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It was the wedding of the century.

The coronation ceremony was rather conducted frugally due to Selina’s strong insistence. Since she was not fond of formal events, as her job required her to attend events she didn’t like, she did her best to minimize it.

However, the wedding was different.

Kalcion put his hands down, saying he couldn’t compromise on this much. The whole world should know that they were getting married, he insisted.

Even Selina, who did her best to minimize, had no choice but to give in to his earnestness.

Thanks to that, the tailor died once again.

This time, the tailor was commissioned to create ’a work that is both rose-like and lily-like, pure white and all the light in the world at the same time.’ The tailor dared to say, ‘Make it your own,’ and almost grabbed the scary Northern Duke by the collar.

It was none other than a competing bidder who calmed his anger when he almost lost his life.

Of course, he secretly believed that he would be in charge of King Selina’s costume, though there was something. A large number of designers packed up and moved from Mion, the capital of Aclion.

As they were sensitive to trends, they were quick to notice trends.

They remembered that even when Selina was ‘commoner Selina,’ she was secretly creating trends.

Once Selina appeared at a party, there would inevitably be guests asking, ‘Was there anything that was similar but didn’t look like an imitation?’

“Yesterday, Selina, khmm, you might not know, but she was a commoner and became the Duke’s mistress, so she was showing off… Well, she’s a pretty good-looking girl. Anyway, the flower decoration that she had in her hair… No, it’s not the same thing. I just like the feeling, just the feeling! Something similar!”

In that way.

Even though they said to just go for the feels, it went without saying that the more it resembled what Selina did, the better the reviews were.

If it became popular among nobles, it soon became popular among wealthy commoners as well. Then, it becomes a trend among the entire nation. When it became fashionable to wear eagle feathers as a headdress, people would want to wear at least chicken feathers.

‘I’m the one who started that feather trend!’

Seeing something like that was what every designer dreams of at least once.

Currently, the person who was leading the trend the most was Selina. So, it was natural to stick with her even when they moved countries. Stores that had been using her since she was a commoner and had built relationships with her were quick to move to Selinia or open branches.

Still, the past friendship did not guarantee everything.

The dealings with King Selina began now. Designers who were just starting to make deals rushed in with lights in their eyes.

“I can do it!”

“Nothing is impossible!”

In front of their momentum, the tailor also came to his senses.

As for Silenza, he only received orders before others but did not establish himself as the King’s exclusive tailor. This was not the time to relax and discuss whether it would work or not.

“I will do it no matter what!”

Selina’s timeless attire was thus prepared. Kalcion and her, who saw the dress in real life for the first time, were also impressed.

‘It worked…’

The tailor received ample compensation for his admiration. In addition to monetary compensation, the dress was displayed in the main lobby of the palace after the wedding, receiving admiration from passers-by for a long time.

Naturally, the status of the tailor who prepared the dress soared at once.

However, he did not become the King’s personal tailor. It was so difficult that he was forced to take a sabbatical for a year. Instead, he made a fortune by selling the intellectual property rights to the technique and design used to make the dress, so there was nothing to regret.

This income was higher than the average income before making Selina’s dress, so the tailor even thought about living like this for the rest of his life. Because of this story, the country of Selinia became even more famous.

A country where anyone with talent can make a big splash and not have to worry about making a living for the rest of their lives!

Thanks to this, many talented people flocked to Selinia.

Although unintentionally, Selinia was reborn as a country of culture, art, and cutting-edge fashion. What supported this was Silenza’s wealth and Renbird’s own mineral production.

The gems buried in Renbird were rarely produced. As they began to appear in their own market, endless uses became possible, and later, paints containing jewel powder were even introduced. However, there was a decisive reason that surpassed all these reasons.

It was the new Duke Renbird’s hobby.







“What party is today?”

Noble ladies whispered as they walked through the corridors of the ornate Silenza Palace.

Silenza Castle went through several expansions and became a palace. Despite the fact that it was previously famous for its grandeur and dignified appearance, with the addition of extravagance, it became so luxurious that it was impossible to close one’s mouth.

