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“Then just marry me, not Mom!”

“No to that.”


Shock hit Magna like a simultaneous blow to the front and back of her head. Shaken like a malfunctioning doll, the child faced the shocking collapse of her world.

Dad said he didn’t like Magna.

He said he wouldn’t marry Magna.

…How could such a thing happen? Something impossible had happened. Something that shouldn’t have happened had happened.

As her small world crumbled, unable to handle the shattered emotions, Magna screamed in frustration.


“I, idiot—”

Kalcion also experienced a heavy shock after getting hit by his daughter’s fierce attack.

Being called an idiot wasn’t such a big deal if it came from someone else, he would have dismissed it with a snicker. However, hearing it from his daughter sent a deep shock to his spine.

When insulted, one should either ignore it like it didn’t matter or respond with anger, though he couldn’t do either. The shock was too overwhelming to ignore, yet he wasn’t angry. Hearing his daughter call him an idiot was a monumental event.

Seeing Kalcion lost in shock, Selina, like a savior, stepped in.

“Why did you say idiot to Dad?”

Magna’s anger was redirected towards Mom, who caused the issue.

“Idiot! Stupid!”

“Right, an idiot’s daughter is also an idiot.”

Unlike the shocked Kalcion, Selina found it too easy to deal with. If he was a wooden stick, she was a treasured sword cut out of the bones of the beast and coated with steel.

Iick! Mom idiot!”

“An idiot’s daughter is also an idiot.”

“Mom, hate youuuuu!”

There was no logical way to argue with her.

In the end, Magna resorted to a tantrum.

She inherited even the two’s not losing personalities. However, Selina, despite being their child, didn’t have a giving and compromising nature. She felt sorry for Magna, who was staggering with frustration and relentlessly hurling insults, but she never backed down.

“Mom idiot, stupid! Ugly!”

“No way.”

“Ugly! Ugly!”

Selina chuckled. However, if looked closely, the energy that flew away from the smile was definitely a blade.

“There’s no way Mom’s ugly. You, who just started growing, must be the ugly one.”

Magna was silenced by Selina’s confident rebuttal.

Even in the eyes of a child whose standards of beauty were not yet established, Selina was beautiful, and no matter how stubborn she was, she couldn’t deny Selina’s beauty.

Uh, uuhhh, uuu!

The exasperated Magna tried to speak confidently but couldn’t form coherent words. When the meaningless rebellion ceased, Selina’s attack began.

“People attack others using their own weaknesses. Are you ugly?”

Magna was taken aback.


The word she had never heard once in her entire life in her world, where the concept of ‘ugliness’ was just an abstract notion of a ‘bad word.’ In the world where Magna grew up, there was, in fact, nothing ‘ugly.’

“N, no! Not ugly!”

The one who was ugly was her?

The revelation of the secret of her birth made Magna turn blue like a lead in a tragedy. Why would she be so shocked to learn something she knows so little of?

On the other hand, Selina had quite a mischievous side. If something was cute, she wanted to tease it even more.

“Since you’re ugly, you attacked me.”

Selina drove the point home.

“No! NO!”

Ultimately, the child burst into tears.

Kukuku… Ah, so cute.”

Selina laughed with her shoulders bouncing. She was different from Kalcion, who couldn’t bear to see her daughter cry as if his heart would crumble.

Magna eventually admitted defeat.

Selina, as the dignified winner, commanded.

“Apologize to Dad for calling him an idiot.”

“Dad, sorry.”

“And apologize to Mom for calling me an idiot, stupid, and ugly.”

“Mom, sorry.”

After obediently listening to Selina’s instructions, she smiled and hugged Magna. Meanwhile, watching the scene, Kalcion realized one thing at this point.

Upon reflection, Selina was never kind to outsiders.

Why had he forgotten? Entering society barehanded, she faced attacks from all directions and handled them all. Anyone who attacked her first felt defeated.

To them, Selina seemed like a devil from hell.

In the end, she appeared as an angel only in his eyes. But she had given birth to a devil that was just like her.

Magna inherited not only the physical robustness of his lineage but also the mental fortitude of Selina’s lineage. Now, she was just a vulnerable child dealing with two adults, but what would happen after she grew up? She would become the strongest human that no one could oppose.

