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Jerryel continued to flirt endlessly after that.

“Sister, when leaves fall at your feet, it probably means to stay for a while. So, come back later, yes?”

“Is this tree starting a fight? How dare it block the King’s path. It is unforgivable disrespect.”

Kalcion responded to the flirtation with a war-like fury. It was really cute to watch. She wanted to see that scene so much that she thought about attending at least one party. However, Selina decided to return to Renbird right away.

More than anything else, she was bothered by being involved in a war of nerves among nobles.

Now that the noble values created by their society had become insignificant to her, there was no reason to exert energy and try to establish herself. She wanted to rest comfortably in the neat comfort and practical authority that Renbird provided.

She wanted to quickly return to Renbird, so she refused the carriage offered by Jerriel and rode her horse as she had come.

Since it was an all-mounted unit, there was no need to slow down.

Until they arrived at the campsite, everyone kept quiet and just drove their horses.

She couldn’t have a proper conversation due to the sound of horseshoes pounding all over. Now, she was quite used to riding the beast. While riding the beast, she had time to think about other things in her head.

“No one knew until the ceremony.”

Jerryel’s last words occupied her mind and lingered throughout.

This was something she hadn’t thought about. They took each other so naturally that they forgot the formality of marriage. Even if they weren’t married, they were already with each other. Even without formal procedures, the two were now one.

But was it true for other people, too?

This world was not a place for just the two of them. She saw, with her own eyes, the person who had previously run to Kalcion wanted to marry her now. Even though she had established herself as Kalcion’s undying lover, Selina was officially unmarried.

In other words, anyone could propose marriage to him.

.This also applied to Selina.

No matter how superficial the King may be, a king was still a king. Things would be different from before.

The pressure coming from all directions may not be easy for them to defend each other by being a solid lover. The situation had changed from before. Now was the time for the two to seriously think about marriage.

“We’re going to spend the night in the village ahead.”

“That’s right. Situations always change.”

“…Nothing has changed? Everything is as planned.”

It was only then that Selina came to her senses after hearing Kalcion’s bewildered words. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she couldn’t really hear his words.

“Oh, I guess I was thinking it was the next town.”

“I see.”

Kalcion ignored Selina’s vague words without thinking much about it.

‘Why don’t you think deeply?’

Her worries haunt her again.

She was troubled and unable to come to her senses due to the word ‘marriage,’ but why was he so calm? Was he really just believing in the eternity of this love and was at ease with it?

‘Does applying formality in front of someone you trust feel like doubting love?’

Kalcion, like Selina, thought of marriage as nothing more than a stifling obligation.

Perhaps he thought that informal love was true love. All sorts of thoughts came to her mind, such as what if she pushed for it and ended up making it suffocating, what if he felt like he was being forced into an obligation?

‘It doesn’t matter whether I get married or not.’

Even though she tried to think lightly, her heart naturally became heavy when she thought of the suitors lined up.

“Please understand if we don’t have a proper meal because we’re on the move.”

“As expected, we need to talk, right?”

“…If this meal doesn’t make enough sense to require a talk, I’ll prepare it again.”

She was once again lost in her thoughts, letting out the sounds from her erratic mind.

“N, no, because we were running all day today so we couldn’t talk.”

Selina rashly found excuses again and made them all up. It was a problem she didn’t need to hide. Still, she couldn’t get the words out easily. She was afraid that Kalcion might have different ideas.


Kalcion nodded his head at her words this time as if he didn’t think anything of it. However, he seemed concerned about the quality of the meal, so she hastily added a compliment.

“This is the best meal.”

Considering that they were on the move, it was truly a feast. It was not just empty words. Even though it was a wild animal, it was soft and was cooked well, so it wasn’t much different from the meals she usually ate.

The only difference was the number of foods on the table.

Selina hummed deliciously as if showing off.

“Chew slowly.”

Only then did Kalcion smile happily. Like an attendant, he looked excited as he cut the meat into bite-size pieces for Selina’s mouth and offered it to her as if it was the most enjoyable thing in the world.

“Kalcion should eat, too.”

“I’m eating.”

