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Cahill grinned as he ran his hand over his swollen member, a seemingly innocent expression contrasting with the sinister lower body.

Holly sighed in disbelief as she gazed at him from top to bottom.

“Let’s keep going until nothing comes out.”

He lowered his upper body again in excitement.

“That’s a bit… Uht!

Holly moaned as Cahill’s hand immediately massaged her chest. He gripped her legs, and the inside of her thighs was damp from the spilled s*men.

“You’re so beautiful, Holly.”

The next moment, he grasped his member and slowly entered her. Then, with his fingers, he wiped away the s*men and subtly pushed it into her.

Uht, if it tears…”

Her entrance was reddening. The open, puckered shape looked similar to her lips.

‘Should I go up or down?’

Cahill pondered fiercely. Despite that, he didn’t want to leave the narrow, heated inner walls.

‘This time, it’ll last longer.’

After finishing the tug-of-war, he pulled her thighs taut while speaking in a husky voice before he moved very slowly.


Finding solace in the moderate stimulation, Holly slowly swayed her hips to match his rhythm.

“I like you, Holly.”

Cahill’s sweet voice flowed into Holly’s ears again. Her half-lidded eyes were lifted. Her face, covered in a haze of heat, lacked a sense of reality.

Unintentionally, her lips parted.


He swallowed her lips, and his tongue delved slightly roughly inside. It explored the damp flesh thoroughly.

“Ha… uhp.”

Holly reciprocated by intertwining her tongue with Cahill’s. Low, ticklish moans emanated from his throat.

The battle to dominate each other’s mouths continued. After thoroughly tasting her mouth, he slowly pulled away. Her lips, bitten and sucked hard during that time, were swollen, and she blinked her wet eyes and whispered to Cahill.


At that moment, a creaking sound reached her ears. Lying down, she raised her head and looked at the window where the sound came from.

Cahill, who had moved up, kissed her lifted chin.

“Just now… did you hear that noise?”

She pushed away his persistent lips with her hand. She couldn’t take her eyes off the window hidden by the wardrobe. Cahill, who initially tried to ignore the sound, had no choice but to speak.

“They went to another room.”

“Another room, where…?”

As she questioned Cahill, she realized that Badin and Adam were in the other room. She looked worried, directing her gaze towards the wall connecting to the adjacent room.

“We couldn’t warn Badin and Adam that there might be an attack.”

Unlike Cahill and Holly, Badin and Adam couldn’t even lock their window, making them vulnerable to an attack while sleeping.

“It’s okay. They’ve probably had their fair share of attacks in their lives.”

While she expressed her apologies, Cahill seemed indifferent.

“Going to help now might…”

The movement of his member, which had been stimulating her inner walls, came to a halt at her words. Unintentionally, Holly sighed with a sense of regret as she looked at him.

“Why are you like this?”

Cahill spoke with an air of disappointment while pouting his lips.

“Stop talking about other people. It’s our time alone.”

Since the day he made a promise to her, he had been quietly waiting without taking any action. Holly felt sorry when she thought that Cahill, who would get aroused just by making eye contact, had been patiently waiting for this moment.

Ah! I’m sorry.”

She quickly apologized, wrapping her arms around his neck. She squeezed his thighs wrapped around his waist, causing her flesh to tighten around his member.

Cahill’s furrowed brow softened. However, when he saw her brightened face, he hardened his expression again.

“This is not enough.”

Cahill, pretending to be angry, narrowed his eyes and withdrew his hips slightly as she hastily pressed her body against him. Holly, who had been watching him move away, bit her lip playfully and glared at him before she climbed on top of him.

“We don’t have time.”

Holly urged him and lifted her hips. She needed to quickly fill this beast’s desire and leave this place before sunrise.

Cahill stared blankly at her as she was stimulated by her movements on top of him.

Soon, his face twisted with pleasure.

“Don’t even think about it in your dreams.”

He threatened and revealed his teeth as he pressed on the back of her head. Despite the fierce expression, a playful gleam appeared on her face.


* * *


When the two of them cleared the wardrobe and came out through the window, the dawn was about to break. Holly was lifted on Cahill’s back, ready to jump down from the second floor.

“I guess you have no sense of moderation.”

She was startled and turned to the source of the sound. In the darkness, a shadow leaning against the wall became visible.

It was Badin and Adam.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to give us a little warning?”

As soon as Adam saw Holly’s face, he sharply reproached her. It was a face that couldn’t peacefully fall asleep all night for reasons different from hers.

“I’m sorry. I thought that everything would be okay even if something happened suddenly, with Adam and Badin being strong.”

Holly sincerely apologized, and Adam flinched as his usually pale cheeks turned red. Adam, as if sensing the heat on his own face, quickly turned his head.

“…I’m not that strong.”

He mumbled in a low voice.

“Please be more careful next time.”

He finished his words sharply while glancing at Holly. Meanwhile, Cahill, who was looking at him like that, gave him a sharp look.

“Anyway, let’s leave here quickly before more people come.”

Holly tapped Cahill’s shoulder, indicating that they should go down. In response, he strengthened his grip on her legs.

“Oh! Are you planning to break my legs and carry me around?”

When she shouted in alarm, Cahill released his grip on her legs. As a result, she slid down as if slipping and looped her arm around him.


* * *


In the deep dawn, there were many people on the streets. People were sitting on the street, pulling down their pants, people grabbing onto lamp posts and vomiting. Some were lingering next to drunk people.

“Seems like everyone is either a drunk or a criminal.”

Holly, who noticed someone standing by as if supporting a drunk but turned out to be stealing money by groping the waistband, chuckled. Just as they were about to pass by a dark alley, a strange sound from inside caught her attention.

Thud, thud.

It was undoubtedly the sound of bodies colliding. She hesitated, glancing at the alley.

‘You shouldn’t get involved in other people’s business; it will only cause trouble.’

With a determined expression, she tried to lift her foot.


However, at that moment, a short sound clearly belonged to a woman. Holly, who initially thought it might be a dispute among the usual back-alley troublemakers and intended to ignore it, stopped in her tracks.

Cahill moved his foot before her, glancing in the direction with interested eyes. Following his gaze, she looked deeper into the darker alley, where two figures overlapped.


Holly opened her mouth to rescue the person trapped between the wall and the large figure.

Haang! Ah, good… there, ahng!

However, at that moment, an unusual moaning sound reached her ears.

“Darling, try it harder.”

The woman, who was pressed against the wall, turned to the man and urged him. Holly, who was peering between the wall and the large figure, opened her mouth after belatedly regaining her senses.

“Hey, what are they doing in the middle of a public street?”

She turned her head in surprise at Adam’s sarcasm behind her. Still, Cahill still couldn’t take his eyes off the alley with his eyes shining.

Holly suddenly felt anxious.

“Stop looking.”