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“Good work, everyone.”
“Young Lady Yuria!”

Yuria, the subject of conversation, appeared at the training hall.
She was holding something in one hand.

“Isn’t that heavy? Give it to us.”
“Why didn’t you order someone else…”
“No, it’s not that big of a deal.”

The bag Yuria had brought was full of containers similar to the after-sun cream she gave them last time.
However, the names were different.

“This is called ‘sunscreen’.”

Even so, the effects of the after-sun cream were significant.
The knights felt grateful when Yuria came to take care of them first when they were embarrassed to ask.

“But, Young Lady… what’s the difference between after-sun cream and sunscreen?”
“If you apply sunscreen before your skin gets sunburned, it will be better than applying after-sun cream when your skin is already damaged. It has a function to protect the skin.”
“I mean… did such a thing exist?”
“Don’t knights work outdoors a lot? I thought it would be nice for you to have more, so I brought it. I thought the after-sun cream I brought last time wasn’t enough, so I came here to give you more.”

Since everybody knew the effects of the after-sun cream, no one in the knights now looked at what Yuria was handing them with suspicious eyes.

“You’re amazing, Young Lady. I’ve never heard of anything like this in my entire life as a knight.”
“First it was the after-sun cream, and now sunscreen? How do you get these things?”

The knights might be more impressed if Yuria said that she had made it herself.
However, she planned to run the cosmetics business while hiding her identity. She couldn’t tell anyone.

“I thought you were having a hard time, so I asked someone I know for a special favor.”
“It’s amazing that you know such a person!”
“To think of us and ask such a favor…”

The atmosphere was infinitely dreary and cold when they were escorting Lilika the other day, but that was not the case anymore.
The mood surrounding Yuria and the knights was softer and warmer.

“As you think, it will be very useful to the knights.”
“If we had to face this summer after our skin was injured in the South… Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine it.”

If the condition of their skin deteriorated here, it would not end simply in stinging and being painful.
They would get blisters all over their body, their skin would peel off, and they would even get discoloration.
They felt relieved because a big worry had disappeared, but at the same time, there was a sense of embarrassment on one side of their chest.
Once they tried it, they could see how precious this item was. Both the after-sun cream, and the sunscreen afterwards. And how much Yuria cared about the little details.

“But is it alright for us to accept such a precious thing…”
“You got injured in the first place while working hard for the sake of the duchy. It’s only natural that I, a member of the Primrose family, take care of you.”
“Young Lady Yuria…”

The knights couldn’t even open their mouths anymore.
They weren’t good with words in the first place, but… the words and actions they had directed at Yuria passed by, and the warmth Yuria gave them was great.
At that moment, the atmosphere between them couldn’t be any warmer.

“What are you making such a fuss about?”

It was Jiksen, who came after hearing about the after-sun cream.

“Ah, Young Master Jiksen!”
“Brother… You’re here.”

After being told by Lilika that something seemed to be going on with the knights, Jiksen had been catching the servants and digging up every little detail of what had happened.
After that, Jiksen stopped by the training hall and didn’t even accept the greetings of Yuria and the knights.

He strode forward and stood in front of Yuria without giving a glance anywhere else.
The atmosphere became tense when the relatively large body frame, worthy of a knight, and a domineering voice were added.
It was not an attitude he could take towards his younger sister, who had never learned martial arts or anything.

The knights next to them were nervous, but rather than backing down, Jiksen stepped closer to Yuria.
Then, he fiercely scanned the faces or arms of the knights surrounding Yuria and turned his gaze back to her.

“Answer the question. Where did you get the after-sun cream?”
“…Why are you asking that?”
“I’m asking for a reason. Why are you asking something back when I just asked you a question?”

Jiksen’s face distorted in a sickening way.
Even though Yuria seemed uncomfortable with the current situation, she persevered.

‘I made a great effort like that to be treated by the priest, but the knights just applied that, and their skin got better?’

Then why doesn’t he just do the same in the future instead of going to the temple?
The Church of Ibafne was lining up its congregation by using faith, also known as offertory.
He couldn’t be bothered to go to a faraway place to take care of his skin, but he was tired of hearing about the Bible and the word of God.

”Is she acting arrogant and giving it to the knights and not to her brother?’

At first, he had intended to monitor Yuria to see if she wasn’t talking nonsense, as Lilika said.
However, after hearing about the efficacy of the after-sun cream, he felt more revolted.

‘As long as I live as a knight, my skin will be ruined by the sun. I really want to use it, too.’

But asking her honestly to give him some… Until now, the discord between Jiksen and Yuria was deep.
Moreover, it hurt his pride to ask for something Yuria didn’t give him.

“It’s because I’m worried that you bought something strange from somewhere.”
“It’s not something that is being sold.”
“Then where did you get it?”
“I received it because I asked for it from someone I know. I didn’t get it easily either, so I can’t tell you.”
“Ha, you can’t tell me?”

He thought she would tell him how she got the sunscreen right away, but Yuria was more persistent than he thought. It was a little difficult.

‘Even as the son of the duke, I’ve never heard about something like this in my life…’

He knew that Yuria was close to their mother.
He heard that she was worried about their mother’s dry skin and had obtained something… And now, she was carrying such a strange item.

‘It wasn’t only me. No one else knew about it. It must not be easy to obtain, as Yuria said.’

Jiksen frowned.
Maybe it was something that would be difficult to obtain if it didn’t go through Yuria.
But to soften his attitude at this point and ask her…
He also felt sorry for Lilika, so he needed to save face this time.

“Why did you give something like that to the knights, not me?”
“Well… Brother was treated by the priest, so I thought you wouldn’t need something like that…”
“Why did you make that judgement!”

Jiksen raised his voice even more than before. Though he didn’t like Yuria, he was gradually crossing the line in a place where his subordinates were.
The knights who watched him with embarrassed faces looked at each other.

‘Young Master Jiksen is the one leading the knights. Didn’t we actually do what he had to, instead of him? He was treated by a priest on his own.’
‘The fact that Young Lady Yuria took care of us is something rather extraordinary.’

They couldn’t overlook it any longer. Jiksen was condemning Yuria right now for no reason.
After exchanging glances with each other, one of the knights stepped forward.

“Young Master… Young Lady Yuria.”
“Ha, what do you know to interrupt me?”

Even though a knight who couldn’t keep watching the situation stepped forward, Jiksen raised his chin sharply.

“It’s funny. Since when did you care about Yuria? Did you have a change of heart because you got that after-sun cream or whatever it is?”

The knights’ shoulders flinched. In fact, it was somewhat correct, so they couldn’t deny it.

“Even so…!”

At this rate, the knights would also get involved in this.
Yuria, who had been silent while enduring Jiksen’s accusations, opened her mouth.

“If you have any problem with me, please direct it to me and not the knights.”
“I mean, your attitude right now is the problem. You seem to be taking great care of the knights now?
“I just heard that the knights had been to the southern provinces.”
“Do you really think your existence is helpful to the knights?”

This time, Yuria did not cause any problems for the knights.
Even if she had caused trouble, commenting about someone’s ‘existence’ was a level of outrageous verbal abuse that should not be done to a person.

“What… does that…”
“Should I tell you kindly? As someone who is always causing trouble, don’t screw around excited just because you got something good this time.”
“Because there’s no way what you’re doing is right. Please don’t do something that stands out and makes me come all the way here. Stupid.”