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The bustling view of Hezel where she arrived was even more magnificent than what she had seen from a distance.

People seemed to use magic as naturally as breathing, and it appeared that nothing was without magic.

Getting even more excited, Andra made sure not to miss anything and captured Hezel with her eyes.

Such a rare sight would have been impossible to witness anywhere else but here. She had to take in as much as possible at this moment.

“Oh, looks like a new person has arrived.”

“How long has it been?”

“Well, about fifty years? No, maybe a hundred?”

“When did Bon arrive?”

“Was it seventy years ago? Oh, I don’t know. Who counts the years these days? How old-fashioned.”

The people of Hezel murmured upon seeing the stranger, Andra. However, given the lack of malice in their gazes, it seemed that they were genuinely pleased and intrigued by the arrival of a newcomer.

Although Andra felt a bit uncomfortable under their open stares, feeling like a circus monkey, Rio and Hailey seemed to notice and shooed the gathering onlookers.

“We apologize. Newcomers are a rare and precious presence here.”

Rio politely bowed her head to Andra. Hailey, who was also seated on the cow’s rear, did the same.

“Please understand. We’re just excited. It gets boring without new people for decades. We apologize on their behalf.”

“No, it’s okay. A few decades… it’s understandable.”

Counting time was no easy task. Well, considering people who had lived for eight whole centuries…

Andra swallowed a gulp, still taken aback by the concept of time in this place. She would get used to it gradually. Pretending to be unfazed, Andra cautiously smiled at the people who were whispering about her. In response, they each smiled back and waved to her.

‘They don’t seem like bad people. Of course, I shouldn’t generalize based on this alone.’

Andra was still a stranger in this place. She didn’t know much about Hezel, so she would have to live cautiously for a while.

Wait, live?

Andra paused for a moment, realizing that she had unknowingly been considering staying in Hezel for long. A long time! Especially when the future was so uncertain!

Her mind was undoubtedly muddled by the long-awaited sight of Hezel.

‘Get a grip. You have to find a way to contact Dustin, who is missing. You can’t just waste time here indefinitely.’

Fortunately, Rio and Hailey had offered to introduce Andra to Hezel’s representative. They said that meeting the representative would make her understand this place more naturally.

Thus, the three of them were on their way to the largest building in Hezel, where the representative was, pulling the cow the size of a house.

“We’ve arrived. The representative is right here.”

Before long, Rio stopped the cow. Andra gazed at the building right in front of her. The structure, seemingly made entirely of platinum and gold, resembled a temple, with its impressive white marble floors and pillars. Adorned with jewels throughout and featuring elaborate statues and well-maintained green lawns.

No temple could be more extravagant than this. Well, unless someone was overflowing with money.

Hailey slid down the cow first, followed quickly by Rio, who leaped down without hesitation. Even without the help of the two, Andra used her magic to descend from the cow’s back. The two looked at Andra with admiration, praising her magical abilities.

“You already know how to use magic. Impressive!”

“A newcomer like you is a first. Even though Hezel is a place where magic is alive, no one has used it so naturally before.”

“Oh, that’s actually…”

Just as Andra was about to say that she had known how to use magic from the beginning, someone rushed towards her.

A middle-aged man wearing glasses, oddly familiar yet unrecognizable. Where had she seen him before?
She sifted through her hazy memory, but couldn’t recall immediately.

Meanwhile, the man had approached Andra and started speaking abruptly.
“You! You’re from the Ishur Empire!”

He took another step towards Andra, and at the right moment, Hailey intercepted him with the crossbow she was holding. She frowned and reprimanded the man who had suddenly burst onto the scene. No manners, no manners.

“Bon, what’s with the rudeness to the newcomer? Didn’t I teach you any manners?”

“Sister, it’s not like that! I was just in a hurry…”

“Then, start by greeting the newcomer. Who wouldn’t be surprised if you come running and suddenly start questioning if she’s from Ishur.”

