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‘Suddenly my head…’

Out of the blue, it felt as if Andra’s head was going to split in half, and so she stumbled and stretched out her hand to grab the tree next to her. What she held in her hand was not the hard and rough wood grain, but the cold, hard hand of someone.

As the startled Andra tried to pull her hand away, the other person held her hand even tighter.


“You always test my patience.”

In the blink of an eye, Dean was now close by. However, the composure he had seen before was gone, and only a sensitive man remained. He looked all over Andra’s body, starting with her face. Under his keen and explicit gaze, Andra felt as if she was naked in front of him.

When did he get to her? Andra looked around her as best as she could so as not to be noticed. Please, Dustin should have followed her lead.

“God, I’ve known about your whims for a long time, so I tried to leave you alone for a while.”

Pausing to examine Andra, Dean reached out his free hand and stroked Andra’s cheek. Andra grimaced unconsciously when his cold hand—so cold that it was hard to believe it was a person’s—touched her face. Was this person truly alive and moving?

Andra stared straight at Dean with all her courage. Dean was looking at Andra with a sad, yet slightly angry gaze. His touch was very careful, but the emotion felt beyond his eyes was hatred.

“Because I still love you. Because I know that you, too, will eventually love me again. However…”

“Dean, I have a favor to ask.”

Andra cut Dean off. Dean’s face distorted for a moment. However, he did not get annoyed or reprimand Andra. He still looked at her with eyes filled with hatred, but when she said that she had a favor to ask, he nodded his head towards her.

“…What is it?”

“Open the path to the end of the world. Then I will also cooperate with you.”

The inside of her mouth cracks from tension. Andra watched Dean’s reaction as she moistened her throat with a gulp. Dean was silent. As soon as he heard the words end of the world, he immediately shut up.

Andra became anxious. In fact, the plan she made with Dustin was for Dean to open the way to reach the end of the world as she requested. If Dean does not listen to Andra’s request, their plan will come to nothing.

“You said you wanted me to become a God.”

When Dean didn’t say anything, Andra added again. Dean stared at Andra without saying a word, and then she burst into laughter.

“I wondered why the person who ran away from me was looking for me again… Was it because of that?”

Dean’s eyes wavered dangerously. He seemed a little hurt.

“I thought you regained some of your memory and looked for me. That’s why you abandoned that man and came to me…”

Did he know that she was with Dustin? Andra began to be confused as to what to say to him. Meanwhile, Dean continued to speak.

“But turns out it wasn’t. You don’t even know… but you wanted it?”

The bitter voice and dejected appearance reminded Andra of the Dean she had glimpsed in Anat’s memories, and Andra almost stretched out her hand to hug him. Oh my God! Andra was surprised at herself for thinking such a thing. Even though she was not Anat, she sympathized with Dean.

Andra thought she needed to be more alert to her senses. Strangely enough, when she was in front of Dean, she felt confused. It’s as if Anat’s memories were her own.

Andra cleared her voice and spoke again to Dean.

“Dean, it’s me you want. In the end, isn’t your goal to go to the end of the world with me? I can help with that.”

At that moment, Dean’s eyes changed. He began to look at Andra with even more hatred. His hand that was holding her tightened. Andra asked again as she frowned slightly due to the strength of his grip.

“So, why now?”


Andra felt her body stiffen with tension due to his doubts, which were quite reasonable. If she doesn’t answer well here, Dean will not only reject her request, but will also realize that this is all a trap. In that case, there was no reason to convince Dustin to carry out this plan.

“At that time, I was out of my mind and confused. I am not Anat, but you keep calling me Anat.”

“God, you are still denying me.”

“I know, I understand. So I’ve been thinking about it ever since I got separated from you. A way to end this whole situation. If I really am the Anat you’ve been looking for, then you and I can work it out, right?”

“So that’s why you came back to me? Because you want to end these situations?”

Andra nodded her head. Dean removed one of his hands from her cheek and tucked her disheveled hair behind her ear.

He noticed that Andra’s body was shaking slightly from before. But he doesn’t think she’s lying.

