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Zen is light, and Theodore is heavy. Both in personality and attitude. Theodore is generally serious about everything, but Zen always manages to maintain a sense of ease. Like water and oil, their polarizing tendencies make it difficult for them to understand each other.

“Did I do something wrong? Lily?”

Zen asked, looking at Theodore for cues. I responded with a somewhat awkward feeling.

“Not that you did something wrong… It’s just that you two really don’t seem to match. It might be hard for you to become close.”

Upon hearing that, Zen drooped like a wet puppy. I gave a bitter smile and patted his back.

“Umm, the place where the magical aura is most intense is right here…”

Great Sage Philist said as he swept away the wall of the village cemetery. His eyes, with a bluish tint, deepened as if lost in thought. I passed by him, observing the surroundings.

‘….Indeed, if it’s around here, it’s a suitable place to trigger the rift.’

If I were Owen, I would have chosen this place. There are no witnesses nearby, and the villagers are enjoying the festival, oblivious to everything.

I turned to the group and spoke.

“First, let’s split up and explore the cemetery…”

That’s when it happened. A strange sensation engulfed me, and my body stiffened involuntarily.

Chills ran down my spine. It felt like numerous eyes were staring at me.

‘This is undoubtedly similar to the feeling in when ….. I saw that dark spirit in Theodore’s memories—’

– Lily! Be careful!

Somnia’s warning echoed in my mind. At almost the same time, Theodore pulled me into his arms.

A brilliant blue flame erupted before my eyes. A gigantic, bird-shaped Seraphim emerged, enveloping Theodore as if to protect him.

However, it was already too late, as I realized moments later.

“Theodore, your arm…”

It looked as if something had bitten into Theodore’s arm. A sinister energy emanated from the dark mark. Witnessing it, my heart sank.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Theodore lowered his coat to conceal his arm and reassured me. I, who was still concerned, asked again.

“Are you sure it’s okay? That wound just now, it’s…”

That’s when it happened.

“Oh my, how terrible… Is this the dark spirit?”

Philist murmured nearby.

I turned my head in that direction. The dark spirit, who had bitten into Theodore’s arm, was now somehow subdued by Philist.

The appearance of the dark spirit was not significantly different from what I had seen in Theodore’s memories. A grotesque form with countless faces floating in a mass of mud.

However, inexplicably… there was a feeling that its size had grown even larger. I hoped it was just my imagination…

– In the meantime, it absorbed another soul.


I exclaimed in shock at Somnia’s words. The answer went beyond shock, even giving a nauseating sensation.

– Fifty people… no, around a hundred? It devoured the souls of the deceased and became even stronger.


I urgently covered my mouth. My stomach churned, and my body trembled. ‘In the meantime’… less than a few months? In that short time, had the Everett family killed another hundred people?

‘This is insane. How can they… those bastards will receive divine punishment!’

– Be cautious, Lily. If we don’t subdue it quickly, a rift will open up in the vicinity.


Somnia’s warning helped me regain composure in my chaotic mind. I clenched my fists tightly, gritting my teeth. Suppressing my disgust, I approached the dark spirit.

Philist’s magic was holding it, but it seemed like it could break free at any moment. The dark spirit had become a dangerous entity.

If we let it go like this… the Everett family would use more souls to cultivate this peculiar being.

“There might be Owen’s wizard nearby. They are probably just observing the situation for now, but if we interfere with the dark spirit, they might reveal themselves. Your role will be to capture that wizard when the time comes.”

“Of course, I haven’t forgotten, Lily.”

As Zen solemnly nodded, Philist and Theodore also nodded in agreement. Theodore’s injured arm still emanates a dark energy. Witnessing this sight, anxiety crept into my heart. If that wound couldn’t be healed…


– Don’t worry, Lily. Once we subdue the dark spirit, we can find a way. Let’s focus on what needs to be done now.

‘…Yes, you’re right. Let’s focus on what needs to be done now.’

I firmly gathered my resolve and brought Somnia back to reality. Somnia’s ethereal form, resembling a night sky adorned with stars, unfolded widely in the empty space.

– Lily, if it becomes too much for you, just let me know. You don’t have to handle everything.

‘It’s okay. Let’s get started.’

A soft sigh, as if echoing, and Somnia, who was shimmering like silk, wrapped around me and the dark spirit.

Simultaneously, the agonizing screams of over a thousand people pierced through my mind.

‘Save me!’


‘It hurts, it hurts…’

‘Ugh, Mom…!’

‘Please, save me…!’