Despite Bon’s urgency, Hailey cut in decisively. In the end, Bon could only bow to Andra and offer his apologies.

“I’m sorry, you must have been very surprised. I was in a rush… By the way, you’re from the Ishur Empire, right?”

“Yes, that’s true. How did you know?”

Andra responded to Bon’s question with a puzzled face. She had only revealed her origin to Rio and Hailey, whom she had met here for the first time. It was inconceivable that Bon could have known.

However, pointing at Andra’s attire, Bon chuckled and spoke with a knowing smile.

“It’s your attire. I recognized it from your clothes. It’s the distinctive attire of the Ishur Empire.”


Andra examined her clothes once again. After collapsing and being transported to the Norrant estate, the clothing she was wearing had been provided by them.

But as Bon said, it was indeed the traditional attire unique to the empire. Indeed, in the distant territories far from the capital, there were often cases of people adhering to such old-fashioned customs.

“You came from Morgennis, didn’t you?”

“Uh, that’s right. How did you know…”

“I also came here from Morgennis. It’s truly delightful to meet someone from my hometown.”

Bon scratched his head awkwardly. Then he extended his hand for a handshake with Andra.

“I am Bon Ashurat. I used to be a geographer before coming here.”

As Bon finished speaking, Andra’s face suddenly lit up with recognition. She remembered where she had seen him.

His face was featured in a book she had read, as the renowned geographer who had gone missing after heading to the Mezei Mountains for research. The last sentence of the introduction had described the account of his disappearance.

“Bon Ashurat! You wrote the paper on ancient legacies from a geographer’s perspective! No wonder you looked familiar!”

Andra quickly took Bon’s hand. She had never dreamed that she would meet the once-renowned geographer in a place like this.

She smiled at Bon, saying it was an honor. If he hadn’t disappeared and had continued his work, he would have become an even more famous scholar by now. Perhaps he could have even had a monument named after him.

“You’re exactly as I saw in the books. How could…”

“It’s because this is Hezel. Anyway, I’m even more delighted that someone recognizes me. Thank you.”

“No, it’s truly, truly an honor for me. I even studied your papers as part of my education. Oh, may I call you Professor?”

Bon was visibly surprised at being addressed as ‘Professor’. His cheeks flushed, and he seemed touched.

“Professor… It’s been a long time since I heard that title. Ever since I came here, all I’ve heard is this punk, that punk, and such.”

“Heey, what did you say? I called you by your name, Bon.”

Hailey, who had been listening to the conversation, interjected with an incredulous look. How could you betray me like this? I’ve been so fond of you. She jabbed his side with the crossbow, causing Bon to squirm and grimace. Sister, please put down the weapon. It’s scary!

“A big guy gets scared of little things.”

“Being big doesn’t make scary things any less scary!”

“Alright, alright, it’ll be good if there’re more scary things.”

“Sister, really!”

“Alright, do you have something you want to say to the newcomer?”

Hailey pointed at Andra and asked Bon. It was only then that Bon, with a sudden realization, turned to Andra.

“Hmmhmm, thank you for calling me Professor. If that’s the title that you’re comfortable with, then you may call me by it as well.”

“Then I will call you Professor. I must say again, it’s truly an honor, Professor. Your papers were all remarkable.”

“Oh, no. I am the one who is grateful for your recognition. Anyway, how is the outside world? How much time has passed? Ten years? Five years? Is the Emperor doing well?”

Bon looked at Andra with eager anticipation, causing Andra to briefly fall silent. What she found easy to say to Rio and Hailey was a bit more difficult to say to Bon. After all, it had been about sixty years since he had disappeared.

“That is… the previous Emperor has… passed away.”

“Oh dear, the sun has set. Then, who is the current Emperor? Is it His Highness Johannes?”

Johannes was once the First Prince—in other words, someone higher on the hierarchy than the current Emperor back then.

However, he was now nothing more than an unfortunate imperial family member who had gotten executed by the current Emperor in the battle for the throne.