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Siervian was taken aback and hurriedly checked the mana connection. Fortunately, the butterfly passed through the werewolf’s mouth and escaped.

‘What a surprise!’

She was surprised because she had never encountered this situation before.


The werewolf king had clearly become wary of the butterfly and now turned around and ran away. Seeing that several werewolves were acting together following it at that moment, it was clear that it was very intelligent.

‘It’s almost done!’


“Ugh. These monsters!”

The sound of swords defeating monsters grew louder. Despite doing their best to prevent them from being circled by the earthen wall, the situation became urgent. In particular, Karmen was preparing to kill the werewolf king with lightning magic as soon as it was identified. She was even more anxious because she couldn’t contribute to the knights’ struggle.

‘Just a little more!’

Siervian was desperately moving the butterfly and finally succeeded. She landed the butterfly lightly on the head of the escaping werewolf king, and her mark never fell off no matter how much the creature shook its head.

‘Now! Karmen!’

She couldn’t send a message because all her effort and strength were focused on using the butterfly to chase the werewolf king. However, Karmen, who had been concentrating on the place where Siervian’s mana was felt since earlier, did not miss the opportunity.

“You were hiding well.”

Karmen murmured softly and moved the mana that had been condensing since earlier. A huge electric current was created in the air. It was very difficult to control the mana that was trying to run wild, but he concentrated. Soon, a huge lightning bolt shot to the ground.

It was pointed exactly at the location of Siervian’s butterfly.


Siervian watched it without fail and clenched her fists without realizing it.


Soon, her butterfly of the message magic disappeared. The connection was cut off as it was swept away by the powerful attack.

“Princess, step back a little.”


Siervian had unknowingly leaned to the mountain, which was no different from a cliff, and now stepped back. The ground was covered in dust from the aftermath of the magic. She wanted to blow wind magic to help, but she held back just in case she needed to use it.

“It looks like it worked.”


With his superior eyesight, Sir Roid commented while looking down.

Indeed, a little later, the thick dust cleared. And several completely burned werewolves appeared.


Sure enough, there was no trace of the werewolf king’s status window on that side. It seemed that its status window disappeared as it died.

She looked around carefully in case it ran away the moment it was attacked, but its window was nowhere to be seen.

“Sir Roid!”

Just then, the knights assigned to come over the mountain to protect Siervian came running. There remained several werewolves in the mountains as well. The knights’ armor showed some blood as they had fought all the monsters before arriving at the cave.

“Did the operation work?”

“Yes! We caught the werewolf king!”

Siervian only gave a bright smile.

Sir Carmel, who was in charge of sweeping the monsters on the mountain side to protect the princess, asked, “Uh… Your Highness, did we really catch the werewolf king?”

“Yes. Why?”

Then, one of the knights who was watching below replied. I felt uneasy for some reason.

Sir Carmel, who was carefully examining the bottom, asserted this situation.

“The werewolves are still forming.”


Surprised, Siervian also looked down.

Karmen’s people, who were supposed to escape together with magic if they caught only the werewolf king, were still fighting werewolves.

In particular, the werewolves were persistently targeting the mages Karmen and the Tower Lord. As if they had seen the magic just now. So, they had to fight without having time to cast teleportation magic.


When she looked down with a face that looked like she was going to cry, the knights’ faces also darkened.

[Thought: Oh, did the princess fail?]

[Thought: It’s difficult. It’s a useless operation if we can’t tell which is the werewolf king.]

‘But it was truly the werewolf king!’

Flustered by the sudden turn of events, Siervian could only grip the grass on the ground, unable to do anything.

“Y-you have to go help them right now!”

“Your Highness. I’m sorry, but our top priority is to protect Your Highness.” A knight said resolutely. It was a natural duty for them.


The people below were in danger of being sacrificed. Siervian had never experienced such a life-or-death battle and was easily flustered.

At that moment, Sir Carmel, who had always trusted her, spoke softly, “Could it be that the Werewolf King has a double?”

“Sir Carmel. What are you talking about?”

But instead of explaining, he urgently asked Siervian, “Your Highness. I’m sorry to ask, but can you cast your secret method to find the Werewolf King again?”

“I can do it!”

