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It was hard to just push through with a hunch as a reason this time. If she was careless, this could be misconstrued as being associated with the spy, and she could be misunderstood. From her experience in her previous life, Siervian knew all too well how enemies would exploit such ambiguous situations.

They would attack her, demanding to know how she knew about that.

‘If I can just show that the Duke’s family was involved in the monster incident, then I’ll be able to investigate Harmin tea in one go.’

That was clear evidence. At that point, even the Duke himself wouldn’t be able to avoid prison.


At that moment, the Tower Lord, who had been watching the situation unfold, burst into laughter. Then, as if he knew something, he subtly spoke to the Emperor.

“Your Majesty. How about letting Her Highness the Princess go to magic training?”


Her father’s eyebrows twitched as if he didn’t like the suggestion. However, the Tower Lord only spoke gently. It was as if he knew that this would definitely work.

“It would be a waste, wouldn’t it, considering that she has an aptitude for healing magic?”

Point made, her father paused for a moment and quietly put down the documents.

He gave the impression that he was listening to useless chatter, and his body leaned back on the chair as if he was comfortable.


Now, Tower Lord, who knew the meaning of that action well, enthusiastically continued to praise the princess. He was also curious because it had been a long time since he had seen a mage with such a high aptitude for healing magic.

“To heal such a deep wound at her first manifestation. If she continues to train, she might become the best healing mage in the Empire.”

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Thoughts: Well, this worked out well. I can get help with my ‘Elemental Theory on the Pure Use of Mana,’ Hehe.

As one who was extremely curious, the Tower Lord was filled with immense dreams.

‘Huh? What is Teacher thinking about?’

Siervian could barely understand his plan.

“Siervy, I think it’s really great.”

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Thoughts: I also wanted to see Siervy use healing magic! I’m envious of Karmen.

Her brother also spoke with sparkling eyes. The calm expectations he gave felt warm.

“I’ll study hard.”

Being expected by her family felt better than she had expected. That’s why Siervian made up her mind to work even harder in the future.

* * *

Several days later Siervian was able to go out into the city.

It was because her father’s worries were only getting worse.

Perhaps the shock from the monster incident was great, but her father kept trying to take Siervian with him wherever he went.

‘He looks so anxious. It’s weird. I have to be careful not to worry him.’

Finally receiving permission, Siervian was able to visit the welfare foundation after a very long time.

Recently, trade with the Kingdom of Mosae had become active, so everyone was very busy. The slightly older children were already helping with the mercenary guild’s work and earning pocket money.

Siervian’s heart warmed as she watched the children diligently carrying the Conoa flower petals with their small hands.

‘As expected, Marco will lead the mercenary guild well in the future.’

That’s why Siervian planned to focus more on the welfare foundation once she got a little older.

There were still many children in the slums who needed help.


“It’s been a while, Maison.”

After confirming that the mercenary guild was running well, Siervian purposely stopped by the Justice Guild.

She had something to ask them and some news she was curious about.

Guild Master Delphi had returned to the Imperial Capital and resumed his duties at the guild, leading the guild members who had been injured.

“Where’s Guild Master Delphi? How are the people who got hurt that time?”

She was worried about them since it was her first time using healing magic.

“They’re all still resting. Their bodies seem fine, but I firmly told them not to overdo it, just like you advised.”

“Good job!”

Healing magic heals wounds, but the bigger the wound, the more it temporarily disrupts the body’s mana balance.

Siervian had belatedly received advice about that fact and immediately contacted the Justice Guild.

“By the way, it’s good that you came, Princess.”


But Maison, who was watching her nod, carefully spoke up, saying she had been trying to contact her anyway.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well, there’s some gossip going around here lately.”

“What kind of rumor?”

Siervian’s eyes widened in surprise as Maison approached her.

Mood: Deeply worried

Tension could be felt even from Maison’s status window that was close to her ear.

“Someone’s asking around for a special-class assassin.”


The shocking information was conveyed in a voice so low that only Siervian could hear it.

“Do you know who they’re targeting?”

“I don’t know that much.”

