, El’s pupils were slightly widened. The man who was behind El the whole time was standing in an awkward manner and his eyes grew wide.

“…I mean, it’s not what you think, but it’s refreshing.”

What, what is it?

Did she make a mistake?

“Well then, goodbye… While you stay here, Ragneil’s blessings will be with you.”

El returned to the path she had come from. The men who had come with her followed suit. All the men looked at Jiwoo once, and it was a strange expression, neither hostile nor friendly. They seemed quite puzzled about something.

Jiwoo, who had been watching them blankly, suddenly woke up when she felt the bird on her shoulder tapping her cheek.

When they first met, it felt comfortable, but after they disappeared, it seemed like something had taken hold of Jiwoo.

‘I didn’t expect to be able to speak in the language of the original world here…’

When Jiwoo reached out to the bird on her shoulder, it was incredibly warm. The light that looked like feathers enveloped Jiwoo in a comforting warmth, enough to dispel all the worries she had just had.

Now, she somewhat understood why a female, described as the embodiment of the tree, could be so beloved in this place.

She also started to grasp why they mentioned the resemblance to Akarna.

* * *

Originally, during this journey, they had planned to visit not only Asilion’s group but also other Ellandos from different places. However, those who learned about Jiwoo’s condition insisted on going back. They were going back the way they came.

Callan didn’t let Jiwoo out of his sight for a moment, fearing that an insect might bite the human body away from the children of Ellandos during the brief moment of separation. While others were somewhat relieved after learning the circumstances, Callan seemed to be an exception.

On the way back, Callan sang a lullaby while holding Jiwoo every night.

When the soft language he spoke began to sound familiar, not just as a beautiful melody but with the meaning of the lyrics becoming apparent, Jiwoo called out to Callan.


[Ah, yes. Seo Jiwoo. What do you need?]

Callan, shaking his pointed ears, quickly noticed that Jiwoo was looking at him affectionately. He smiled brightly, tilting his head.

[My Seo Jiwoo.]

Holding Jiwoo’s chin and bowing his head, Callan politely requested a kiss. Moist bluish eyes were completely focused on Jiwoo.

It has been a while since she was finally able to have a conversation, Jiwoo tried to say so, but perhaps it would be okay.

When Jiwoo’s expression relaxed, Callan, who had been eagerly waiting, sealed Jiwoo’s lips.

Leisurely sucking, Callan wetted Jiwoo’s lower lip. Callan’s thick and large tongue, befitting his sizable stature, pushed in as if it would fill Jiwoo’s mouth completely. The sweet saliva and the warmth were felt together.

Callan put his tonge under the base of Jiwoo’s tongue, wrapping his teeth around it and pulled her in. He then playfully bit the tip of Jiwoo’s tongue.

As Jiwoo moaned softly, Callan smiled faintly and deepened the kiss, tilting Jiwoo’s head a bit more.

Callan liked to be close, not leaving any gaps when kissing. As he tightened his grip on Jiwoo’s waist and exerted strength in his forearm, Jiwoo’s body felt as if it were being molded into his firm chest. Moans escaped from Jiwoo’s throat.

“Ah, huht…”

He was also the most persistent and deep kisser among the thirty.

Compared to others, Callan’s scent wasn’t too strong, and perhaps because of that, he wanted to bury his traces like this for a longer time.

[Seo Jiwoo, do you like me that much?]

Hearing Jiwoo’s heart pounding with pleasure, Callan felt delighted. After satisfyingly kissing for a while longer, Callan rubbed his forehead against Jiwoo’s cheek like a beast and breathed heavily.

[I love you.]