“You’re not eating. Just cutting for me.”

“Yes, eat it. This must be delicious.”

Despite answering well, he didn’t put anything in his mouth. When Selina, who couldn’t bear to see it, brought the meat directly to his mouth, he moved his mouth to take it and eat it.

“It’s amazing.”

Kalcion swallowed the meat and grinned.


“Why does the same meat taste better when it’s with your hands?”


Thankfully, no one is listening.

He simply spoke his true feelings honestly, but to others, it was nothing more than a horrifying act. It was pure sentiment with no intention, so she couldn’t stop him. It was best for Selina to just listen and deal with it on her own.

Even without the formality of marriage, Kalcion’s affection was never to be doubted. If this was not love, there was no love in this world.

‘…Yes, marriage is meant to be between people who love each other.’

Selina turned it around and regained her common sense. Kalcion was also convinced that there was no way she would marry someone else. And so did she not want to see him get another suitor.

It was very natural for two people to get married.

The love was the same, just adding a little formality to it.

‘Yes, let’s just speak naturally.’

Selina made up her mind and immediately opened her mouth.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Excuse me.”

Suddenly, Dion’s voice came from outside the barracks.



She always got interrupted just as she was about to say something important. No matter if the outcome was ‘great,’ saying ‘let’s get married’ was a nerve-wracking word. She had to set the mood again and create an opportunity.

In the meanwhile, Kalcion was more focused on Selina’s words than Dion outside the barracks.

“Do you have something you wanted to say?”

“No, just bring him in.”

He waited a moment, but her mouth showed no sign of opening again.

“Uh… Shall I come back later?”

Dion outside the barracks asked astutely.

“Come in.”

At those words, Dion came in with a bird perched on his shoulder and handed him a note.

“I received a call from Silenza.”

“The victory parade ceremony.”

After opening the note, Kalcion let out a low hum.

“Should I skip it?”

Dion noticed.

This time, Selina’s performance was great during the expedition, so she was looking forward to the victory parade. The victory parade was her unexpected action, so there was no need for them to prepare. The victory parade would require more preparation in advance.

It was a natural progression that as preparations increased, the number of formal rites required of the two people increased.

“No. It’s a victory, so we should announce the queen’s return louder.”

“Ah… yes. Then I will convey it that way.”

Dion answered briefly and walked away.

“Will you be okay?”

“What am I?”

Selina shrugged her shoulders.

She was the one who showed up for the ceremony without anyone telling her. She wasn’t the type of person to be shy and would back down. There was no reason to ignore it if it was something not to lose, so she nodded.

“Kalcion does the fighting, and I take care of the victory?”

“That’s what kings do.”

“But usually, they give out rewards.”

“Then, just give me a reward.”

“I have nothing to give you?”

Selina was a king, but she had nothing. For her, giving something she received from Kalcion as a reward was no different from giving it back to him.

It was strange.

“It doesn’t have to be a material thing.”

She slumped her shoulders.

“Kissing, sleeping, things like that are boring. It’s not even a reward.”

He wanted to receive a kiss from a princess as a reward. This was a common cliche. It couldn’t be a reward since she had already done everything she could with Kalcion.

“There’s no way I would ask for a reward that treats you like an object.”

Kalcion grumbled as if he was dispirited.


Her thoughts didn’t reach that point.

She was so used to being treated like that that she didn’t even think about him being offended. She also felt the difference between Kalcion and other men.

No matter how pretty she was and how much he loved her, the essence of her that entered his heart was different. The desire to have something, to wield her to their heart’s content, and the love for something was as far apart as heaven and earth.

She was happy to be loved.

Her chest swelled with pride. With her heart about to burst, Selina jumped into Kalcion’s lap.

“I love you.”

He accepted her and hugged her without even knowing what was happening.

“I love you, too.”

Selina held Kalcion’s thick torso tightly in her arms.


He smiled and equally tightened his arms around hers. It was strong enough to make her gasp.

“Then are you mine, too?”

“Of course.”

She answered, lifting her face from his shoulder.

“Why are you still asking that? It’s obvious.”