Siervian didn’t know how dangerous a special-class assassin was.

However, Maison’s clearly tense attitude indirectly conveyed the danger.

‘Surely, they’re not after Father or my brother, are they?’

Of course, Siervian had already been targeted by an assassin once. However, this was the Imperial Capital, and could the Duke really hire an assassin again?

‘No, I don’t know.’

The Duke had already done something reckless once, by sending spies to cause the monster incident.

“I have a request for you as well.”

Siervian recalled the other reason she had come here.

‘Maybe that’s why Father was so anxious with his mage’s intuition?’

In any case, there was enough reason to be careful for the time being.

“Tell me, Your Highness.”

“Investigate a mage named Wilhelm.”

“…The mage who died during the monster incident.”

“That’s right.”

Thought: Even though that mage died, the Emperor announced there were no casualties.

He must be the culprit who caused the monster incident, or at least was related to it.

‘I guess I don’t need to explain any further.’

Maison didn’t ask why she was investigating him either. Thanks to that, unnecessary words were reduced between the two of them.

“Then I’ll contact you as soon as I have any information.”

“Yes, please.”

Siervian felt a sudden sense of urgency, thinking her father would be worried.

Hearing about the assassin reminded her of what had happened in the Kingdom of Mosae, and her young body trembled for the first time in a long time.

“Your Highness.”

When Siervian tried to hurry back, Maison spoke up.

She looked at Maison’s beautiful face in surprise and saw something amazing. Maison, who was always blunt, was smiling faintly.

“Thank you for saving my guild leader and the guild members.”

As she said this, Maison bowed her head deeply. It was enough to make her sincerity felt, even though it might have been somewhat improper etiquette.

“I’m glad I could do something.”

Siervian tried to downplay her contribution because Maison was usually so blunt. She still felt indebted to them for recommending the guild members there, which had almost put everyone in danger.

“Your Highness.”

However, Maison looked at Siervian with deep eyes and said, “There are many irresponsible people in the world who don’t do what they can do.”


“Thank you again.”

Siervian was able to nod at the heavy words of gratitude that came again.

Feeling nothing but a sense of satisfaction.

“Sir Roid! Let’s go back quickly.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Originally, they were planning to look around the city before leaving, but Siervian decided to just go back to the Imperial Palace.

Hearing about the assassin gave her a strangely creepy feeling, so she didn’t feel very good.

‘That’s strange….’

At her urging, Sir Roid brought the carriage. As soon as he confirmed that Siervian was seated, the carriage headed toward the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Capital was surrounded by an aristocratic district, centered on the Imperial Palace. So, the commoner district was located quite far on the outskirts.

As she was passing through the aristocratic district in the carriage….

“Whoa, whoa.”

“What’s the matter?”

The coachman suddenly stopped the carriage. Sir Roid, who was riding a horse and following the carriage, quickly headed to the front.

“The road is blocked. It was fine when we came earlier, but what happened….”

Siervian also stuck her head out the window when she heard the coachman’s bewildered voice.

The carriage had stopped on a small forest road formed between the commoner district and the aristocratic district.

“What’s that?”

Siervian asked, looking at the roughly dug-up ground and the wooden materials placed on one side.

“It looks like they’re making a new road.”

Sir Roid cautiously looked around while responding to the sudden change.

Then, a few people came out from one side. Judging from their shabby clothes and pickaxe-like equipment, they seemed to be mobilized workers.

“Oh, my, milady.”

“How dare you block a noble’s carriage?”

Sir Roid spoke arrogantly like a knight from a noble family.

Siervian used to hide her status as a princess when traveling through the city and just pretended to be a noble. It was too much of a hassle to go around revealing her status.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t go this way right now….”

So, the man who seemed to be the leader of the workers also treated Siervian’s group like nobles traveling to and from the aristocratic district.

“Is that so?”

However, Sir Roid still felt suspicious about these people who had suddenly blocked the road. It seemed his highly trained knight’s senses were activated.

Decisively, the princess in the carriage suddenly shouted loudly.

“It’s an ambush!”

Siervian could clearly see the identities of these people disguised as workers.

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