Siervian regained her hope, stood up abruptly and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

‘That’s right. I can’t just stand here. I have to do something!’

Siervian resolutely overcame her feelings and looked at Sir Carmel.

“Since it’s such a large group, it wouldn’t be strange if there were more than one Werewolf King. That’s why even though one of them died, it seems like another one has taken over the control.”


Siervian glanced down again. Earlier, she had looked far away, centering on the mine tunnel, but now she looked everywhere.

‘Please, please.’

Please let her see it quickly. And she hoped there was not more than one.

If there are multiple Werewolf Kings here, it will be very difficult.

Finally, far away from where the Werewolf King had just been killed, a status window suddenly popped up.

“I found it! Over there! Outside the basin!”

As she urgently pointed to the area, the knights’ gazes reflexively turned in that direction.

Siervian urgently sent a message to Karmen.

It was strange that the werewolves didn’t scatter even after killing the Werewolf King. That’s why Karmen, who was flustered, unknowingly sent a harsh reply.

This time, it was uncertain whether the magic butterfly of the message would reach it. In particular, even if the butterfly could lead the way, it was too far from where Karmen was.

‘What should I do?’

Siervian stared intently at the Werewolf King, afraid that she might miss it.

Just then…

‘Did our eyes meet?’

The Werewolf King had been growling on all fours like the other werewolves, and suddenly looked straight at her. It was the complete opposite of all the werewolves baring their teeth at Karmen.

At that moment, the Werewolf King slowly began to stand on its hind-legs.

“W- what? Look over there!”

The knights who had been watching where Siervian was pointing exclaimed in surprise.

Sir Carmel exclaimed in dismay at the clear difference that could be seen even from a distance.

“The Werewolf King is revealing himself.”

At that unexpected situation, the eyes of some of the knights changed.

[Thought: Her Highness really has the ability to distinguish the Werewolf King?]

[Thought: Oh no. I had unnecessary doubts earlier. But what are we going to do about this situation?]

However, the situation only got worse.


The Werewolf King, who was standing on its hindquarters and staring intently at Siervian, suddenly gave a loud cry. It was a huge roar that was completely different from before. It soon became clear what kind of order it contained.

“They’re retreating!”

“What the hell are they thinking?”

In particular, the werewolves that had been recklessly attacking Karmen’s group all pulled back at once, keeping their distance.

They guarded against Karmen’s group like that, then turned around and followed the other werewolves.

“Are they going back into the snowy mountain?”

The situation was incomprehensible, but it seemed like a good sign that the monsters were retreating for now.

However, the knights’ hopeful cries soon turned into screams.

“T- that direction is……!”

“It’s toward the Imperial Palace!”

Moving in unison, the werewolves soon began to climb the mountain in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

The Werewolf King, who had been staring at Siervian until the end, let out a long cry again.


It was as if it had seen and understood how the other Werewolf King was hunted.


The werewolves were rapidly occupying one side of the mountain. Karmen and Siervian’s groups were safe, but now everyone in the Imperial Palace was in danger.

‘What can I do?’

She was overcome with despair and a sense of responsibility.

However, Siervian did not give up easily this time. Because she had just learned that nothing would be achieved if she gave up. She had to do something.

“Knights. I’m sorry, but please come with me.”

“But, Your Highness….”

“We have to do this.”

The knights hesitated, thinking that they should still prioritize protecting the princess.

Siervian looked straight at them and said, “I think the many people of the Imperial Palace are more important than me.”


It was not something that a nine-year-old child would say. However, Siervian did not have time to make them understand.

‘We must catch the werewolf king while it’s still here. I can’t let that many monsters go to the Imperial Palace.’

Whether it was wary of Siervian or not, the werewolf king was still standing there, glaring at her. Siervian tried to move hurriedly, wanting to take advantage of that moment.

However, it was an experienced monster and noticed Siervian’s movement, so it suddenly rejoined the werewolf pack.


However, the werewolves had already rushed far away toward the mountain and ran wildly without looking back.

The werewolf king’s status window also appeared and disappeared in an instant.

‘Oh no…!’

Just when despair was about to overwhelm her.

A very familiar voice was heard from the sky not too far away.


A huge light struck the mountain where the werewolves were most densely gathered.