From the beginning, it was obvious whenever Anat lied. Perhaps it was because she was born a god, or perhaps because she did not feel the need to lie, but from a long time ago, when Anat lied, it was clearly noticeable to anyone. So it’s probably true that she wanted to end this situation now.

However, the truth was, depending on how she was hiding it and how she was speaking, her words had the propensity to change in the perspective of the listener.

“You still care about humans. I see you trying to resolve the situation by sacrificing yourself.”

“Dean, help me. We can… do it. If only we could open the way to the end of the world.”

“You will abandon me again and go to that man.”


Dean suddenly grabbed Andra’s hair and pulled it. Because of this, her head was tilted back and her neck was clearly exposed. Andra looked at Dean with surprised eyes.

“Didn’t you say you will love me forever?”

“D-Dean, I think there’s a misunderstanding… I just suggested a better way for us. There, there’s no reason to get your hands dirty. You can get what you want without sacrificing others…”

“God, all I want is you. So, can’t you give yourself to me?”

Her tilted neck started to hurt. But she couldn’t return her head to its original state. Dean’s grip was so strong that she could not move. The force threatening to tear off her scalp made her feel like crying. She was also taken aback because she didn’t know Dean would act like this.

No, from the beginning, this was a problem caused by Andra’s complacent thinking. Even if he was Dean, he was still a man. No one knows whether he will use her force against Andra or not. But why did Andra think he wouldn’t use force against her?

“If I put my mind to it, I can do whatever I want with you and all of this. Even if I don’t like you, I can kill the humans you care about and turn you into a god at will.”


“Not only did you abandon me at will, but you ran away… If someone who has another in their mind comes crawling over to me and asks me in a very obvious way… Did you think I would listen?”

“You knew everything…?”

“God, I guess you’ve forgotten that you are human now. I didn’t know you would act so foolishly. You’ve lost your memory and your wisdom.”

Andra was horrified when Dean said that he knew everything from the beginning. So what about Dustin? As soon as Andra thought of Dustin, Dean’s eyes became even colder. It was as if he could see right into her mind.

Suddenly, his hand firmly grasped the back of her head, pulling her towards him.

At that moment, Andra shot back at Dean.

“So Dean, what do you want? Is it really just me? Don’t you just want to kill innocent people?”

“Didn’t I tell you that I would make you a god?”

“So what if you make me a god? What are you going to do by making me a god again? You’re trying to kill people!”

Andra got angry at Dean without realizing it. To be honest, thinking about what he had done to her so far would have made her tremble with fear, but strangely enough, the more she talked to Dean, the more angry she started to boil deep inside.

‘I came here with such determination!’

It was a plan that she was able to carry out as she comforted Dustin, who was in shock, saying no, saying that she didn’t trust him. If this happens, what will become of Dustin?

In addition, Dean was ridiculous. He wronged Anat first, yet he was the one who got angry. It wouldn’t be enough even if Anat punishes him!

“If you truly are doing this for me, you shouldn’t go about it this way. You say you want me, yet you don’t even consider my feelings! Dean, why are you being so selfish!”

As Andra got angry, Dean’s reaction was strange. He just stared blankly at Andra, who was scolding him with a low, harsh voice. For this reason, the angry Andra was angry. However, it was only for a moment before Dean hurriedly crashed his lips into hers.

Andra struggled against the sudden invasion of his soft tongue into her mouth, but the man’s strength was strong. As she did when they first met, Andra gasped for breath, and she had to accept Dean’s kiss.

“Mm, mmph! Th, unnh… ah!”

After hitting the hard man’s chest again and again, she felt that her hands would get bruised, Dean took his lips off her. Then he carefully brushed Andra’s shiny lips with his thumb. It was a gentle touch again. When Andra, who was dumbfounded, opened her mouth as if to angrily scold him.

“You said you wanted a path to the end of the world, fine. I’ll take you there.”


Dean mumbled, burying his face in the crook of Andra’s neck.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a trap. Even if you had been aiming for it from the beginning…”


“Yes, let us go to the end.”