Kalcion, for the first time, worried about old age.

At that moment, a nanny carrying a swaddle came into the training ground.

“The prince has awakened, wanting to be brought to the two of you.”

“So soon? Today’s nap was a bit short.”

Selina put Magna down and was handed the child. The young boy had silver hair resembling Kalcion’s and eyes of a deep blue color, a mix of Selina’s and Kalcion’s eye colors.



The child, who somehow recognized Selina’s call and grinned, mumbled something.

A satisfied smile spread across Selina’s face.

Her wish to have a child resembling Kalcion finally came true. When he witnessed Selina’s struggles during the birth of their first child, Magna, he vehemently opposed having a second child. He even went so far as to threaten that if anything went wrong, he would die, too.

However, the accidents between men and women tend to unfold unexpectedly at any given moment.

There was an atmosphere that swept even the Kalcion, who seemed so dry that one wondered if he had any emotions.

It happened when the two of them crossed over to the other world together. The unfamiliarity of the new world, the overwhelming sensations of its splendor, and Selina’s actively tempting mood after returning to her hometown after a long time — all of these factors played a role.

In the end, everything went according to Selina’s wishes.

And so, Gration, their second child, was born.

At the age of four, he was just right.

Gration had a temperament that was unexpectedly gentle and calm. He slept well at night, and he didn’t fuss much over formula. Even if things were a bit uncomfortable, cold, or hot, he didn’t complain much.

Perhaps because of this, contrary to the worries about sparking fiery jealousy, Magna adored Gration.


Magna approached, wiping away her tears.

“Yes, you should say hello to your little brother, right?”

“Ung… Gerato, did you sleep well?”


It was about time for him to start calling them Mom and Dad. Babble-like sounds were starting to become more common. However, he hadn’t started using actual words yet.

“Huh? Did you say Sis?”

It seemed like Magna deliberately chose to interpret that from his random sounds.

“Mom! Gerato called me Sis!”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Really! That’s right! Gerato, Sis, right? Sis?”


Kyaa! Mom, look, he called me Sis!”

She felt fortunate as long as the younger sibling didn’t secretly act up, but this was unexpected. Magna found Gration too adorable. As parents, they were extremely grateful and welcomed it. Even without the bias of being parents, objectively, the two siblings were cute.

Selina nodded with a smile.

“Yes, yes.”

Ecstatic Magna clung to Gration, calling, “Sis, Sis!”

“Selina, have you read the latest plans for the beast commercialization plan?”

“Oh, that thing. Give me a moment.”

The nanny quickly approached, took Gration, and walked a few steps away to a shaded area.

Magna, whose proposal had just been rejected by her father moments ago, quickly forgot about it and walked with Gration, singing happily.

“Gerato, Sis. Sis.”


“Oh?! Again. Sis! Ter!”

“Iiii! Te!”

“Just a bit more!”

Gration seemed to be genuinely putting effort into living up to Magna’s excitement.

The nanny watched the efforts of the two babies with curiosity and anticipation. Not only the nanny but also the soldiers who were taking a break looked on with eyes that sparkled with laughter.

“Sis! Ter!”

“II! Ee!”

“Oh, oh! That’s right! Sister!”



From Gration’s mouth, a word that was really close to ‘sister’ came out.

Magna covered her mouth with both hands and wiggled her feet in delight. Even the nanny and the soldiers erupted into silent cheers, like petals fluttering in the spring breeze. It was a cheer that couldn’t be uttered, not wanting to startle Gration.

“Mom! Mom! Dad! Gerato did it!”


The couple, who hadn’t been paying proper attention amidst an important conversation, finally turned to Magna’s excitement.

“Gerato! Again! Sister!”



This time, a wave of shock swept over the couple.

“Gration is already speaking…?!”

“Is our child a genius?!”

“But he said ‘Sister’ first?!”

With a proud smile, Magna extended her chest.

“Gerato likes Sister the most!”

The quickest to cope with the shock was Kalcion.

“Gration, say ‘Dad.’”

Aaa! Kyaa! Iiitee!”


It seemed like the winner’s position for the time being had been established.