The jewels embedded in the ceiling reflected the light, making it unusually bright compared to other palaces.

“I heard the lilies were blooming beautifully.”

Last month, violets bloomed beautifully.

The main theme was not the violets on the ground but the violet-colored dress Selina wore.

“It’s large for a sponsored tea party. It’s also at night.”

“What was the reason this time?”

There was a small sigh, but it was soon followed by a small laugh. The justification for holding a party at Silenza Palace was clearly visible. That was truly northern, cute, and enviable.

Silenza in summer was cool.

The flowering time of lilies was also a little late.

The garden, where the cool night breeze blew, was covered with pure white lilies. As the pitch-black night sky and white lilies covered the garden, the large and lovely lily clusters showed off their vivid appearance in the cool air.

“Oh, my goodness…!”

However, the flower that caught people’s eyes the most was definitely Selina, Queen of Selinia.

Today’s dress code was lily. It was common to use green and a little bit of yellow or gold as decoration on white clothes. The clothes she wore was a plain white dress with no patterns or decorations. In addition, her hair, as black as the night sky, was adorned with gold pins studded with emeralds.

If a lily blooming under the night sky were to become a human, would it look like this? If she were decorated like a rose, it would be as gorgeous as a rose, and if she were decorated like a lily, it would be as neat as a lily.

Selina’s appearance wasn’t the only thing that caught the eyes. The material of the dress she was wearing was an amazing fabric that people had never seen before.

‘The soul of a fabric maker was broken for the King…’

One of the reasons she became increasingly wealthy was that she supported the development of new products at the national level.

“Hello, thank you for inviting me here today.”


“Your Highness.”

Kalcion’s title, who officially became the consort, was raised to His Highness.


While receiving greetings, he always looked towards Selina.

He looked like a typical man in love.

It seemed to tickle even those who were watching him for no reason.

“You always stay by her side, but you can’t seem to take your eyes off her even for a moment.”

“How can there be a moment where I can take my eyes off?”

Kalcion asked the person who spoke to him with eyes as if he had seen the most ignorant person in the world.

The person who was trying to lightly tease the new groom lowered his head in horror at the contempt and astonishment in his eyes. No matter how relaxed he was, it was an attempt that should not have been said to the northern ice wall.

“…I made a slip of the tongue.”

“Yes. It is impossible, so it is clear that you made a mistake, but it would be better to be careful not to make a mistake in the future.”

“I will keep this in mind.”

“By the way, how about today’s party?”

What is coming has come.

The man who had finally been forgiven and let his shoulders hang stiffened again and stiffened his neck muscles.

Now, Selina was no longer a pretty doll that Kalcion, Duke Renbird, carried around like an object. Even though she was a king in name only, she became Kalcion’s master. She has become a person of such high stature that one couldn’t carelessly praise her for being pretty or beautiful.

However, it was Selina that Kalcion was proud of.

If he praised her, he became an insolent bastard who dared to judge the appearance of the king of a nation, and if he did not, he would become a tactless b*stard who ignored Duke Renbird’s intentions.

…This was a major problem.

“Aren’t the lilies you see at night very beautiful?”

Then, Selina extended a saving hand.

Selina herself had implicitly said that it was a ‘lily,’ so he could feel free to just praise it.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Of course! It is so beautiful that nothing can describe its beauty! Just being able to see this beauty makes me feel worthy of being alive!”

Sentences of praise without subject poured out one after another.

“Is that it?”

However, Kalcion’s greed had no end.

“Uh, that… beautiful, exquisite…”


Finally, it wasn’t until Selina nudged Kalcion’s side that his urging stopped.

She hid her laughter.

Even though it happened all the time, it made her laugh every time. Kalcion strictly kept his wedding vows.

To be honest, it was good to listen to, so that was half of the reason why she laughed. All his life, he only loved his wife, looked only at his wife, protected only his wife, treated only his wife with respect, and expressed his feelings for her generously—offering his body, mind, eyes, and mouth.